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A Giveaway For ICBINB Goodies & Crate & Barrel Platter

A fellow food blogger recently wrote on Twitter that they were tired of seeing other bloggers do give-aways and product reviews.  The reasoning didn’t have any rhyme to it; they simply said it takes away from the true purpose of blogging. I was confused, considering this is my blog, as is yours, and we can do whatever we like, right?

I’ve given stuff out of my own pocket, stuff provided by retailers, friends and marketers. Of course, I have criteria. I don’t give away a product I don’t like or believe in, for the sake of receiving comments (which time and time have proven NOT to yield not a single more than usually received) or even to promote said brand. I simply do it because I think it’s fantastic that someone else can enjoy something for FREE. If they talk about it in their blog, great. If not, thats fine. Ultimately, I think giving items away is a way of  paying it forward and blessing someone else.


That being said, I can’t believe it’s been 13 weeks since the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter “Turn the Tub Around” commercial, in which I appeared on American Idol, aired! Where does the time go? If you’re not familiar with that fabulous and hilarious experience, feel free to read about it here and here.

As part of their on-going “Watch, Vote, Win” on-line sweepstakes, 16 finalists’ (not all of which made it on-air Jan. 12th) full-length 2 minute videos are up for voting on ICBNB’s website. Visitors that vote are eligible to win various prizes. So, I’m happy to report that during week 3 of the on-line contest, my video won!

Woot, woot!

And, I’m up again this coming Saturday. Starting on the 13th, you can go to ICBINBand vote for your fave video all week long, through Sat. March 20th, and be entered to win the grand prize of meeting Megan Mullaly in Hollywood. I’m up against another blogger that did a pretty good job of singing in her kitchen, while baking cookies using the spread. Of course, I’m biased, so Imma ask you all to vote for mine. Because even though some nasty person we’ll call “Grumpy,” left a comment saying my commercial was “ass retarded” to the point where he’ll never buy the product again, I think my team and I did  a pretty damn good job and I’m enjoying holding my S.A.G card!

Yeah, that’s exactly how retarded my commercial was! At this point, over 50 million people have seen the montage that aired on AI, so I’m far from being upset that one lone, possibly ill-guided individual took time to watch the whole video and leave two comments here!

Job done: He’ll forever think about me when he sees ICBINB! Great!

If you missed it under FE TV, here you go! 🙂 I hope you enjoy!

SO… I’m doing a GIVE-AWAY CONTEST as my way of enticing you to go to their site and vote for me! Plus, you may just get to meet “Karen” from “Will & Grace” live and in person in La-La land.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter is kindly allowing me to give a gift set, including a rubber spatula, a metal spreader and a pretty white platter from Crate and Barrel. Also in the package are some recipes and a $25 gift card  to buy groceries!

Yeah, I like giving stuff away! I don’t even get a set for myself–it’s for YOU!

WHAT TO DO: Leave a comment here and on my Youtube video page OR comment here and Tweet it, mentioning @brenherrera so I know you did it! It’s that simple. Since I don’t get a nice set, I’ll take a few new followers 😉 I’ll randomly select a winner via random.org on Sunday the 21st. I’ll announce the lucky guy or gal next Monday, March 22nd, once the on-line voting has ended!

GOOD LUCK and buen provecho!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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79 thoughts on “A Giveaway For ICBINB Goodies & Crate & Barrel Platter

  1. Bren,
    I’m not really sure who the knuckle head was who didn’t like your commercial and stated that it was “a** retarded” and he would never purchase the product again. Well to be politically correct, he must have been mentally challenged himself because you and your crew did an outstanding job making this commerical. I really enjoyed watching it and I often find myself singing the theme to “Turn The Tub Around” and sometimes out loud. An elderly lady overheard me in the grocery store and she could not stop laughing at me.
    Even the cows enjoyed watching you making this commerical, it appears that even they have more sense than Mr. mentally challenged..

  2. This is not to enter the giveaway, give it elsewhere … Just wanted to let you know you’ll certainly have our votes again and any more we can muster. You did a damn good job, and deserve to win. That’s all there is to it really.

  3. I agree with the other commenters. Never take what the “haters” have to say to heart. Some people just want to bring others down. You go girl and GOOD LUCK in the contest!!!

  4. Bren this video is cute, original and smart. I love it. You won!!! Congratulations. I love it.

  5. Nathan: me, too! GL.

    Derek: oh he was just some dude that has too much time on his hands and is hatin’. But, I’ve learned to welcome haters. Must mean Im doing something right. And you’re not the only one that’s told me they’ve been caught singing the tune! Hilarious! Subliminal marketing! Guess it worked for them!

    Dave: Awww Dave, you’re too kind, really. So glad to have you as a friend/fan! 🙂

    Val: Haters, haters, haters! Thanks on the wishes!

    Renee: Thanks, lady! I hope you win, too! Few more days! Let your friends know! The goodies are great–wish I could get one!

  6. hija definitivamente que te dare mi voto por que tu originalidad es unica .se que ganaras besos mami

  7. Screw Mr. Grumpy. He clearly does not have a sense of humor. You made me smile…and I’m sleepy. That’s a feat in itself, girl!

  8. I musta missed something! Who said the video is bad?? I’m voting and spreading the word! (Get it? spread! lol *whew*)

  9. Joie de Vivre: Thanks for the tweet!! GL!

    CB: ay, gracias mami. La verdad que lo hago todo por ustedes! 🙂 Love you!

    Sharon: Exactly! Has nothing better to do with his time and I actually took as a compliment!

    Terry: Hi! Thanks for coming by! I’ll have some pork info for you! Have you seen the Emeril episode? I think you’d like it!

    Aletha: Girl, some loco dude left two nasty messages about how “bad” the commercial was! LOL! Loser.

    Chris: Spray spread and eat! 🙂

  10. you’re going to win and I’m going to win, the world loves winners!! ;o) I need a spreader knife to spread my ICBINB and a serving plate for my guests and well I can always use a spatula too.
    Is it a heat resistant spatula? Just curious before I win it. Winner winner ICBINB for breakfast lunch and dinner!!

  11. I can’t believe it’s going to be Bren as the winner of the I can’t believe it’s not butter contest. My vote I hope will give you that boost over the competition.

  12. Bren-Muy Linda…Me gusto mucho! What an original idea and I really love the cows at the end.
    So nice of you to offer a give away- do not pay attention to all those negative people- they dont know how to have fun!
    Im not tweeting this but Im going over to the video (you tube)
    to leave another comment! Way to go!

  13. I voted for you back in January after I saw you on Good Day Extra here in GA! I was jammin n junk to the song! Lol! 🙂

  14. I use I can’t believe its not butter light… I love it chica!!! especially on plain cuban or brazilian bread with a great cup of coffee. 🙂

  15. You are hilarious! I missed the deadline but I am over here in stitches. Glad you won you sooo deserve it and keep on keepn on:)

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