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Blueberry Ginger Margarita

When I woke up this morning, I was thankful. Thankful for life, for the best family ever, for my new friends that have helped maintain my sanity during some recent stressful times; thankful that I have work and thankful for health.

I was even thankful for this blog. Because after all, it’s my bread and butter and so I wake up every day thinking about it. Do you?

Admittedly, I’m going through some emotional and spiritual transitions which is causing a dramatic drop in inspiration and motivation to cook, write, let alone photograph — my least favorite part of blogging. Not only is this transition halting and suppressing my creativity, but it’s also affecting my productivity.

I’m just keeping it real. Retail therapy would help, but then I’d have buyers’ remorse. I think.

So, during a brief exchange with Carrie, a dear Cuban colleague living in Tennessee (insert: ¿que hace una cubana en Tennesse?!), I confided that I’m losing my mojo. Told her I had nothing to say this morning (though my calendar is packed thru Nov.). She said one word: “archives.” What! Pull a post from my archives? Yes, I’ve done that before, but even that was a daunting task. How the hell was I going to tweak an old post that probably has shotty pictures (I’m thinking it’d be a post from 2008 when I first starting blogging) and make it sound remotely fun, sexy and yummy?

See….I’m so digressing. Let’s get to the point of this post.

After that instant convo, I thought about the things that I could do right now to help ease the cause of transition [anxiety].

Make a drink for starters. It’s easy enough. I have a ridiculous resto-style bar, enough to host a party of 100; With that amount, surely there was something I could stir up.

But I needed a spark of ‘go!’

What instantly came to mind was a recent stroll in my neighborhood where I fell in love with the idle cargo trains I came upon. I stood on the tattered bridge and took several pictures of it. And then I was attracted by some lovely flowers in a swanky part of Atlanta and again, stood still and took some pictures of all the varieties. The buds and leaves were so bright and colorful–at the time, the first signs of Spring.

They ignited happy.


Oh, so yes, a cocktail made sense while I thought about these two visuals. It occurred to me that a margarita infusing flavors reminiscent of the colors the train and the flowers brought forth, perhaps would motivate me.

My conversation with Carrie took place at about 9:15 this morning. I found SOME firecracker in her single word and went to work.

This is where it all makes sense.

Ideally, I’d be standing at a vintage-designed train station right now — no where in particular, though preferably in Europe or Latin America, with hand-picked flowers in one hand. I’d board the train and take a long ass ride somewhere. On that train, I’d have a sexy drink to sip on while I stare outside at the countryside we’d be flying past (I’m specifically thinking of a Euro train ride I took from Rome to Sorrento where the green fields were nothing but a beautiful blur) and read a good book.

And so, the 2-week loss of mojo is starting to come back. Only starting.

I took quick inventory of ingredients that would yield a delicious libation and be completely appropriate for a train ride whose purpose is to settle some thoughts…

A margarita, my least favorite of drinks, was the answer!

Truthfully, it was sum of ingredients that made this margarita an appealing one. I took my limes, sugar, my ginger, some tequila, Domaine de Canton (hottest thing on my bar for sure) and  muddled some fresh blueberries.

Yes, that was it.

I got giddy making some lime-infused sugar for the rim of the glass. A winner for sure.

I made my lovely and really pretty cocktail, sipped it and put in the freezer. Someone else can have at it.

After all, I see no train rides in the near future.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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  • 1/4 cup fresh blueberries, muddled
  • 2 oz. Blue Tequila
  • 1.5 oz Domain de Canton
  • 1 3/4 oz. simple syrup
  • 1/4 oz. lime juice
  • 1 tbsp. fresh ginger, peeled
  • zest from half lime
  • 2 thin slices of lime, snipped at bottom
  • 1 tsp. sugar
  • ice
Add sugar to small bowl and zest lime into it. Stir and combine well. Set aside. Combine blueberries, tequila, Domain du Canton, simple syrup, lime juice and ice into martini shaker. Zest ginger into mixture. Shake well. Rub lime slice on rim of the tequila glass and dip glass into lime sugar. Pour margarita mixture into chilled glass. Garnish with extra lime slice (cover in additional lime sugar if desired).
Serves 1.

82 thoughts on “Blueberry Ginger Margarita

  1. Love margaritas! Fun story and cool read. Hope that whatever it is the transition goes smoothly and peacefully and that you get your mojo back! 🙂

  2. If every time I lost my mojo I came back with a creation like this one, life would be amazing! Could not look and sound more delicious Bren. Me encanta.

  3. no dejes que Michele vea esto… se vuelve loca! me alegro que tengas en mento algo para despejarte….

  4. Oh girl, you know I would loooove this. Alex would not care for me to drink it, but he’s Mexican so he’d quickly have to get over it. I love the picture of the train. I like the idea of a train ride anywhere, too. we could all use a mental break. 🙂

  5. If you don’t want that cocktail, someone else will. Someone like me! You are definitely not the only person–the only blogger–to lose a tiny bit of oomph. We’ve all been there, and yes, it is frustrating. Sometimes one little thing can bring you back. Or at least get the up and up process started. One day at a time…

  6. Mercedes: gracias, amiga. I needed that…. Carrie really helped without even knowing! She said one word that triggered some inspiration. I’ll work through all of this “mess!” 😉 A drink never hurt… just one though!

    Yoly: Oh, si, mija. Super rico. Try it.

    Eliana: Ha. And if every time I lost my mojo I could make your baked goods, I’d probably get to a point of never losing it! ha.

    Lisa: All yours! Really good. And I poured on the tequila!

    Lucio: jajaja. Tu veras que ella va querer probarlo!

    Michele: Well he’d just have to get over it, wouldn’t he!

    Marcela: yes, that was a sure winner and made sipping it all that much better! Next time, I’ll have to go to the bridge and sip from there!

    DuoDishes: Lisa beat you to it, but I’m sure you’d muster enough energy to make one… hec, with all the goodies you find in your markets out on the West Coast, I’m sure you’d create one just as fabulous!

    Monica: I know, right! Que locura, but just what I needed!

  7. If this is what you come up with when you don’t have your mojo, I can’t even imagine what kind of awesomeness you’ll come up with when you get it back!!! 🙂

    This cocktail looks so good!!! I love the combination of blueberry and lime juice. 🙂

  8. This reminded me I should keep stock some bar essentials so I can make yummy cocktails like this when the occasion calls for it. Loved your what’s a Cuban doing in TN…had me rollin’!

  9. Bren, I am constantly struggling with the Blogger Blues! It’s an ongoing thing I need to pull myself out of. It’s an amazing idea to find little things to get you excited about writing and taking photos again.

    I’m not even crazy about margaritas, but you left me wanting one!


  10. I LOVE anything blueberry. Wow, with ginger. I can’t imagine the flavor. I wonder how they react with each other. I have to try this.

  11. Uknown Mami: i know you do, mama! all yours! If I could package some up, I would!! 🙂

    Leslie: girl, i’m trying to tell you. it’s insane right now. i’ll get my mojo back and then i won’t do crazy things like add ice to my margarita… but then again it was 9:30 and I was not inspired at all! I hope I get a pass.

    Lisa: and it was. finally got to it tonight… tasted way better since the lime, ginger and blueberries infused all day!

    Carla: Hahahaha. When I first came across her blog a few years ago, it’s exactly what I thought! LOL! Still do! 🙂

    Nelly: I love how you looked at the healthy elements of this! ha.

    Laurita: ugh, isn’t it just awful… and i have soooo much to write and catch up on. it’s ridiculous. i’m not crazy about margaritas but this one my friend was goooood!

    Rachel: me too. and ginger makes me do all kinds of happy things! it has great health properties…. they reacted just fine!

  12. Girlfriend, who knew! Thanks for the credit, but it is all you.

    You know what I find so amazing? Ginger and lime are two of my favorite, favorite, favorite tastes. I kid you not.

    I put lime on practically everything and I regularly treat myself to everything from ginger chews to ginger cookies to chocolate-covered ginger.

    Life is fascinating.

    un besote.


  13. Your soulful storytelling, the beautiful inspiration from fabulosa friend @Carrie are signs of the vitality and creativity ready to punch through. Heavy baggage of blogger blues, you are no match for B!

  14. What a great idea! I had plenty of magarita flavors and this one is definitely a winner. Very original and delicious.

  15. I’ve gotta give it to you: you’ve got talent! (I wish I could claim some credit, but I’m not sure about that) From cargo trains and flowers to ginger margarita; hmmm, that was quite a stretch, but it worked 🙂
    As for the drink itself, ginger is not exactly my cup of tea, but I guess it provides the necessary kick. You’ve got to make me one whe you come this way.

  16. hmmm hmmmm hmmmm I love a good margarita and man does that look tasty. Will have to make that up when I get home tonight.

  17. Love Margaritas. Love blueberries. Not much a fan of ginger unless I’m having ginger ale. So I admit I’m a little torn on how I may or may not like this creation. LOL

    But I’m willing to try anything once. 🙂

  18. What an awesome combination! I’d love to drink that margarita on my balcony will admiring the sun setting…



  19. Girl with a creation like this, who are trying to fool that you’re losin gyour mojo?! LOL! This just reaffirms that you still got it girl, and it ain’t going nowhere! This looks amazing. Never had the blueberry-ginger combination…must try!
    xoxo, Emme


  21. Hope you get your Mojo back( I think you have). It happens and makes us come back even stronger and full of more ideas. If life was easy we wouldn’t strive for more. That drink looks fab.

  22. oh seriously chica, I bet this would be fabulous in ice cream form.
    you know?
    i lost some mojo early august, but i think it was the humidity. once the high humidity comes, i lose my appetite, and then lose my creative recipe skills. and literally all i want to do is swim and eat ice cream.
    the humidity here on cape cod is south florida FIERCE!

  23. Uchi: wonderful! glad you liked it! It was delicious!

    Carrie: hahaha. i’m glad for the convo we had that morning. ginger is aaaaahmazing. i love it on anything. Life is in fact fascinating. I love it.

    WiseLatinaClub: thanks. I love storytelling. It’s really about transporting my readers to places I go to. Blogger blues ova!

    Dullah: Thanks

    David: Thanks, thanks, thanks. most of my stretches work. glad you got it!

    Jonathan: i’m not the biggest fan of margarita’s but this one was good!

    Sanura: i was questioning making this one on the rocks but it was just fine… i loved every sip of it.

    Rohan: no ginger and ur Jamaican!! No ginger beer for you!

    Ana: oh yeah, i should totally do that!

    PP: They’re coming and I see them.

    Rosa: Me, too. Especially in this ridiculous heat.

    Emme: girl if you only knew! it ain’t easy staying motivated all the time. it’s no lie. i hope you do make it and love it!

    Carmen: ay mima yo se que tu haces unas margaritas riquisismas! make me one en los basos bonitos que tienes…

    CoCo: working, working, working on it… I’m hoping it comes back full swing after this vacay I’m about to take!

    VanillaSugar! WOOOT! Best comment of the post! Haaaaay! so good to see you here. Now I need to see what kind of ice creams you come up with. I totally agree this was would be insanely delicious in that form! Let’s make??? Humidity inAT is stupid, too. It cramps my style so often. I hate it.

  24. rica y refrescante muy propia de verano y me encanta la margarita y si tiene variantes mejor .gracias

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