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The N.Y.C. Is All That

I hustled and found a Dominican driver who took me to the Sheraton NY in a lovely white stretch limo— all for $25. Yup. Can’t beat that! My very casual and authentically thick Spanish helped.

It was one of those cheezy ones, yet sincere. I’m only 5’1″ so I had to spot him out first. Nerves kicked in. I stepped on his foot, I think, rambled about nothingness and did the unthinkable–ate at Mc’Dee’s alone. Radio City Hall was next. Sat through 2 hours of Wheel of Fortune taping. The only fun part was knowing my friend helps in making it all happen and then gazing at the logistical production. Fascinating. Sushi Samba–great. Drunk ass white girl literally fell back on the floor and her comrades, just as drunk, sat there idle and laughed—pathetic. Lots of window shopping during 55 blocks of walking in nice weather. Times Square doesn’t change. Lots of tourists stand at every corner and snap as if tall buildings and bright LCD lights didn’t exist elsewhere. And Macy’s at Herald Square. What do you do in there? Each dep’t has it’s own set of tunes spinning. Escalators that might scare even the original builders and real food posts. I left a bit overwhelmed. But not as much as going back through Times Square. If you’ve never been, it really is a spectacular experience, especially when it’s cold. Just stand in front of the TRL window and you’ll see. I think of Kanye’s “Flashing Lights”. Love that song!!

Chelsea. I felt right at home there. I hop on the “F” and spend a solid 3 hours in Loehmann’s. I walk out with shoes and handbags and a guilty conscious knowing a very sweet man is waiting for me and instantly will offer to carry my bags. Village shopping is tempting. I want it all. His presence keeps my hands very still. After a quick 20 minute rest at the hotel, we both hop on the train and make our way back to the Village. I spared him my own sense of guilt, so all I bought on this round, were some earrings. But check thee shoes out! I had to get these Michael Kors Oxfords.

NYC. Dirty, yes. People are generally nicer. Social and nightlife is unparalleled. Maybach’s and socialites. I almost feel that I fit in.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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