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Guest Blogging Today On Dean & DeLuca’s ‘Gourmet Food Blog’ For Cinco de Mayo- Tequila Flan!

This week has been crazy busy, with all kinds of positive goodness, so I’m not complaining. But, Lord knows I need it because my pooch has been sick for the past two weeks with slipped discs in her back. And, that my friends, has me all frazzled out.

Notwithstanding the every day challenges life brings, there are fabulous developments that make me smile. 🙂

Among them, Dean & DeLuca asked me to be their guest blogger today! Being the nation’s prototypical, yet sexiest gourmet delicatessen, there wasn’t a chance I’d pass on it, no matter  how unmotivated I was to make a 6th flan in 2 days. There’s not one here in Atlanta, so any chance to even be in their grace, is good enough for me for the time being (though I’m trying to convince someone over there that we desperately need one–but that’s another story).

Being named a “flan queen” by some TV and culinary types, they thought it’d be appropriate for me to talk about this “traditional” Mexican dessert in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

As tired as I was yesterday, you better believe I got my mind right, found energy and managed to find a special tequila. I made my flan, got back to working on another deadline, went on a 2 mile walk/run at midnight, came home, started writing the post and got up way early this morning to snap some pictures of the flan. So, enjoy this awesome, last minute flan I made in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, as blogged about and featured today on their ‘Gourmet Food Blog.’

It’ll still be up on their site tomorrow, so do enjoy and share with your friends!


Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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19 thoughts on “Guest Blogging Today On Dean & DeLuca’s ‘Gourmet Food Blog’ For Cinco de Mayo- Tequila Flan!

  1. Oh my… how i wished a flan (any flans) can be send to me :’-( I really need 1 badly..It had been bad week for me!

    Going to peek in the Gourmet Food Blog now…How’s your pooch?

  2. B, you know I’m a fool for flan from the original “flan queen” (I’m not trying to take away any of your own, well-deserved claim to flan royalty, but you know what (who) I’m talking about 🙂 That being said, OH MY GAH, that flan looks -and I’m sures tastes- lustful! So, you are officially ordered to whip up one for me. Viva el 5 de Mayo! and Congrats on both this post and the Latina gig.

  3. If you could figure out how to ship these, you’d be a multimillionaire……I surely would be on the ordering list……Let’s talk…..Maybe we could find a way…..A fan forever….Lorna

  4. hija ahora si te la comiste ese flan invita a que lo haga y se lo voy a hacer a tu padre hoy despues te digo si me quedo como el tuyo por que eres la reina del flan ,felicidades love mami

  5. man on man.. spot on sis.. you know how much i love tequila. You have to make this for me this weekend.

  6. Pixen: I’m working on mail ordering so hopefully soon I’ll be able to send you one! Pooch is slooooowly making progress. I feel so bad.

    Eddie: Well now that you at the whole thing, I sure hope so!

    Val: Sexy it is, let me tell you! The lime zest really kicks it up a whole notch!

    Rosa: Thank you lovely!!

    Peter: HONEY! I can show you two pair right that deserve to be on my feet! And I’m so glad you understand I’m not an Ugg girl!

    David: Yeah that flan queen told me she was going to make it for you!!! Why don’t you surprise her though and make it for mother’s day. Thanks on the congrats!

    Norma: oh I’m so glad you make flan, too! Not too many women I know, can make it… people period!!

    Lorna: GIRL, GIRL, GIRL, I’m working on it trust me, but I owe you a call. Let’s talk about this. I have something to share!

    Mami: Verdad que si, mami! Pero sabes muy bien que simpleanamente aprendi de ti, la reina original del flan!! tu sabes a quien ganastes, verdad! jaajajjajja!

    Joan: YES, GIRL! SEX written all over it!

    Jonathan: Thanks, bro!! I loooove that read the blog and love what I can’t make for you all the time. But Imma hit you up with some, promise! Smooches.

    Chef Fresco: Thanks, luv! I hope I’ve enticed you enough to try it. I’ve converted everyone that’s not liked it before…

  7. Here comes the brand new flavor in your FLAN! This is another hit! Great job.

  8. I think I have to challenge you to a “Flan” cookoff! I too am a Chef and Owner of my own Catering/Personal Chef Service and make a pretty fantastic flan from a recipe that I’ve perfected over time.

  9. I would like to witness this flan cook off.

    The flanfare is abuzz!

    However I have concerns about sexy flan and sexy delicatessens.

    I guess meat can be sexy. I guess flan can be sexy.

    Would these two ingredients meet?

    Would there be sparks? Salty and sweet?

    Would the union have offspring?

    The worlds first delicaflanssen?

    Who can say what the stars bring?

    Cut meat and gelatinous sweets.

    A match made in Heaven.

  10. Dullah: thanks. this in fact has been a hit among friends and clients!

    Vero: Lol! I need to visit your site and see what you have going on. I love to see female chefs doing our thing!

    Helmet Man: only you, only you!

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