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"Daytime" TV Talk Show: Lemon Almond Flan Segment 5.29.09

On air cooking segment from May 29, 2009, on syndicated show where I made lemon almond flan. Live tapings are always fun, but sure do leave room for error! Note how we didn’t have time to fully caramelize the sugar! I really wanted you all to see that process as it’s what give flan that cognac color. Either way, it was delish and the entire crew devoured it! Take a bite!

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46 thoughts on “"Daytime" TV Talk Show: Lemon Almond Flan Segment 5.29.09

  1. That was wonderful. I’m so proud of you. This is only the beggining. Bigger things are on the horizon. Later B

  2. Bren! YEAH for you. I’m always so pleased to see your accomplishments. Continued success my friend.

  3. I coudln’t agree more with Andre; on to bigger things: Bigger, Better, Up and Away. You rock!!

  4. YESSSS! Pour that milk in the can, stir it up and toss it in the bowl. Nothing wasted. We do the same exact thing! Tell them to have your caramel ready ‘through the magic of tv’ next time. Good job!

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