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1 Yr. Anniversary of Blogging! Give Away Extended!

Woo hoo! It’s a NEW YEAR and I hope you celebrated in exciting ways! I ate 12 grapes a midnight and sipped on a hot tottie!

Tho I’ve been sick with the flu for the past week, with little energy or desire to do anything, I could not fail to celebrate my 1st full year in food blogging! Yes, yes January 1st marked one full year of blogging and meeting the coolest and most diverse culinary fiends!

I’m making mojitos and eating flan tonight!

I could go into a long speech, giving thanks and pointing out my favorite things about blogging or even all the recipes I’ve tagged along the way to make, but since I think I can be long-winded, I’ll spare you! I will be remiss, however, if I don’t shout out a few people that have not only become usual readers of FLANBOYANT EATS, but have become my friend, even though we’ve never met or broken bread together! It just goes to show you the beautiful way in which food brings even the most unusual and geographically divided people together!

Lys over at Just Anotha Gal and Cooking in Stilettos has kept me laughing, encouraged when I didn’t want to write, and called me when we needed to catch up on boy talk and PR strategies! Lys, really can’t wait to meet you! Really to go shopping together! OH and we learned on Facebook that we actually have a mutual friend in Atlanta!! SMALL WORLD!

Don over at Mr. Orph’s Kitchen and I have met a few times to share great food and certainly hard core laughs! He and his wife even came over to my Christmas party and brought some killer artichoke dip! Don, here’s to hanging out and cooking some more in ’09! Like this weekend!

Margot over at Coffee & Vanilla for having the cutest little girl that looks soooo much like me when I was a baby and for making a few of my recipes and posting about them. Margot has also been so sweet to check up on me when I’ve been under the weather! Margot, I’ll be out to visit soon in the UK!!

Jenn over at Left Over Queen for giving me tips and leads on various food blog logistics and information every time I made an inquiry.

And of course to ALL my old and new readers and those that leave comments which inspire me and keep me going! It’s been such an awesome treat meeting you all through the love of food! I’m looking forward to a bigger and better year in FlaNboyant Eats and growing in deeper relationships with other foodies!

I’m also extending the MAJOR 5 FAVE THINGS GIVEAWAY for another week until January 9th!! As of today there are only 8 contenders for the goodies, which include *Bustelo espresso*, *luxe mint chocolate ganache*, *CIA cookbook*, a *flan pan* and a *pressure cooker*! Come on folks, these are freebies for you!! I have them stocked up in my kitchen for everyday use and I’ve set a side a few for you! Come on by and leave a comment for each item you’d like!!! Tell a friend if you like! Click here for the post.

**Wishing you a New Year filled with blessings and abundance in riches and health!**

SOME OF MY FAVE POSTS IN 2008 FOR YOU TO ENJOY! (will add pictures shortly)

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Carne con Papa

Thanksgiving in  a Cuban Home & Feta Almond Green Bean Salad!

My Signature Dish is Pollo en Fricasse

Tostones, Maduros, Plantains Y Other Things Sweet!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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39 thoughts on “1 Yr. Anniversary of Blogging! Give Away Extended!

  1. Wow an extension is super nice!!

    Congrats on a year girl.  Look forward to tasting extra FAB and FlaNboyant eats!
    Feel better mama.  We need ya cute stuff.

  2. Awwww – this has been ONE hell of a year, chica!  I’m so blessed that our paths crossed and, of course, when I’m up in Philly, you best come up for a visit. 

  3. What a lovely blog you have.  I always enjoy reading whats new with you and your life.  I  pray your 2009 is filled with joy and great health.  I hope to chat more in 2009!  Take care…Michelle

  4. Happy Anniversary and long live to your great blog! Keep up with the good work!

    Best wishes for 2009!



  5. Can’t thank you enough for keeping our spirits entertained with all of your awesome reciepes, fashion tips and just your all around soulful persona! 2009 is certainly your year!

  6. Happy 1st-year bloggiversary; happy new year; and I do hope that you get 100% well soon!!

    And thank you for your lovely comment on my blog 🙂

  7. Hey Bren! I know Reggie is on this blog enough for the both of us but i just wanted to stop by and say HAPPY NEW YEAR and keep my fingers crossed that Reggie wins that pressure cooker!! He so wants to start cooking some beans but only in that pressure cooker so I hope this helps his chances out! You know I got his back especially since he does all the cooking in the house!! Gotta Love him!

  8. This has certainly been a tasty year, Bren! Everything looks so awesome! And you know we are not that far apart geographically, so if you ever find yourself in N. FL, let me know, it would be great to meet you in person!

    Hope 2009 is just a great a year for you as 2008! 🙂

  9. Thank you all for the kind words! It really has been an exceptional year in blogging and more fun than I ever thought in meeting everyone and exchanging stories and recipes! I look forward to a huge 2009 and hope for the best for you too!!!

  10. happy happy new year!! bustelo is our fave.  wouldn’t live w/o it. pilon is our 2nd fave but bustelo is always #1!  i know i’ve already won something before so take me out of the running, but just wishing you a great 2009!

  11. It seemed only like yesterday when you started blogging about food! Time has flown by and we all have enjoyed your recipes and your sparkling personality. Looking forward to a great year in 2009!

  12. Okay! I’m a bit off topic but I’m tired, It’s late, I want a carrot mojito, and I watched your snippet on TV and I really want some of those salmon burgers now!! No, like right now!! Can you hook me up! Kim doesn’t eat meat as you know by now and all my blogs comments but I really want to start making my own salmon burgers for us! Tired of pre-packaged salmon burgers!! YUC-K!

  13. I hope you’re feeling better now. Happy blog anniversary and happy new year! May your 2009 be filled with peace, joy and abundance.

    I’ve made some wonderful new friends through food so I completely agree with you 🙂

  14. Happy new Year darling!!! Ha, ha I can never finish my twelve grapes… there’s always something that makes me laugh: my husband looks like a hamster while eating them!

    Happy Blog anniversary Bren and I hope that there will be many more to come 😀

  15. Thanks for extending the giveaway.  And congratulations on 1 year!  You are very loved and a joy to know.

    Your recap of your posts is my food porn for the morning.  I still love that Rancho Gordo/you and Don post.

    Happy 2009 my dear!

  16. Hi Bren  – Happy new year and happy belated blog anniversary. It’s been a pleasure reading your blog, looking forward to more great food dished up in your sassy style in 2009.

  17. Hola Bren…
    Estoy mirando tu pagina y tengo que felicitarte por todo el trabajo que tienes en ella, por las cosas ricas que publicas, por la cantidad de cultura que estás compartiendo y por ese año blogger.
    Trataré de visitarte siempre que pueda.
    Buen año y muchos cariños

  18. I would like to consider the ability of saying thanks to you for that professional instruction I have usually enjoyed checking out your site. I’m looking forward to the commencement of my university research and the overall groundwork would never have been complete without coming over to this site. If I could be of any help to others, I will be delighted to help by what I have discovered from here.

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