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Hurry, Hurry Hurry!

After a 4-year hiatus from the scene, Donnie has hit the stage with prolific writing, hard knock real life stories and emotionally provocative self analysis. The Daily News puts Donnie front and center of audiences relating to his hurt, his joy, his experience, his talent and above all, his perseverance. Soulful chords and politically consciousness lyrics are juxtaposed to create a “new” kind of soul the even his late cousin Marvin Gaye would be content with. Definitely a strong comeback full of funk!

BH: I was in Vegas when I first heard a single from The Colored Section. How did that record do?

Donnie: Actually, it didn’t do well at all. It only sold 50,000 copies world-wide. Lack of promotion on the labels behalf was the major reason. Not a lot people liked it and that’s okay. But a lot of people loved The Colored Section! Saving lives with my music is good. I had a married couple come to me saying they were about to get divorced but listening to the album helped bring them together. Knowing that helped my self-esteem. I was really down about the low sales of The Colored Section.

BH: Well, I really enjoyed it! I loved in particular the New Orleans vibe song. Sorry can’t remember the name (laughs). When I heard Cloud 9 I said ‘great, something different’.

Donnie: Well, I have so many music mentors ranging from all genres and by background is Gospel. So you get all that. I don’t listen to the radio anymore. What’s on the radio doesn’t get on my nerves, it’s just that you hear the same chord progressions all the time. Creativity is lacking.

BH: So then I hate to ask because it’s somewhat obvious [to me], but who are your musical influences?

Donnie: Well, not really. It’s not that obvious. It’s not Stevie Wonder. It’s not Donnie Hathaway. People think that because they don’t’ know who me background. They don’t know Fred Hammond, Daryl Coley, Commissioned, the Winans, etc… Gospel was my influence as far as writing is concerned. I’d be nothing without Daryl Coley. Don’t get me wrong, Stevie did a lot for music.

*The full interview will be available shortly.

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