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I'm Going To Be on Daytime TV! Oh & The New Lemonade!

It’s Thursday and I’m Excited!


This coming weekend is huger than huge has been in a while! The “Social Butterfly” for the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) just hired me to cook for her sassy dinner party on Saturday!  The menu is luscious for real, but the most important thing on it: Garden to Table Mojito! (jardin a mesa)! Maybe, just maybe, she’ll add me to her chic and cool people to call for city haps! This chick knows it all!

Will wear my latest acquisition to my stunning shoe collection. Think cream patent leather, platform, lattice open toe, 4.5″.

I’ll get about 5 hours of sleep before hopping in my car and driving to Tampa. Pause to inject veins with 4-6 shots of Cuban espresso (am courting a new one these days, btw). Thank God I’ve successfully solicited my part-time love to drive me. Otherwise, I’d be taking no-dose and espresso; and that combination might not fare so well!

The purpose for this overnight insanity: To be on the show Daytime TV for the 1st time on Memorial Day!! I’m so geeked, girl foolish anxious and steadily looking for the right top (and shoes of course) to wear! After a coupla months of talking to the producers, we came up with a sexy Latin segment to do and I’ll tell you I am dumb excited! You won’t have to guess what I’m making, because if you know me, you know what I do! The show tapes live but will go to tape for airing a few days later, so I understand. That means, I’ll keep you posted! I”m also so tickled to know that the show is nationally syndicated with Atlanta ranking No. 2 in their viewership!

They’re syndicated in over 100 markets and I’d love for you to check me out, so look here and see if Daytime airs in your city!

You know Daytime TV, right? You know the one our friend Jaden at SteamyKitchen is a regular on! A shout out to her for the hook-up. We’ll be getting together for an impromptu din-din, I think. I’m sure we’ll both report back. I’ll call it the “China-Latina” tryst! (mi abuelo es Chino so some Chinese foods we cook at home are coined chino-latino) You get that, Jaden!?

On to a perfect Spring/Summer drink. As of late, I’ve been thirsty for lemonade. Been drinking for breakfast, dinner and like last night, at 2 in the morning (thus the half-full jar today!). I’m not talking about Minute Maid or Chick-fil-A type lemonade, I’m talking about the freshly squeezed stuff you sweeten as you please. My choice for dulce: honey! L.O.V.E IT!


The combination of lemon and honey is so perfect you’ll never want to use traditional sugar, eva again! Plus, it’s healthier for you. Okay, but you may say, that’s boring, nothing over the top. Enter secret ingredient: star anise! YES YES YES! It’s like having a bit of spice in that wet glass of citrus!  Star anise has many of uses but really good for alleviating gas problems! I’ve featured it in my Herbs & Spices section, here.

Growing up, my mom would make my dad limeade and add some anise liquor, for him to sip on while he’d mow the lawn! I thought it was strange, but was always amazed at the smell; especially juxtaposed with whiffs of freshly cut grass. I then started incorporating an “adult” version to my dinner parties and cooking lessons! I won’t share that one here, cuz it’s in upcoming book (talking to Running Press, btw). But I have a few variations and has become something I enjoy making all the time, most recently for my  mom’s b-day on Mother’s day! Nothing better than my entire family loving what I prepare for them! There are other ways (and more distinct) of infusing the anise flavor into the “adult” lemonade, but for the purpose of instant gratification and simplicity, we’ll just add it!

I offer you here, a refreshingly, simple and thirst quenching summer drink that you will quickly replace for your plane Jane lemonade. Serve in recycled mason jar (i use old ragu jars, too) for that rustic * nostalgic look. I let mine chill for a while because adding ice just waters it down; and a watered down drink is just no good!

Feel free to substitute with lime since they’re a bit cheaper! *GULP*

**Okay, so what do you think I should demo for my 4+ min. segment on Daytime TV!?**

B’s Honey Star Anise Lemonade


  • 2 lemons
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 8-10 star anise
  • 1 liter water Method
  • ice


Add lemon juice and honey to room temperature water. Shake well. Martini shakers are good for this. Add star anise. Shake again. Refrigerate for 45 mins. Serve over ice, if desired.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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0 thoughts on “I'm Going To Be on Daytime TV! Oh & The New Lemonade!

  1. Since you’re already making the lemonade, freeze some w/o the honey. Then you can add the ice cubes to your glass and not water down your drink.  Have to remember to do that with my coffee, too.

  2. I actually don’t get the channel in my area.  Weird.  Congratulations on the spot though honey!

    Love this lemonade.  Been wanting to make my own since my coworker is constantly giving me Meyer lemons from his yard.  Lucky me!

  3. Congrats!! That’s huge!! I know you’ll kill me softly with the food that can simply described as “tasty & nutrious” LOL!!! Make sure that part time love drives you safely!!! You’s gonna be a STAR, again!! Not as if you weren’t already but you know!! Take care and best wishes this memorial day weekend!!!

  4. Good stuff, lady!! 🙂 As to what to cook on the show, I’m thinking a minor rework of your Dollar Tacos with some spring veggies would be a good quickie, and you might even have time to make a Mojito.

  5. Bren! I’m so excited and a bit nervous for your premiere…I know you will find the perfect wardrobe combination just in time for the show! Just remember to rock some of your mom’s awesome jewelry combos and you’ll be hot!

  6. We don’t get Daytime TV here, so I am bummed I can’t tune in.  I’ll be sending you tons of luck and can’t wait to hear all about it afterward!  Truly amazing news!

    that lemonade sounds like a perfect combination! gonna have to try that as my boys ADORE lemonade!

  7. CONGRATS, CONGRATS!!!!! I can’t wait to watch you on Daytime TV! I am soooooo happy for you Bren! I know you will blow their minds with your fabulous cooking sensations and fashonastic style!!! I will stay tuned!

  8. I’m down in the “Big Easy” right now but, if we can get the show I will peek.  Congrat’s and Best Wishes.

  9. Love the lemonade–looking forward to hooter days to give it a try.  And congrats to you!  You’ll be great, I’m sure!

  10. Mmmhhh, that lemonade looks delicious! Perfect for the hot summerv days!

    I’d love to meet you and bake with you ;-p!



  11. my first visit here and loving every part of ye blog.. this perfect lemonade sound wonderful for the summer.. cant wait to try it out.. btw congrats to you.. m sure ull du great..

  12. Tried your Lemonade recipe and it was a hit!  Love your blog and your zeal for life that shines through ..

  13. Woo Hoo!!! It is about time girl! I am send you huge vibes of goodness… hey BFF, your package will be there THIS Week, my sincere apologies for being so darn late… hope you’ll forgive me = )   So when will you bring yourself here to Tokyo to come see me? 

    Stay real, stay cool!!!!!! Congrats, congrats. And since I won’t be able to catch it.. hence being off in Tokyo land, send me a copy..k?

  14. LOL @ injecting shots of expresso! And girl those heels…too much…u r too much! Lord help her (miesha prays)

    So you know i tried your lemonade right? well no anise yet…im funny about anise but i’ll add it later. anyway i LOVE the honey girlie. OMG but u already know that…so MUCH better…chick fila who?? (and their ish is gooood!) i’m a lemon lover so u sold me on it mama.

    I gotta check that social butterfly chick out. and u know i totally stans for you so i’m uber pumped when someone hires u to do a party. u r the bomb! the food…PERFECT! soon u will be so busy doing parties & apperances that u will have to turn stuff down AND clone a second Bren. WATCH! God told me.. 🙂

    Love ya girlie girl.

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