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If I Had My Way…

(Chrisette Michelle and Bren Herrera in ATL)

Living in Atlanta has been one of the most entertaining moments of my life. Being in the music industry has given me cool chances to interact and meet people we love to see on T.V. Lunch with this singer, or sing back up for that singer. Phone interview with another artist or backstage parties with that guy. It’s all great. The only other best gig would be to be THE one being interviewed because millions of people know me!

While I don’t watch the Grammy’s, (it almost depresses me) I take interest in finding out who the nominees are. Kanye deserved his award, notwithstanding his arrogance. Alicia shut it down. Doesn’t she always? And what do you say about Beyoncè and Tina Turner shaking it!? Some say she tried to out do Tina, but at the beautiful age of 70, why would you try to out show her? Get a grip.

Oh, I saw all this on youtube. (I still need to put some of my own renditions up there)

Anyway, one of my favorite new artists is Chrisette Michelle. The chick can saaang! She was nominated for the lovely ballad “If I Had My Way”. And though she didn’t win, she’s just getting started. It’s early.

Have you heard her live? Her on-stage delivery is so exciting, I’m tempted to jump on stage and fill in for her background vocals. Much like I did at a Buena Vista Social Club concert in DC at Constitution Hall (as a result of my gutsy move, we became good friends until most of them died).

Back to CM. The industry is cut throat is does not really consider feelings or forgive. I’ve experienced that myself, unfortunately. But after 3 months of scheduling issues with Def Jam in LA, I finally secured an interview with her. And better yet, we did it in person! AW, the super nice A&R in the labels’ office, made it all happen (thanks A). She was visiting Atlanta for a repeat concert last weekend. We chatted about all things girlie and music, before the show. She’s an absolute doll, to say the least. Very unassuming, loves anything pink and would have been a chemist had she not been blessed with those powerful lungs. I was even more excited to learn we had a lot of things in common. Yes, friends (especially my food blog ones), Chrisette loves to cook! This was great news to me. I immediately started thinking….shhhh.

Her performance was simply awesome and then as if my weekend couldn’t have ended any better, her mother, whom also manages her, invited me to a private event the following night. I almost stayed home. Tired. Exhausted. Thinking about the daunting 10 hour drive to DC. Glad I did—free drinks, great food and pretty people all night. Industry stuff.

Groupies are not cool. Ever. BUT, I had to see her again this past Thursday at the 9:30 club in DC. She was here and I took my sis with me this time. Girlfriend shut it down. Security was pretty tight, but I managed for us to catch up with Chrisette after the show, in the back alley as she waited to be driven off in a Mercedes. I was happy for my sister and thankful for God given talents young people like Chrisette can share. It just makes life far more interesting.

Oh, the luxuries of becoming a superstar. Maybe one day soon one of my blogging friends will be asking to interview me…

Where’s my publicist when I need her!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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4 thoughts on “If I Had My Way…

  1. Hi Bren I stopped by flanboyaneats but there is nothing there yet let me know when you get your first post 🙂 Keep on posting the good stuff 🙂

  2. Hola Brenda! Ahora tengo un blog en español…claro no es un buen español pero… 🙂 Pasaba para ver si estabas bien, ¡hasta luego!

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