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Do You Think I Need More Coffee?! & Giveaway!


Hello world. It’s been a long summer and I’m back in full swing! Too much to fill you in but I’m so happy to be here again. I hope you’re back, too!

Exciting news. I have an upcoming coffee installment on Flanboyant Eats. Lots of it! If you’re a coffee lover, this is for you.  Addicts are welcome. No anonymity here, folks. 4 posts on how coffee just makes me happy. How it closes deals for me. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know I have an awful (but über delicious) addiction to Cuban coffee. It’s my crack. Somebody should be paying me to endorse their product, I swear. As much as I pump and hype it up, I’m making someone some dinero I could use in my own pocket. I know ten people, 8 of which are strangers, that have purchased stove top espresso makers and a certain brand of espresso!

While I wait for one of them to get with the program, I’m desperately trying to find a replacement to my that thing that keeps my midnight oil burning. But, without it, I would be total mush and prove to be completely ineffective in my daily responsibilities.

So I relinquish my right to be caffeine free, and indulge.

There is a point to all of this. It was 2 a.m., and I was wasting my time watching a rerun of the drama-laced VMA awards (Kanye is  mole, Beyoncé is IT and Lady Gaga is odd beyond words). Wishing I were drinking some hot espresso at the time,  I realized I’d be up all night if I did. So, instead of having my usual 3 shots of that delicious drug, I opted for something I was recently introduced to.

Whynatte Latte. Heard of it? It’s coffee and energy all in one. It’s very simple. Really. A sexy, skinny black can, packed with caffeine and energy. Need I say more! Talk about bouncing off the walls! And these guys are from Atlanta! Local talent is in abundance in this Southern city. Their story is interesting, as with most success stories–just an idea while sitting at a bar with some friends. A coffee drink with energy shots. Well, I report it’s not your average “latte” scooped up at the *bux company. Theirs is over-roasted and tastes bad. Not your Red Bull either, with its medicinal aftertaste. This is like drinking coffee flavored ice cream! The concept was to offer us coffee heads something really good and drinkable without losing yourself to the steamy morning cups of crack. I’m not saying you should give up your morning cup of Joe, but I swear it’s a great addition and substitute in those urgent moments of needing a shot.

Sometime earlier this summer, I sat a local bar and did a full out tasting. With unlimited cans of Whynatte into every imaginable cocktail concoction you can think of, I was sure to have my stomach full on some carbs. I started with a Nutty Latte: raspberry vodka and Frangelico! Do hear me!?  Score! I moved on to something a bit stronger to counterbalance the sweetness. A minty mix worked beautifully and probably was my fave.  Of the 5 drinks, 4 worked for me. The fabulous thing is that you never get the impression you’re drinking something with energy properties. As far as I was concerned, it was like having iced coffee, good iced coffee, with a generous splash of alcohol.


I’m not some kind of lush, encouraging you to get your buzz on off coffee. Trust me. The product is good all on it’s own. The spirits are just a touch of sass!

And, not that I need anymore caffeine, or energy for that matter, I’ve now incorporated Whynatte into my alternative drinking! When that Cuban espresso is just not the right route to take (ie, 2 am), the WL is perfect for me! I get the jolt without the extreme potency of the espresso. Just what I need, right! Yet another option for staying cracked up! Drink it straight out the can, add a bit of Bailey’s to it (no one will see), sip on your way to work, after your workout, after dinner, during a wack TV show, at the bar… you get the picture , don’t you?

Consider this a PSA of sorts. I like to talk about things I believe in. I like to share them with you, too. I get tons of product review requests, but so many just don’t cut it! In this case, keeping it to myself would do you no good, or the product for that matter!

And so because I really do like Whynatte and the cute girl that reps them, I’m giving away (well, they are really) 1 full case of Whynatte! (UPDATE 9/15/09: I’ve kinda been drinking from the winners’ case, so I’ve had to kindly beg them for another case! They’re so kind, they’re going to direct mail the winner! Oops! I just couldn’t resist! ) Yup! 24 cans of what will become your favorite new cold coffee drink! You’ll love me for it. I promise! Especially you coffee addicts. And you tea drinkers will consider becoming coffee pinheads, too!

What do you need to do? Leave a comment with a suggestion on how to have a Whynatte! And, then tweet about it adding @brenherrera and @whynattelatte in your tweet! Say whatever you want in your tweet! If you don’t have a Twitter account leave a 2nd comment. And then go get one! You have until September 20th to enter and win! I will choose one random winner.

Who doesn’t want a huge case of the new sexy coffee drink! Don’t forget, this post is the HUNGER LIVES NO MORE One Comment. One Eats. post. Your comment will go a long way! It will represent one food item to a local family in need! Read about it here. I hope you’ll do it!


* Taping 4 more segments for Daytime TV this week! Check back in October to see the videos under Flanboyant TV! Currently playing: red snapper escoviche!

* Fun recap of my visit to the National Gallery of Art and lunch at the Garden Café with an exquisite menu designed by José Andres!(vid podcast)


* Yucca fritters recipe to die and kill for!

* Finally! The 1st installment in Pressure Cooking Thursdays! Read about it here.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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  • 1/2 shot Frangelico
  • 1/2 shot raspberry vodka (I would use Chambord)
  • 4 0z. Whynatte
  • ice


Shake well. Serve as a cocktail or bomb shot!

53 thoughts on “Do You Think I Need More Coffee?! & Giveaway!

  1. As a real coffee drinker, I have from time to time enjoyed a Black Russian (the drink also), and am starting to enjoy frozen Espresso concoctions. This sounds like a really great addition, sweet, refreshing, soothing, with a shot of OH BABY!..

  2. I can’t wait to find this..more can’t wait to share it with my own family of “addicts” ..coffee addicts that is LOL…especially my son that was told to quit drinking 5 pots of coffee a day.( office refuses to get an espresso machine sigh…)

    Bren….more please

  3. Bren – THANK YOU from everyone at Whynatte for the wonderful write-up on your blog. The fact that we can be a part of your “one comment. one eats” movement is an added bonus. I hear that you already dipped into the case of Whynatte that was intended for the winner, so we’ve gone ahead and agreed to send a fresh unopened case to the winner.

    Thank you everyone for supporting local businesses!

  4. Sue Ellis: Hi! I’m so glad to meet another REAL coffee drinker! It just doesn’t get any better than this for cold cafe in a can! Add some gold schlagger or mint bailey’s and you have a sure winner!

    Rosa: Yes ma’am!

    Julia: Girl, it’s great!!! You can order directly from the site! Lots of resto’s and coffee houses have them here in ATL.

    Jesse: no prob. Just glad I could keep my case!! LOL! Good stuff, dude!

  5. I’ve been to 4 stores in the Covington GA area , they haven’t even heard of this drink…Atlanta YOU HAVE TO SHARE!!!!

  6. Thanks for the nice comment on my new blog look. Love yours as well. Glad you’re back in full swing. I love coffee, can’t live without it.

  7. Congrats to Sue for winning an entire case of Whynatte Latte! You’ll love and will be getting your case very soon! Thanks for commenting!

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