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I Think I’ll Move to France

So this place my parents took me to was incredible. Full of quiet mornings with a serene stream pushing water behind the house we stayed in, turning twenty something in a few days wasn’t so bad after all. I ate the best damn goat cheese ever, went grocery shopping where they sell the latest and greatest national music, and saw the most amazing castles! I did get sick for a painful 24 hours that kept me from thouroughly enjoying $6 cappucino’s. And the table slapping of my parents’ dominoe game was irritating. When I felt better, our neighbors (whose house indoors reminded me of the Adam’s Family) invited us over for roasted chestnuts and really good wine. I’m not a wine connoisseur, but surely their wine is better than anything we pay $10 a glass for! Next time you’re looking for a quiet but very enjoyable and breath-taking experience, go to Castle Country! 
You’ll love it! 

We also hopped over to St. Tropez. Okay, really, this place is not all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe because I wanted to do some boutique shopping and all the stores were closed during regular biz hours. There was no one interesting to catch a glimpse of and certainly an $8 cappucino at Cafe de Paris was just aiight (at least the waiter was attractive). Cannes and Niece, however, were fabulous. I bought my first Louis Vuitton handbag there. What a waste of $900! The damn bag isn’t even leather! Whatever. But, the ocean was spectacular, the sunset was romantic and my parents’ company was easy. Having an ipod & listening to Joni Mitchell made all the difference as I quietly strolled the boardwalk wondering what all these people do for a living. I couldn’t have stood another 30 minutes watching Bentley’s drive by and women my age walking out of Versace, Hermes, Christian Dior and Fendi–walking out with multiple bags. But hey, what am I complaining for? This trip was my twenty-something birthday gift from my parents. All expenses paid, all inclusive and no tip!

And what can I say about Monte Carlo and Monaco?

Now that’s something to talk about! The best view ever from a small apartment you’ll see. 5 days in Monaco and you’ll understand why Americans are so boring. The place was full of history and everything else in between. I kind of got lost for a few hours and stumbled upon the cathedral where Grace Kelly is burried. How unassuming.
Nothing like we do here. Just a nice, unfancy, quiet resting place for the femme. One thing though, you won’t be allowed in the Hotel De Paris unless you’re spending $5,000/night. I was quickly turned off when the gatekeeper didn’t allow me to simply gaze at the hotel’s lobby. I even told him I was a traveling freelance writer. You get as far as touching the brass door. But, the casino was nice. Good food, lots of walking, lots of elderly people and lots and lots of money. Even in this exclusive, uber chic and expensive principality, do people hang clothes from the balcony!

Well, back to Paris. Love the city. Did the Eiffel Tower, again. Only this time, I realized how lonely one can be. I’m up there at midnight, the night before we head back home, standing with my 38 years of marriage parents, my dads best friend and a whole bunch of sappy couples with dopey eyes and tingly feelings being whispered. Ugh. Two former relationships came to my mind.
I smiled, looked up and thanked God for them and then as fast as the little red elevator took us down, I decided my next move will be to Paris! Stay tuned! (PS: for those of you that have asked, yes, I took all these pictures! I have about 3,000 from the trip so this doesn’t even begin to depict the excursions).

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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1 thoughts on “I Think I’ll Move to France

  1. Thank you for sharing. Oooo, you brought back so many memories for me! I want to return to France, so hurry up and move there, so I can have someone to visit! Girl you had me rolling about that $900 Louis. The more things change the more they stay the same. I am glad you posted this. Oh, by the way, the food and Castles are grand!

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