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Birthday Wishes, Flowers, Shoes & Tequila Rosé!

What an exciting this week has been! 

Okay, not really, but I did celebrate a pretty big birthday (in numbers that is) this past Wednesday. I had conjured up this monumental party in my head where my closest friends would come over for dinner and bottomless drinks. We’d listen to Adele, Beyoncé, Alejandro Sanz, Shakira, Pitbull, DJ St. Germain, sexy loungy music, all while being tickled with refined food and luscious libations.

But that vision stayed just that: a mentally conjured up party. In fact, Wed. was pretty uneventful. If there were there a deeper word to express how uneventful my birthday was, then that’s what it was.

I did however take the day off and did nada. I put my plush robe on and made my way to the kitchen and started the day with the standard espresso. Only this time I sipped the good, good out of my colorful Missoni espresso cups for the 1st time since the CNN taping. I moseyed on to the couch,  wrapped myself up in my Missoni throw and watched all the morning shows before eventually streaming “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

The mental party turned into a day at home of sexy nothingness. I felt it completely appropriate to channel my inner Audrey. I put on some fabulous pearls from my mom’s jewelry collection and sunk in the cushions. I was all comfy, and admittedly kinda down that I was alone, until my door was pounded on.

Not one but two floral deliveries. One that upset me, the other that made me smile from ear to ear.

An hour later, another delivery. This time some Missoni shoes! The real deal Missoni. YES!!!! The day was starting to get good. Real, real good! Shoes on my b-day?! Oh, you totally shouldn’t have!

I put my shoes on, laid back on the couch and continued to sip on espresso and watch the Oscar-winning movie for the 1st time.

There’s something to be said for spending your birthday alone doing nothing. It gives you a huge sense of freedom and in my case heightened confidence. If I, a person that loves to entertain, be around family and friends and am the ultimate social butterfly, could stand to be by myself, than I’ve a reached a point in my life where I know exactly who I am, and comfortable with that person and love myself enough to veg out without any worries or  need for company.

All was good. I even ignored some phone calls.

A friend later brought me some dinner. Not fancy at all, but food nonetheless. And food I didn’t have to cook! Just as I thought the unexpected goodies were done, a close friend from back home shows up with garlic and black bean chips and cheese dip. And TEQUILA ROSÉ

Kick the shoes back on! Party time!! BaT’s had ended and I had moved on to shuffling through Food & Wine and Bazaar. When the pink tequila showed up, the mood changed. I had the jitters to dance and get my groove on! I mean who would not get excited about a silky, pink tequila that goes down as smooth as a 100 yr. old cognac?!?!

First time my eyes have ever laid eyes on the sexy little black bottle, let alone hearing of it. Have You? Please share your thoughts if so!

Either way, bring the dance on!

No birthday, regardless of how it’s spent, should end without a good dance, fabulous shoes and drink in hand! Gifting friend poured this pretty drink in a pretty vintage crystal glass and we sipped away… and again and again….

Flowers, fabulous shoes, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, dinner, chips & cheese and Tequila Rosé??? That was one special birthday.

I’ve received a considerable amount of goodies between Thursday & today, with more flowers arriving this morning and that just makes up for the fact that for the 1st time, I sat here doing nada and borderline in solitary confinement — no fiesta, no swanky Champagne sabering, no fabulous makeup application by 1/2 of my glam squad, no chocolate ganache cake.

But, I had tequila rosé for the first time. And it was just as sexy as it sounds and just what I needed to end my evening.

Maybe tomorrow my conjured up party will become a reality, in which case I’ll most definitely let you know! I’m just not convinced that birthday sans fiesta is okay!

Happy Birthday to all the lovely November babies!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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50 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes, Flowers, Shoes & Tequila Rosé!

  1. Happy Birthday again 🙂 Never had or heard of tequila rose but sounds divine…now did I misunderstand you have never seen “Breakfast at Tiffanys”or was it the 1st time that day? Last but now least y esa cafetera roja adonde la compraste?
    Let us know if you do end up having the big celebration this weekend.
    ♥ Noemi

  2. I’m much more a whiskey guy (halfish Irish and all that), but a rosé tequila sounds interesting. My main use for tequila is marinating chicken. A rosé? hm. Have to think about it. The other half may be far more interested.

    Oh, and regardless of how you consider the number, it’s another number. I’ve known mathematicians hitting their 80s who are more full of life than 20-somethings. And that’s what counts, right? That joy of seeing what’s still to come with every new day, new thought, new experience… And every day further gives you a stronger base to see what’s new!

  3. muy bonitas las flores spero allas disfrutado .no importa los anos solo importa lo que tengas en tu corazon .para celebrar felicidades

  4. Noemi: you did not misunderstand at all!! lol. shame, i know. Never seen it prior to that. I almost didn’t admit to it, but hey, so much just was just fair game that day! 🙂 Thanks for the wishes.

    Jason: I’m with you on that number thing in theory, but I just can’t get over certain things! Something seriously physiological over here. My dad, who is 62 just jumped out of a plane at 14k feet! yeah, uhm, not me, not so much! Try the rosé when you have a chance and let me know how you like!

    Rosa: Thanks, dear! 😉

    Bellini: Thanks, lovely! It was tons of fun!

    Mami Betty: Gracias, mima… Sabes que sin ustedes, nunca es lo mismo. Te voy a tener que comprar este tequila! Te va encantar! Totally right up your alley!

  5. Shoes, flowers (even if not from the right person), and the company of a good friend sounds like a great way to spend your bday! Some bdays are big hits, some are more subtle. At least we have the big ones to make up for the subtle ones, right?

    Happy bday again!

  6. (Strange, just left a comment but it didn’t show up.)

    Shoes, company of a good friend, and flowers sounds like a nice way to spend your bday. Some bdays are big celebrations and affairs and other times we have the subtle celebrations. Gives us a little balance in life, right?
    Happy bday again! Glad the end of the week continued with some goodies.

  7. Happy Birthday Month Bren!! You have the entire month to party, make it a good month. Yes I’ve had the Tequila Rose and it was just and silky smooth as you described. I being one who loves tequila, thought this was a change from the usual margarita…Feliz Cumpleanos…all month long…Besos.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday B!
    Sounds like a perfectly lovely day.
    Great image of your coffee pot and cup.
    I’ll keep my eye out for that tequila!
    Hey did I miss the shot of the new shoes??

  9. Happy Bday! Certainly sounds like the Tequila was the star, although I can’t say I’ve ever had it….

    Sounds much better than my birthday, I went to work, which was a dumb idea =/

  10. Presley’s Pantry: sexy bottle for sure. looking forward to having some again real soon! no birthday necessary.

    Uchi: gracias! fue estupendo.

    Justice Jonesie: I ended up keeping the flowers and they were nice but then I had to travel and couldn’t enjoy either one for their full bloom! Argh. But all good. The rest of the b-day celebration was great! Shoes, most of all! 🙂

    Muy Bueno Cookbook: Big thanks. Like I told PP above, can’t wait to have some again. So sexy.

    Peruvian Food: When you try, get in your “I’m super sexy” mode!

    LL: Thanks, pretty lady. I had a super nice quiet evening topped with a great weekend of dinner with friends. You didn’t miss a shot of the new shoes. Not sure why I left them out but they’re sure worth of putting them up, even if it’s 3 weeks later, right!

    Peanut Buter Boy: Thanks!! Going to work on your birthday is never, ever a good idea!

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