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#FlanFridays: Cuban Espresso!

Espresso flan

Yes.  It’s that time of the week again. #FlanFridays! I’m starting to really enjoy the task of waking up on Friday’s thinking of a flan to feature. The only problem is that I don’t end up eating it all since I usually make a regular sized one. Tragically, most of it goes to waste. I take 3 bites and I’m good. And, my friends are too lazy to drive over for some lusciousness.


So, today’s flan was done in a ramekin. Two smaller individuals so I could actually enjoy them. I devoured them very selfishly.

Espresso. This has to be one of my favorite flans. Ever.

And, yes it’s because of my undeniable addiction to the best café in the world.

Cuban coffee.

If you know how to make flan, then this one’s no different, really. Just add the right amout of unsweetened espresso to the mix and sprinkle ground coffee over top the finished custard to beautify it. Adding some whole beans will add some lovely texture and contrast; not to mention the aroma.

If you love flan, this a mouth-watering, tear-jerking, orgasmic one.

And, if you’ve never had flan, this one will convert you!

I will admit there’s nothing too fancy about it, like the blueberry one from last week, but it kills almost all others!

Espresso flan

It’s a perfect marriage of flavors if you think of it. Coffee, milk and sugar! Most of us wake up drinking a cup of some kind of roasted beans. This is just the orgasmic form of the liquid jolt.

Espresso flan

Enjoy this individual flan.just.for.you.

Happy #FlanFridays!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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26 thoughts on “#FlanFridays: Cuban Espresso!

  1. Rosa: Thanks pretty lady. I’m just glad I was able to enjoy it!

    JoanNova: Genis! Love it!

    DuoDishes: not big on coffee?? are you ok? I had no idea! This flan might change ur mind!

  2. Does your list of flavors ever stop?? Not a big coffee fan, but this flan ROCKS! Yep!! Thanks for calling me to share some.

  3. Lazaro: Gracias chico. Sabes que’l flan es unas de mis delicias y por lo tanto me’cante hacerlo! Y de todos tipos!

    Missy Foo: It sure was honey! And we all know how much I love espresso!

    5 Star Foodie: Oh girlfriend, it sure is!

    Jonathan: I could convert you, you know! Just sayin’

    Juliana: it is girlie. Too good for words. My parents are traditionalists and purists and even they love this one!

    Dullah: Ha! Not so much. I’ve recently come up with an ice cream flavored one! Will have to share that one next! Glad you shared this with me last week!

  4. Yum, yum, yum, aaaahhhh. Somehow, every time you use the term orgasmic in this food context -very fitting when it comes to flan made by you or the Mother Queen B- it takes my taste buds on a trip to gourmet highs! Yes, espresso flan sounds like something to die for. Hmmm, come to think of it, have you tried making it with Patron coffee tequila? or better yet, with my combo Kahlua/Calvados? THEN, let’s talk about orgasmic!!
    On a separate yet related note, have you ever educated your readers about the difference(s) between the original espresso and Cuban coffee? Just an idea 🙂

  5. que rico ese flan .me comeria el flan entero si lo tengo frente a mi .si el sabor esta como se ve me lo como todo sin pensar en nadie solo en darme el gusto de saborearlo yo solita .gracias bren .carmen

  6. Thanks so much for this post-you are so talented! Your picture, as always, simply tantalizes! I’m Cuban so loving flan and drinking espresso is in my blood. I can’t wait to make this. How much espresso do you add?

  7. David: ahhh. you know the secret to my success! My mom’s teachings and her master hand at anything Cuban/Latin and beyond! 🙂 Espresso flan is the bomb diggidty! And, thanks for suggesting I do a post on explaining the difference between Italian espresso and Cuban coffee! Love it and will do so!

    Carmen: delicioso y de tentacion! Que rico esta ese flan! 🙂

    Mari: Aww. You’re too sweet, Mari. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Le hecho 3/4 copa de espresso. Esa cantidad le da un sabor muy rico; pero si quieres uno mas fuerte, puedes hecharle una copa–no mas.

  8. Another fantastic creation. You never cease to amaze me with the ones you come up with.

    FYI you don’t have to worry about whether I’d come out to try one of these. I would hop into my car and make the trip immediately. 🙂

  9. Ohh my God, este flan se ve delicioso. Tenemos muchas cosas en comun , te gusta viajar, el buen comer y los buenos zapatos. Casi simepre hago flan para mi familia los viernes. Voy a tratar esta receta a ver como me sale se ve expectacular y sobre todo deliciosa.

  10. Rohan: I’ll make sure to let you know next time I whip a few up. It’s holiday time so that means orders left and right!

    Dawn: That’s the star in these desserts! So many things you can do to it. Some like it dark and robust, others like it light and airy!

    Idanuldis: si mija, las cosas buenas, no!? Has tratado la receta?

    Chriesi: Sure was/is!

    Clare: Lovin’ that slap-up! Hope you’ve been catching the new ones!

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