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Bajan Style and Rowdy Drivers

The Barbados report begins with a long exhale of “aaaahhhhh”. I’ll spare you another travel horror story in consideration of the superb BTA guide we had. I can’t speak for other islands such as the Caymans, but Barbados is something to talk about. I went in with the expectation of seeing something different, a bit more destitute, but after learning that Tiger Woods rented out the entire Sandy Lane resort for his multi- million dollar wedding, my impression changed. Why didn’t we stay there???

I’m from Cuba and boast the best beaches in the world, like Varadero, but I’ll say the picture of Crane Beach I posted here 2 weeks ago, does not do any real justice to what I really saw! Here is the “mushroom” rock located a bit south of Bathsheba beach. I was dubbed an eco-thief for collecting a beautiful heart shaped rock from there. The safari trip through the island was guided by some crazy guy driving a 10 seater Rover who knew the island all to well and demonstrated some sexual agitation with his super descriptive mentions of termite hives and other neat things. Uh hello, I don’t need to know how desperate you are! Go get you some and stay on the path of instruction! I’m becoming a professional cook so I was taking fine note of the cuisine. Flying fish for days y’all! Scrawny little things used as bait elsewhere in the Caribbean is an everyday meal. Too good.
Between that and a decadent seared tuna with bok choy, I started thinking that maybe British influence hadn’t completely implanted itself. To say the least, these press tours are over indulgent. Fine dining, bottomless cocktails (I probably should have had atleast ONE!), wild excursions and little sleep, make for a great 4 day getaway weekend. If only realistically I could afford to stay at the hotel next door. “The House” was the face of eco-beach chic and laid back Euro flare. I’m almost ready to be married (note to an unnamed man). Brits LOVE to relocate there permanently and don’t talk much. Bajans extend themselves in a surreal manner. Talk about “found customer service as lost in the US”–pull out my chair for a trip to the loo, place my napkin on my lap, whispers of “would you like red or white wine” in my ear and escort me down the single step…a bit much for a self-professed almost celeb. Not to mention the $50 bottle of Barbadian Rum and champagne in my suite upon arrival. Yeah baby!

En breve, fine men, cool weather, great food, over the top service, snorkeling with turtles and coconut milk remind me that life in Atlanta, Ga can get better!
(Sandra, Jen, Me on Catamaran snorkeling trip)

My official story to be published in Odyssey Couluer is due on Monday so I’ve got to get to writing. You’ll have to pick the mag up in Barnes-N-Noble in Feb. in order to get more details!

No thanks to US Customs and Immigration, the champagne I was gifted will be the source of toasting to love and happiness when J gets here on Sunday!

“Ma’am…I’m waiting for the tip you were going to give me”….

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Bajan Style and Rowdy Drivers

  1. Great piece on Barbados! I love the Caribbean but had never considered Barbados a major destination; your review changed my mind. Love your style.


  2. Oh my gosh, i loved the post! After just finishing 18 months of academia, the descriptions and pictures took me there…..until i can get there. Looks and sounds like a great spot and possibly a romantic getaway. Nice job, B!

  3. Wow! What an awesome trip! I havent heard alot about Barbados in awhile but this is making me re-think my travel plans. I think I’m going to have to make a trip there based on your recommedations! Thanks for the info! I’ll be sure to spread it with my collegues.

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