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Love in a Frame… {And of Support in Haiti}

Heart paperweight holding down birthday & Christmas cards from ’12
By now you’ve taken pictures and documented the most loving day filled with roses, chocolate, wine, dinner, pink notes and red hearts. I took a picture today, but it was of a young college girl zipping past me with a handful of 30 balloons. Not sure where she was headed to, but I asked her for a quick pose. The colossol bunch was too pretty to up staring at.

But, if you’re into printing pictures the “old school” way, I have the perfect picture frame to curate in. The fantastic artists in Haiti, in conjunction with the Heart of Haiti organization have come up a sturdy, rustic and subtly heated frame to hold still in time a picture of your luvie.

Not only can you place it in your fave spot to relish in the moment you snapped the pic, but you’d be helping the charitable cause Macy’s supports. Every dollar made from HOH purchases to directly to supporting the artists and allow them to continue chasing their dreams.

My friend Monique shared how she used her picture frame! Isn’t she and her hubby just too adorable!?! I’ve not printed any recent pictures, but I’m thinking of this one… taken while on a serenity hike last weekend in the Virginia mountains.

Jumping for Joy in Virginia, via my Instagram

It represents my passionate love affair with life and all the fabulous and delicious things I’m able to do!

And…while on the topic of hearts, I’m cheating by owning this heart paperweight from Heart of Haiti as well. I started collecting heart-shaped rocks I’d find at beaches and shores abroad back in 2007. The best one I’ve found is a stunning purplish one in the South of Italy. I’ve polished it just a tad bit and use it as a paperweight.

But, since I’ve not been able to find another heart rock recently, I have no shame using this lovely soapstone paperweight designed and handmade in Leogane, Haiti. It does the job! And puts a smile on my face.

It’s actually a great fun hobby to pick up..heart rock collecting that is.. you know how the heart is… one of the  most beautiful things we can all have and share with special people.

So, after all is said and done tonight, after all the “I Love You“s are tired and wine bottles empty, move on to the next amore phase of remembering tonight! Frame a pic and hold down all the cards you got with the weights!

Did you take pictures tonight of you and your S/O? Are any of them framable?! Share if you wish!

Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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* I was offered both the weight and the frame in exchange for a review. I was not compensated otherwise. All opinions are my own, always.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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