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{All Around Latin America} Dominican Chocolate de Agua in Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

Dominican Chocolate Water Recipe

Day 2.

Día dos. Sometimes, less is more. In today’s feature, the case is super clear. I really can’t tell you when I first met Clara, or “Aunt (tia) Clara” as she goes by on the interwebs.  I think it was on Facebook about two years ago. Naturally, we hit it off after making the Latin connection. And, I was more interested in her food and culinary approach after I came back from Puerto Plata, DR last summer. Her cooking blog, Dominican Cooking, I feel, has pioneered the food blogging space. She started over a decade ago and has only grown to become well-loved not only because of her passion for sharing her island’s treasures, but as you can see,  because her pictures are just stunning. Makes you want to just to sit and stare until you can’t take it anymore. They’re all so luscious. 

Though I’m still working on recapping and sharing the marvelous 8-day culinary fete I experienced on the northern coast, I invite you to visit Aunt Clara’s blog. You’ll be so glad to have found it. I’m particularly thrilled she’s our feature for today! Enjoy this warm drink, something we’ll be prepping to start enjoying muy pronto!
 photo FEHHMbadebloggers_zps4d88c7c4.png

Dominican Cooknig Hot Cocoa

By Clara Gonzalez.
When Bren invited me to share a Dominican recipe with her readers, my first impulse was to pick one of the best-known ones. But I thought better. While Cuban and Dominican cuisine have a lot in common, not surprisingly, and Bren’s readers will be familiar with it, I decided to choose a simpler recipe. One that her readers will make without having to hunt for exotic ingredients, and an invitation to explore more of our cuisine.
Chocolate de agua is part of what I call our “poor man’s cuisine”: a simple, uncomplicated, inexpensive dish that has become one of our comfort foods. As the season of the colder days approach, this will make a perfect drink for breakfasts and afternoon snacks.
Dominican Cooking Hot Cocoa Bars

*This is part of an annual Hispanic Heritage Month food series, now in its 3rd year. Catch up on this years and previous delicious features: 

{All Around Latin America Culinary Exploration}

How do you celebrate this culturally inspiring month?

*images courtesy of Dominican Cooking except for series logo 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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  1. Please every day! I love the idea of this for fall and winter. Tristan would love it! Thanks for sharing and introducing someone new. I love this series. Haven’t been by in about one month so I’ll check out some other posts now. Great pictures by your friend.

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