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B.E.T Awards–Ghetto Fab??

Black people, my black people!
Must we show out everytime!?!? I was scheduled to go to the red carpet activities in Atlanta last weekend for the B.E.T Hip Hop awards, but real life called my attention and I stayed home. Didn’t even watch them. However, as fast as bombers land in the Middle East, urban news spreads. Thanks to the likes of iPhones and things.

T.I., rapper sensationalist, was arrested outside a WalMart for gun possession just hours before his scheduled stage performance. Why is this news!!? Are we surprised?? As if his 5 babies and one on the way weren’t enough gossip about him, shooters top his uncontrollable birth control practices. TI, honey, you should try strappin’ up somewhere else!

And Katt Williams! HA. This guy, shows up in a bright magenta suit wearing a noose like chain?? Was this some kind of anti-establishment (as in our fight) mockery? Or just some really tacky way of supporting the Jena 6? Either way, Katt’s comedic position and tactics could be hardly justified as such. Check out the pic below. He’s actually showing it off! Knowing Katt, the clasp was probably made up of a lot of diamonds. I’ve actually hung out with Katt after his tour stopped here in ATL–one of the coolest cats I’ve ever met–no pun intended. Truly. His suite at the Ritz was full of fun and games, food, drinks and utter laughter, while pontificating about some Jay-Z colabo.
I wish somehow, our kids weren’t exposed to such a high and faux sense of reality and success. I don’t knock anyone for their hustle; I just would like to see more positive stories reported on. But that’s boring. GO FIGURE.

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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4 thoughts on “B.E.T Awards–Ghetto Fab??

  1. I was appalled by what I saw at the BET Awards. As a people, we are enslaved in the mind walking around with the outer appearance of freedom. NOW THAT IS WORSE THAN BEING PHYSICALLY ENSLAVED. Why are we allowing ourselves to be exploited or why are we exploiting ourselves? Our beautiful young women looked as if they had just finished working at a brothel. Did we forget how we were ravaged by our slaveowners and savagely raped? Now everyone can see for free because I guess since the slavemaster took it its not valuable anymore. Thats not sexy, thats sloppy and tacky. We are better than that. I am 34 and can put on some nice fitting jeans and a T-shirt and turn heads because I exude sophistication, now thats sexy. Enslaved in the mind. The sagging pants that are adorned by are youngsters and “grown” men came from people look like prisoner pants or the pants men wore as slaves because we couldn’t do any better. Enslaved in the mind. Who wrote the script for the BET Awards. It was downright demeaning. Every punchline ending with a sexual connotation…how primal. Black is not a synonym for ghetto, hood, classless and tacky. I will be launching a boycott against the white owned BET. We do not want to see us portrayed like that and for those who do or don’t mind need to be taught better.

  2. BET AWARDS Were embarrasing especially the after partey. It seems that all the ghetto fabs are just making the artists rich because they want to be just like them. They are laughing and looking ignorant all the way to the bank, so why should they care what anyone thinks


    BET in its website promised MJ fans from all around the world a "HISTORICAL" tribute and we watched a GHETTO block party….

    The WHOLE WORLD WAS WATCHING and they saw it as AMERICA paying tribute to MJ and it was a JOKE!!! BET could have shined but it failed miserably!

    BET owes an apology to Janet for inviting her to a CIRCUS in the middle of he grief.


  4. The BET awards were both disappointing,embarrassing, and down right distasteful. It is truly a disgrace that we continue to perpetuate the stereotypes others have fought so hard to overcome – especially on a station which is reportedly dedicated to black entertainment. Shame on you…The purported tribute to Michael Jackson and the Jackson family was a mockery and a travesty, rushed and ill designed. We CAN do better this. … Alicia Keys, Wycleff Jean, Ne-yo, Maxwell, and the O-Jays – Thank you for exhibiting the postive inspiration that the black community at large would like to perpetuate.

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