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Bren's Spring Must-Haves!

On a recent trip home, I was reminded of how fabulous it is to have a huge kitchen, with all the amenities a cook could want and need, easy access to the deck for impromptu trysts with friends and even better, a clear eye’s view of the grill.

Those are basic essentials for entertaining during the bucolic summer months ahead of us. But, it you’re like me, living single and confined to a 40 square foot kitchen, you make adjustments and make do with other fabulous things. In my bevy to entertain as much as I can and stay in the mode of spring enchantments, I love having these few things in constant rotation. Not to mention, they make life much more delicious!

Fresh lemons: great for making last minute hand-squeezed lemonade; great for a quick marinade or ceviche; and, we all know wonderful as a fresh cleaning agent.

Fresh mint: gives your kitchen a great perfume-y aroma while doubling as a flavor enhancer to that lemonade, pie or sauce for the rack of lamb dinner. And, oh yes, the mojito.

Assortment of fresh flowers: having flowers gives your home and kitchen a simple and inexpensive beautiful touch of outside. Not to mention the scents some varieties emit will mask the smell of the food you’re cooking up.

Grill set: for the grill master in you, you need to have a set of tools to make the perfect barbeque dinner.

To enjoy the rest of this post and more Spring “must-haves,”  click here to read this week’s column in Dean & DeLuca’s ‘Gourmet Blog’.


Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Bren's Spring Must-Haves!

  1. Paula: thanks! i literally JUST took this picture…. picked up lemons for another dish yesterday and my light bulb went off to quickly photograph them. i’m actually happy with it, too! Isn’t spring so lovely? Makes you want to indulge in all things fresh!

  2. I always make sure to have lemons. They are so versatile. I’d love to have more flowers…



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