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Introducing the "KISS Bee" Martini!

Don’t you want this right now! Stare at this martini long enough, and you will be making one before you go to bed tonight.

One of the best things about the classic show “Cheers,” was the theme song. You really don’t think it will apply to your social life, until you find yourself frequenting a restaurant and bar, and staff knows your name. It’s even better when the owners have donned you a nickname.

Now, I’m not big on sitting at bars, lending my credit card open, listening to less than sober men spit about who won what game, or how their boss is sleeping with his receptionist; but there’s this bbq joint less than 1/2 mile away that I grace at least once a week. It’s pure comedic relief, observing the diversity of characters.

Plus, every one really does my name. They call me “Bee”.

The pork is not what keeps me going back. You know I don’t do swine. Not even their succulent beef brisket makes we want to go back. Their cheese biscuits are the best I’ve ever had, no lie. I’ve begged for the recipe, but they won’t break. Fine. Since I’m on a no-bread diet for the next 2 months, those mouth melting buns don’t do it, either.

But Daniel! Daniel is reason enough for me to sit at the bar and bear the vulgar approaches of inebriated men. Anything I want, Daniel makes. And, always has a sweet, flirtatious, boy-likes-girl, smile on his face. About 8 months ago, while feeling that cocktails are wasted calories, and really trying to go back to when I was 25, never having had a drink, ever, he broke me. Ever so nicely, he offered to buy me a drink; asked what I wanted. Still trying to hold back, I declined.

He continued to walk back and forth, satisfying others’ orders, when I decided to plunge. “Daniel, make something specifically for me. Something you’ve not done before.”






What I share here with you is a work of 8 months. Sheena, the ultra aggressive, bar none, tongue lashing bartendress (whom I’ve witnessed kick people out), can’t even get it right. It’s good, but not Daniel’s. I’ve taken it to other bars, and they can’t get it right, either.

I’ve made this martini it at home and I’ll say I’m at 95% on top of it. I haven’t quite figured out what Daniel does when I’m not looking, or what he’s omitting to disclose, but who cares!

This *ish here is 2nd best to a mojito! Yes, it’s that damn good! I order it for lunch and have it for dessert. And, since it’s Sunday, I’m getting ready to make one now, before I even finish the post. It’s the ultra luscious martini, perfect for summer soirees, for treating yourself like a Queen Bee!

I was going include the name of the bbq joint for you Atliens, but as his request, he’s asked I not. He’s in the final stages of opening up his own joint, and wants his customers to know it’s his drink, and not the restaurants. So, I abide.

But, if you want to have Daniel tend to your next fete, I recommend him as a master mixologist. Find him here.

I’m happy to introduce the very first cocktail to be made and named exclusively for me! I’ve raved so much about it, it’s now a popular sip at the bar. I invite you to make it, but you must call it the “KISS Bee“, (which is what sweet Daniel named it). It’s the ONLY way it’ll taste the way Daniel makes it. But, a caveat. You must try this at home, and tell me what you think the measurements are. I won’t share here, only cause I’m so curious what you think about it!

Following are the ingredients. In the meantime, take a nice, whet siiiiippp!

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equal parts of :

  • fresh lime juice
  • fresh orange juice
  • simple syrup
  • Absolute Vodka
  • ice

Add all ingredients to a martini shaker. Shake well. Pour  into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with orange and lemon or lime wedges. Top with cherry.

21 thoughts on “Introducing the "KISS Bee" Martini!

  1. Looks lovely! I had a great martini last night, too – lemon juice with pulp and a plunge of hibiscus syrup. It was at Cafe Zola in Ann Arbor – trying to get you the link, but it appears to be broken at the moment.

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhh my mouth is salavating!!! I am on day 13 of my 21 day fast which includes no alcohol. I must say KISS Bee will be my first introduction to jumping back on the wagon!!! Hopefully i don’t go overboard with my measurments of the absolute! Thanks Bren!

  3. I had two on Friday, one of which is the picture, herein. And, I had another on Sunday, as I was literally writing this post. I swear it’s delicious! So, so simple, yet delish! I hope you try it!

  4. Ooooh delish! Looks yum…gimme gimmie! LOL!

    Girl when are we getting you on the Food Network so i can love watching you everyday like i do, “Good Eats” and “Barefoot Contessa”?? Except i know you and your more fun. You’d so kill at that. Praying hard for ya.
    Hope this week has been more smiles princess. <3

  5. While this looks VERY good, I have been craving Bren’s Special Sangria (now that I am ridiculously addicted). Making some to get me through the weekend. Happy 4th!

  6. Don’t really sip on martinis but this one looks like a BANGER.
    I’ll definitely give a try in between my beer drinking.

  7. That missing 5% might just be the love of what he does: making people feel thrilled with themselves through just a drink. Not even a very alcoholic drink, from the look of it.

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