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{Beauty Bloom}: Aveeno to the Rescue

We all have skin issues. It’s either too dry, too oily, too hormonal, too this or that. Aren’t the best of us  always in search for that perfect cocktail of products that will yield the perfect result. Or at least close to perfect.

I have hormonal skin. I react to stress, the monthly visit and more stress. If my feelings are hurt, my face knows. If I’m anxious, my skin lets me know. It’s the most vicious cycle my body goes through. That means I’m on the same vicious cycle looking and looking… for anything that’ll work. Few things I’m willing to spend the money on, really work. Unless I go J.Lo and hollywood style and apply La Mer and other high end products, I’m limited to most drug store and some specialty brands at department stores. If it’s pricey but has proved to work, then I’m all in for it. Beauty does come at a price.

Of the drugstore brands that I love and my pocket can appreciate, three of them make their way to my daily routine for their effectiveness and awesome affordability. My core concerns are blemishes and dark circles. Both of them require a certain diet which I work really hard at maintaining in addition to proper rest which I’m a chronic failure at. But, for the sake of doing my best, I practice healthy habits. Remove my makeup, wash my face twice, sometimes 3 times daily, moisturize — something I’ve only recently started doing — and toning. For daily washes, I stick to scrubs… I hadn’t tried it before, but Aveeno’s new ‘Positively Radiant’ line of products offers something for every little thing we may be trying to tackle: tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness and brown spots.

Since 4 of the 5 are real life factors, I was excited about trying it. I first used the 30 SPF moisturizer last year while in LA and loved it. After trying a few other brands, I thought it was too oily so I dropped it. But, the combo of the skin brightening scrub paired with the tinted SPF moisturizer have a glow-y affect on my skin. For under eye care, their illuminator is the most practical I’ve come across. It’s perfect to keep in your purse, small enough to travel and has a light built in brush for application. It stung a tiny bit initially, but settled within a minute or two. At night, I swap to the brightening cleanser after I’ve removed my make-up with the cleansing pads. It’s double action, but worth the time.

After two weeks use, my skin felt lighter, more refreshed but not necessarily improved in the brown spot area…I’m still using Clinique’s Even Tone serum for that, hoping that it does the trick after 3 months. Aveeno’s benefit is that it’s daily so not too harsh on the skin and light enough to not leave your skin feeling abrasive. All prods are oil free, soap free, hypo allergenic and noncomedogenic! Win, win.

Have happy, radiant skin. Your older cells will appreciate it. And so will everyone around you.

 I was provided with a portion of the collection to offer this review. All opinions and expressions are my own, always. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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