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Avocado & Edamame Salad With Dill For A Gourmet Picnic, Latin-Style

I grew up enjoying picnics at least twice a month. I looooooved everything about them. The grass stains, the endless food my siblings and I’d fight over, the flowers, the blue sky, the chilly yet soothing water (a requisite in  choosing our spot) and the down time.

This month’s 5-Star Make Over theme hosted by Lazaro y Natasha is a gourmet picnic. Perfect! What a throwback and great way to resurface yummy memories.

As a child, my parents were wonderfully interactive and kept us 5 bugaboo’s very engaged in all kinds of fun things. Retrospectively, I don’t think the average kid (at least nowadays) would enjoy let alone appreciate those things. Then again my parents have always been above average in their rearing, hence my interest in certain activities today you might not ever guess.

I used to love our picnics after church most especially. Having to feed 5 kids and one picky eating father, mami loved to pack our favorite things: pbj and tuna sandwiches, lots of fresh fruit, lil’ Debbie snacks (what?!?), fresh orange juice and my most favorite — potato and egg salad.

Our special spot was a recessed nook on the George Washington Parkway, right on the Potomac river. Only 3 miles south of the Mount Vernon home, the area we made ours for hours at a time had a lot of trees, which we took full advantage of to hang our maca, or hammock. The picnic baskets at this quaint park were far more elaborate than any other other day trip we’d take.

Actually, everything about those picnics was perfect and right up my alley. Sis and I had our banana bikes, dad and the boys had their fishing gear and mami was very clear about her nap time on her most comfy blankets (which sis and I’d end up on within the hour of eating). Oooh, those were the days! Nothing mattered! The birds and squirrels ate our crumbs. Nothing was more important than making sure we had great food and relished in a relaxing afternoon.

We’ve now morphed into more sophisticated get-togethers and I’ve not seen a picnic in years. And these sophisticated get-togethers are far more complicated. You know what I mean, right? Planning a house party involves far more than a simple picnic. Mami’s 60th b-day party is a perfect example.

(papaya shake I enjoyed today, whilst sitting on my patio with fresh flowers man friend surprised me with!)

Beyond offering us those wonderful tangible things, my parents instilled in each of us a great sense of quality family time and extending ourselves to friends. Eating has always been the crux of all get-togethers. So at this etapa, sharing similar experiences with friends is a huge part of my being and what makes me happy. I get super excited and anxious when I conjure up a party or even the smallest tryst.

Only now they’re not as rustic as when I was a skinny long-legged niña. But all of my friends know I love to chow and need no reason to invite them over. Somehow, though, I’ve yet not been able to convince any of them that having a picnic is fun, jazzy and sexy! Yes, sexy!  I wouldn’t expect the chicas to get on the ground and roll around like we did as kids, but certainly a well executed meal on a picnic table could be the thing to do all summer.

Or on my patio-deck in this case. With Memorial Day coming up this weekend, I thought what better way to entice my friends to finally jump on board with the picnic theme than to visibly shock them with some gourmet delectables. If they’re smart, they’d get with it and know nothing bad can come out of a breezy outdoor tryst with fab friends, fab food, luscious drinks, sexy sandals, Jackie-O glasses and no worries in the world!

If I were indeed to host a picnic this weekend, it’d be influenced by the greenery we enjoyed at the parks, the carefree and jovial spirit we had and naturally all those fave foods mami used to pack. I’m no where near water in Atlanta, but my ‘hood has nice patches of green where I can quickly plop myself on for a lovely afternoon of chatter and refrescante drinks.

The food? Envision a purple potato and egg salad with truffle mayonnaise, gazpacho (my dad’s go-to summer soup), cold pasta salad, exotic fruit salad, basil mojitos, bocaditos (petite chicken sandwiches), a papaya shake, tuna ceviche, mimosa’s and some form of chocolate goodness.

For the mashup, I decided on this aguacate salad because it’s a slight deviation from the staples I’d normally make but packs in amazing flavors and fills you up well! It’s just as picnic appropriate and easy to make. The touch of dill makes it pop and the combo of peanut oil and lemon juice yield a lovely and crisp dressing you can separately drizzle over over cold pasta (even warm)! It’s Latin-inspired in theory, but very mainstream in that all the ingredients are attainable at your local market. Ultimately, kinda fancy, but perfect for every day.

Let me emphasize how delicious the peanut oil tastes in this! I wasn’t sure if it’d work, but I had little time to play with it anyway and surprisingly it blew my mind! If you doubt it, just give a try. You’ll be done in less than 10 minutes.

* a great addition to this salad would be sesame ahi tuna or chick peas.

What’s your ideal picnic dish?

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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  • 1 Haas avocado, cubed
  • 1 cup grape tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup edamame or soy beans
  • 1/4 cup corn kernels
  • 1/4 cup red onions, sliced
  • 2 tbsp. peanut oil
  • 2 tbsp. juice from fresh lemon
  • 1 tbsp. dill, minced
  • s/p to taste
  • pinch of paprika


Combine all ingredients in bowl. Garnish with a bit more sprinkles of dill.

Serves 2-3.

* a great addition to this salad would be sesame ahi tuna or chick peas.

79 thoughts on “Avocado & Edamame Salad With Dill For A Gourmet Picnic, Latin-Style

  1. The picnics on Potomac river from your childhood sound so special! And this salad is awesome, I love the combination of avocado, corn and edamame, and the peanut oil is a nice touch.

  2. Yummy! This looks so good and lite. Great for this HOT weather we are having.

  3. It’s nice that this picnic theme was able to bring back good memories for you. The salad looks geat and I love that papaya shake–yum! So summery.

  4. Magic of Spice: Thanks! It was great, but I barely had a chance to eat any. My friend was hovering over me the entire time I was photographing and devoured it as soon as I told him to take it from the setting. Ridiculous! 🙂 And, the papaya is sooo nice. I’ll blog about it separately b/c it’s just that worthy!

    Nelly: Me, too. I literally can’t get enough of aguacate. Interestingly, I can’t bite into one just on its own. ha.

    5 Star: oh well you know what I’m talking about. I love hanging out on the Potomac. Just about any where along the river is great. And, I’m glad I whipped up the salad and gave it some touches I’d not really do.

    Melanie: Thanks! I’ll make it for you.

    Canika: Super lite. Make it.

    Marisa: It did! I’m going to make sure I host a picnic with some girlfriends and then back at home with the fam, too! 🙂

  5. I would have never thought of peanut oil for this. I made something similar with edamame avocado corn tomatoes and olive oil for my mother in law’s birthday party last Sunday. I’m wishing now I had added in some dill. This is a great picnic entry.

  6. Picnics bring back great memories for me too…great post! The salad is gorgeous with all the colorful components and I love the flavor of dill in there!

  7. I thought about making this for a cookout I’m going to this weekend but on second thought, I’ll make it and eat it all by my lonesome. haha

  8. The salad sounds really good and I like enamame that you incorporated to the dish! Edamame is more Japanese-like but the flavor is latino-like. How cool is that! As reading your childhood story, I’m missing my parents in a sudden. Good ol’ memory!

  9. I do NOT doubt that the peanut oil is awesome in this – I am a big fan of that flavor. And I had to laugh about the lil Debbie cakes – I used to LOVE those.

  10. Rosa: it was girl. looove it. i may make some more today.

    Angela: i was a bit surprised the peanut oil worked so well and i swear the dill was like icing on the cake!

    Faith: thanks! are childhood trips the best!

    Tracy: Gracias!

    Eliana: I hope you made it, chica. Esta deliciso.

    Tamantha: who doesn’t love edamame!?! And yes, while that element is far more Japanese, everything else together (sans the dill) is very latin…. works for me!

    Trix: yes.it.was. love, love, love. I’m a huge peanut fan when it comes in different forms! And girl, those Lil Debbie snacsk! Ick! I’d never eat them now but was addicted to them as a child.

  11. This salad recipe seems simple yet delicious! I’m sure the aromatic peanut oil worked wonders! I’d love to make it.

  12. Beautifully delicious dish you have here! I love all the splashes of colors and the ingredients you used! I think it’s a brilliant choice that you used peanut oil. I can imagine the subtle taste in the dish. Yum!!

  13. This dish is perfect for a picnic. A quick and easy meal that was so good!!! Thanks for sharing. I REALLY enjoyed this!

  14. Great post Bren! And the salad is simply perfect, great colors and flavors. Well done! Now we’re on to the Farmers market theme, love it!

  15. I’ll have a serving or ten of that salad please and, hey, I’ll take some of your purple potato and egg salad with truffle mayonnaise too! Lovely to relive your memories of picnics – makes me want to go outside and eat right now 🙂

  16. Beautiful salad and picnic.. your colors are so vibrant and alive. I love the resurgence of summer flavors… we have been socked in with cold and cold weather dishes up north for so long… it’s like moving from uggs to Louboutin sandals!

  17. Bren!!! This looks amazing!! I am going to make this this week at home thanks for all your great recipes, miss you girl, it was so great to get to know you! We need more people like you in this world!

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