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Daphne's Italian Restaurant

[rating: 4/5]

Visited on Dec. 9, 2007

The hotel in which this restaurant is located, alone will cause you to love Italian food. That story is left for my travel blog. Facing the topaz blue water, seamless sky and pearl white sand, your table is laced with ultra count linens while being fanned from above. Bearing somewhat of modern Asian interior design, the reds, lodens, & cognac colors offer extreme tranquility and intimacy (all awhile waves smash the cross ropes). You might think for a moment you’re in Bali. Aaahhhhh.

I won’t address the customer service in much detail as I realize I was a guest of the Barbados Tourism Authority. Anything short of the stellar service we did receive would have not fared well with their interior review by the BTA. I appreciate simple menus. Not too many options, but each one on this menu was enticing enough. I opted for the lamb chops in salsa verde with roasted potatoes. An uncanny combination, but it was succulent. The potatoes were almost at point. I would have wanted a few more chunks. The salsa was the perfect touch, though. Another party member started her meal with Fisherman’s Linguini and though I don’t do shellfish, her bowl not only was gorgeous, but large enough for 3 to eat from. She reports the fish were cooked to perfection. They met the fusion test for me.

Conversation, service, food and open air breeze in the Caribbean. It can’t get much better, can it?

A fair review must account for an engaged sweet palate. I finished my meal off with a pumpkin, chocolate tarte topped with mascarpone. The plating was expected and nothing over the top. I was so pleased, I almost ordered another one to go. Over all, I must say I’d go back there again next time I’m on the island. I’ll make sure to stay in The House as well. When I marry.

Daphne’s MenuPumpkin tarte
Daphne’s Italian Restaurant


Payne’s Bay
St. James, Barbados, West Indies

P: 001.246.432.2731 | F: 001.246.432.5161 | web: daphnesbarbados.com

Dinner: Very Expensive


What to wear: elegant casual. sexy, cool, chic.

What NOT to wear: sneaks, baseball caps, flip flops unless they have Swarovski, jeans




Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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