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A Story About a Girl & Her Ganache Torte

VillageCafeganacheThere was a girl that was obsessed with losing weight. She didn’t think the technological advancements made in Television afforded her the opportunity to look 10 pounds bigger than her already small frame.

So she sacrificed and stuck to a strict wannabe diet of complex carbs, fish, chicken and fruit. During this time of misery and rude awakenings, the only simple pleasure she allowed herself would be her café con leche, every single morning.

For weeks on end she pained at the sight of her friends, peers and even glam squad, deliciously bite and savor chunks of pecan brittle or smooth slivers of that perfect carrot cake or that succulent and juicy banana bread pudding. Even sip on a cocktail. In the name of appearing her “normal” size on TV, she refrained.

And then a friend, as if her doing her a favor, invited her to eat the most delicious Caribbean inspired chicken salad, filled with fresh berries and coconut chicken. The owner of the newly renovated café, offered his personal services and thanked the couple for their business. Taking the last bite of the perfect chicken and fruit salad, was divine.

So she thought.

Out comes the owner with two generous sized plates, topped with what seemed like raw and unapologetic sin. She turned her head, beckoning the waiter to quickly return with the bill. But, it was too late. The plates were gracefully placed in front of him and her.

On  his, a 6″ moist carrot cake. On hers, a 3″ wide dark chocolate ganache torte with elegantly drizzled caramel. She utters “no, no, no,” as if someone had just stolen her sexiest shoe. He caresses her hand and whispers, “it’s good for you.”

She succombs and hails her white lace handkerchief, nicely tucked in her linen jacket.

She bites.

A crunch.

She inspects.

Ahh…a roasted praline and pecan crust.

And she bites again until the perfect and smoothest ganache torte has moistened her soft lips.

She dreams with her decadent piece of unapologetic sin and wakes in anxious fashion. For dinner, the same friend surprises her with another piece of the perfect and smoothest piece of chocolate. He’s now fostering what is an inevitable affair. Hoping it’ll be her last opportunity to indulge, she nibbles and reserves the remainder for him.

Secretly, she finishes the rest before dusk.

She’s now been bit by the chocolate love bug. She does the unfathomable. She continues her temporary, yet very passionate affair with her new found love.

She calls the baker at the café and orders an entire pie.

So, she bites. Like a gentle touch to the lips, she bites again. And bites, never daring to nibble.

To this 5th day, the girl and her ganache torte continue in their sinful affair, even into the wee hours of the night, in no apologetic manner.

And to hell with the faux appearance of her weight.


To experience a similar affair, do visit The Village Café in Smyrna, Ga. The owner & chef, Howard, will create strife in your TV career, but will make your heart and soul smile, and that’s all that really matters.

2860 Atlanta Road Ste-C
Smyrna Market Village



I swear you all, this is best piece of ganache your lips will touch. And because I love it so much and haven’t played around with Howard’s recipe, I want you to! I’m giving away one Luxe Dark Chocolate and one Mint Chocolate Ganache jar by Chalmers. All of you have to do is leave comment with your best chocolate story! You can earn a 2nd chance to enter if you Tweet this post and mention @brenherrera in it! Then come back and comment again for your 2nd entry (no story this time)! I promise your world will change with this sexy ganache! I will randomly choose one lucky winner to begin an affair on August 15th!! GO!


This is such perfect timing! If you’ve not read about my Hunger Lives No More campaign, please take a few minutes and read about it here! The goal is to donate TONS of food to needy families or a food bank in Atlanta and Washington, DC, both my homes. For each comment left, on the first post of each month, I will personally donate one food item! The green tea in lemon cups was the first post for the campaign and I’m thankful for all 28 comments, but let’s get more items in the mouths of families and children!  This means that Must Ministries, in Smyrna (ATL suburb) will receive 28 items for their food bank services! Your comment for the ganache contest will be counted toward a legitimate comment and food item! Please do share, stumble, tweet, digg, facebook, etc…this easy effort! It’s a great way for all of you to be involved with a simple comment! Help me donate 200 food items this month!!! Comment eligibility ends August 15th.

About Must Ministries:
MUST provides over 1,000 lunches each weekday to Cobb County children who are without healthy meals during the summer.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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95 thoughts on “A Story About a Girl & Her Ganache Torte

  1. Chocolate. . . Temptation. . . Affairs. . . my kind of love story.

    My best chocolate story – this guy I dated thought he was allergic to chocolate ever since he ate a chocolate bar sitting on the coffee table when he was a child. He avoided it like the plague. Said it made him violently sick. Well, I am notorious for my german chocolate cake and made it one night. He ate it like there was no tomorrow and proceeded to tell me “it can’t be chocolate. It’s too good and I’m not getting sick”. Well, we decided to talk to his mother about his “allergy”. Seems he isn’t allergic to chocolate at all – – – the chocolate bar of his youth was not chocolate exactly…it was chocolate EX-LAX!!!!!!!

  2. I had to take a cold shower after reading this Bren. I love it. You make me wanna……. Ciao Bella!

  3. Best chocolate story: Well I don’t really have one, but I once spent an hour using a bar of Hershey’s to polish the concave bottom of a pepsi can to a mirror finish and used it as a solar concentrator to light a camp fire so I could cook dinner.

  4. Mmmm, unlike my brother, I’m not particularly fond of chocolate, uh, except maybe chocolate, and in limited quantities at that. But after reading this sinful description, I’ll have to agree with Tiffany: chocolate, temptation, affairs…my kind of story. I’m gonna have to try this.

  5. O-M-G!!!! What a breath taking love affair!! I adore dark chocolate. It is my calmness to the storm! Okay let me stop talking about it before i start to salavate. Not a good look!

  6. It’s a great story and an even greater idea to do the food donation. Will tweet out to others.

  7. 3Piece: me too! so sexy, right!

    Julia: oh yes it is!

    Cheffresco:take a bite, love!

    Tiffany: hahahahah!! my niece emailed me to tell me she thought ur story was hilarious!

    Ganache Dude: you know I just loooove your torte! Thanks, Chef!

    Ave: well go eat!! 🙂

    Andre: i love your comments!! 😉 you’re so imaginative

    Marc: So genius! love that.

    Meeta: it was so sinful!

    David: Yeah i’ve noticed ur not big into chocolate! y is that!

    Shameisa: wasn’t it steamy?! sexy? Who wouldn’t want that?! 🙂

    Marlita: Thanks so much for stopping by and welcome!

  8. The ganache torte looks so elegant and delicious it makes my mouth water. However I know your bigger goal in life is to help stop hunger by supporting Must Ministries and donating food. I’m going to challenge each and everyone of us that posts a comment on here to twitter or FaceBook or whatever you can to get people to make a comment on here so our good friend,Bren, will have to donate a ton of food. If you haven’t been hungry in a while take a day off from food and see what it feels like. Then imagine you’re just a young child and you have no food to eat. Leave a comment get the word out and help Bren,our friend, support her cause Must Ministries.

  9. Im not sure if im in love with chocolate but i always make sure i have some at home. All the time. What id do is take a small bite/piece each time i feel like i have to have some. But ganache, hmmm iv never had it before but I believe your ‘love story’. You make me want to have some now. lol.

  10. Although normally the idea of going all the way to Smyrna would be like going to Chattanooga, I *might* just have to do that. Is there a happy ending to the ganache-eating gal’s story? Like after a week, she found that she’d actually lost weight because she’d given up the fear surrounding eating and was instead enjoying delicious real food? Well, let’s hope so!

    Thanks for supporting Must Ministries. We contributed to them when I worked at Life Grocery (and I presume they still do).

  11. Ohhhhhh………….. 2 a.m. and me without a bit of chocolate in the house! Bummer!

  12. Yummmmm! And the cake made her so happy she realized that enjoyment of life had nothing to do with her appearance!

  13. That cake looks divine. And you will be bringing some of that ganache with you for this weekend’s celebrations right? Also, will there be cafe con leche? I can’t wait to see you and your sister!

  14. NOW that was a GREAT story! YES! I was totally into it. Love your writing…and a great catchy title. As i was reading i was begging that you’d say what restaurant you went to and was elated that you mentioned it at the end. Tell me why i can’t wait to go now girlie. Even the salad sounds divine. I dig coconut chicken.

    I love the campaign and i can help. Let me know if you need help donating. I am glad to help and when you make the drop off i can share what i can. Good job Bren. Also good look bringing Must Ministries to life. What a great organization. This thing you are doing can surely catch on a national level. God bless that and your heart. Let’s GO!!

    Okay so i don’t have a “best” chocolate story for you but i have a worst one sadly. Well so here it goes in B.Herrera fashion (only shorter since this is the comment section):

    There once was a girl who loved chocolate and it was befitting since she was the color of the milked version of the sweet. Well she loved to read and and even comment on blogs. Well her favorite ones at least and her favorite food blog would be, “Bren’s FlanBoyant Eats”. Thus imagine her elation when during a “Win chocolate ganache” contest by a simple yet heartfelt comment she won that contest and walked away with the prizes…ganache and mint ganache. DIVINE! Right? Well…the story quickly turns when she one day goes into her humble cupboard to taste into the magic that surely is the mint ganache and upon searching high and low, shelf to shelf it is no more! What a den or robber?! brood of vipers! Should she call the cops?! No naaah nope. Cuz come to find her ummm roommate ate it. The WHOLE thing. Eyyyyeah. When she didn’t know. She just knew she didn’t get to taste a bit of it. Not a lick. Sadly she gave up her search upon her quick discovery and quick curses inside her heart. But then the sadness dissapates as she realized that she still had the other ganache and quickly mixed the dark chocolate dream with some Breyers 1/2 fat creamy vanilla ice cream. Her troubles subsided as the ganache melted and married with the vanilla before reaching her ready mouth and willing belly. All was well again. So i guess this is a good story. Don’t you just love happy endings…

  15. NON embelished true story. LOL! The story turned worse than milk sitting on a hot counter for 72 hours BUT hey all ended well bcz the treat came in two. Now i’m wondering if i should hide the remainder gananche. Aaaah naaaaah. Goodness like that…you’ve GOT to share.

    Okay comment two. This will make another food donation right? C’mon yaaaaaaaaaall! Unless it’s one comment per person then we are on our way to feeding people. Let’s help Bren.

  16. Oh, ganache, wonderful ganache. Poured atop profiteroles, rolled in cocoa, spread in pieces through churned ice cream, sealing layers in a glass…

    Basic ganache is so easy to make it’s a shame to buy it. Flavors take experimenting, and experimenting doesn’t help the waist line a whole lot. I’ve never managed a good mint.

    One flavor I’ve managed well is coffee. Give the cream a day-early scalding with whole, roasted coffee beans. Let it rest overnight before making ganache, and strain out the beans. Use a heavier coffee like a Sumatran; this process doesn’t keep the floral aspects of, say, a light-roast Ethiopian. The ganache will keep the floral aspects of the chocolate, so you can play some games to keep the spirit of certain coffees alive. Great for coating in milk chocolate (2:1 ganache) or pouring over a strong vanilla ice cream (maybe more 1:1, or not pour as much and have a magic-shell-like consistency).

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