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Salted Black Truffle Caramel Ice Cream {Helado de Trufa Y Caramelo Salado}

‘Hello, spring! Yes, you are here sweet friend, and that means I am ready to indulge in all your yumminess, your sexiness and your enticements. I’m going to have fun with you this season, especially since I have lots of edible goodies begging to be tickled.’

That’s how I feel right about now. The weather has been stunning in Atlanta and with that comes bountiful blooms, full-throttle exhibitionists and the desire to plan outdoor mid-day trysts. I’m particularly thinking about what the season’s harvest is starting to bear (and what shoes will be added to my existing collection) and what I’ll be most intrigued to cook with. In the meantime, I’m still basking in the fresh winter truffles I was given by my friends at the National Truffle Fest in Asheville and the intoxicating aroma they’ve given my fridge. If you didn’t see the truffle flan, check it out here and be prepared for your toes to curl up.

No, really.

And I’m still playing with them before they go bad; because it would be outrageously sacrigileous for me to waste them. I unwrapped them from rice jar I’ve stored them in and went to work. Over the weekend, I shaved some truffles on farm fresh eggs which two truffle “newbies” fell in love with and then browsed the net and cookbooks for bonafide recipes. Nothing really jumped at me so I lost a slither of interest in packing them into everything I had already planned on making.

But then my oh-so-genius light bulb went off!

Ice cream. Helado. Glace. Something cold! Si, si, si! Because what better way to welcome spring than to make some homemade ice cream? Ice cream is the spring and summer sweet personification. It makes everything better and okay and sometimes acceptable.

It’s no secret I’ve become a food snob in the last 3 or so years and it’s even a lesser surprise that I have an insatiable appetite for desserts. The irony is that I’m not a baker. I make flan. And I make it pretty fast. But, when it comes to making pastries and most desserts, I leave that up to the real pro’s that are well versed in ratios and exact measurements and bear the the ultimate trait of a true passionate baker: patience.

My instant gratification type personality is a huge set back when I do want to spend time creating dishes requiring me to turn my oven on, or to wait during the “cooling period.” The universe knows what it was doing when I was introduced to and instantly in love with the pressure cooker!

My established inadequacies in making decadent sweets is only advantageous when I can call on ol’ faithfuls like Christina. She and I can go a few weeks without seeing each other or even chatting (thank goodness for Twitter, FB and smart phones where we can throw a few lines here and there). But one of us can say “hey, let’s make some food,” and we’re on it. Within a matter of hours we’re planning and scheming our next cooking tryst.

After feeling dismayed (though momentarily) about not finding suitable recipes to infuse my truffles in, I called Chris and told her I wanted to make  ice cream. Oh wait, this was via text. She wrote right back, offered to bring her ice cream maker and the date was set.

It took no longer than 24 hours before Chris showed up with her whip appeal, eggs, creme, sugar (I hope she didn’t think I was short on these flan essentials) and appetite.

I offered up milk, vanilla and the the most important ingredient–the one that was going to do all the singing.

Our chemistry in the kitchen seems to work seamlessly. In this case, Chris mixed and whisked while I marveled at my little gems before finely chopping some up. I briefly debated how much truffle flavor I wanted the ice cream to have and decided 1 tbsp. would suffice.

Not so much. So we tinkered a bit more until we got it right. The ice cream machine had barely stopped churning before Chris and I were licking tasting spoon after tasting spoon oozing with the softest and creamiest ice cream I think I’ve ever had. “Damn!,” “oh.my.word,” is this for real?,” and “man I make a good ice cream” quickly ensued.

The bits of truffle were perfectly present and made a profound statement. They didn’t over power and show off, though they would have been fully entitled; rather they did their job and turned dreamy vanilla ice cream into the most heavenly and beautifully delightful treat.

But, this is when my instant gratification “disorder” kicked in. Are you seriously telling me this thing has to chill and freeze over night?!

Yeah, okay. Chris and I divided our share and I went to sweet ol town on my half. I just couldn’t resist. Oh my gosh! For the first time, ice cream was inducted into my kitchen and it was a smashing hit. I’m not saying that just because we made it. I’m saying that because we really did kick ass and ended up with an ice cream I predict will become a staple in both our dessert repertoire!

That’s if we can get our hands on more truffles. We figured out and suggest if you don’t have access to the fresh perigord trufa, use black truffle oil. It gives it a nice punch and does the lack of fresh truffles some worthy justice.

Chris went home a happy gal and I went to bed feeling all kinds of kiddish.

As I got ready to plate the ice cream, I realized I needed something else. Bits of truffles in the ice cream was heavenly, no doubt, but I was looking for something to top it off with. Something orgasmic and one that would cause me to make a few calls and lose all professionalism and beg for more fungus.

I made salted truffle caramel. Oh, yes I did. I did. I’m very familiar working with sugar. It can be tricky and this is no different. It’s a game of time for the most part. I’ve made caramel before and just adore it. I can eat it right out of a jar, suck a spoon til tastes of the stainless steel finally make me put it down and have no shame eating it as it’s cooling — no, no, that’s that instant gratification issue again.

My friends, if only I could share with you what I experienced over here yesterday! It was a double-dipping and super double dose of truffles. I swirled some room tempered caramel into slightly melted ice cream and refroze it. The outcome left me speechless. Few things incite that kind of reaction, but this deserved a moment of reflection and sinful gluttony.

As if having the caramel swirl weren’t enough, I drizzled another generous amount on top and had the most luscious afternoon licking my spoon and martini glass.

It was viciously delicious (my new term for describing food that is just too good for layman’s verbiage) and my day ended with no worries.

Not even the fact that I’m now down to only two truffles.

‘Hello, spring!’

Have I intrigued you enough? I hope to have left you drooling!

* the recipe below is only for the truffle ice cream. I’ll share details and the recipe for the caramel in a separate post because it was just that divine!

** visit Christina’s blog, MeleCotte, for her recount of our successful experiment!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 cups whole milk
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 1 tbsp. black truffle, minced
  • 1 tsp. black truffle oil
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • ¼ tsp. salt


Over medium-high heat, warm milk, salt, and sugar in a saucepan, stirring to combine. When the milk just begins to bubble around the edges, remove from heat.  Stirring constantly with a whisk, pour some of the hot milk into beaten eggs to temper. Pour egg mixture back into the saucepan. Over low heat, stirring constantly, heat until a custard thickens (and will coat the back of a metal spoon with a thin film, approximately 7 to 10 minutes.

Add vanilla, truffles and oil. Stir to combine. Let rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Stir in the heavy cream, cover, and place mixture back in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Stir, then add to the ice cream maker, freeze the custard accordingly to the ice cream maker’s manufacturer’s instructions.


53 thoughts on “Salted Black Truffle Caramel Ice Cream {Helado de Trufa Y Caramelo Salado}

  1. A stroke of genius lighted up in that pretty Southern/Cuban head Bren. This icecream beats all the combinations available in our local ice cream stores.

  2. Viciously delicious sounds about right! And I’m not one to really use these bombastic words very much, but your description and those pics seem to justify your new terminology. Oh, yes, I could use some truffle caramel ice cream!!

  3. Wow, that ice cream is awesome and so original! I wonder how it must taste, but I bet it has a divine flavor.



  4. Making ice cream is going to be a new fave activity. We both have ice cream makers, and like you said Spring is here, but Summer is just around the corner. The boiling heat here in LA will be just the thing for some cold desserts! Love the caramel addition. That was oh so necessary.

  5. Val: awww, thanks chica, but i don’t take all the credit. it was pretty darn incredible. i’m so glad we made it and could share with you!

    David: You know where I got that word from, right! Prissi kept saying that in Hawai’i! But it does represent this dessert oh so well! I’ll make it for you! Promise.

    Rosa: I looooove it, I have to say. My new fave. Earthy tones but still sweet!

    DuoDishes: You and me both. I need to buy one asap. But that could be a dangerous thing up in here. I’d be a chunky monkey over night!

    Melanie: I love it! Go eat!

  6. This is the most genius idea I’ve ever seen. I had salted caramel ice cream last night… I’m fairly confident I’ll be running to the grocery store for more cream after work to make this. 🙂 Awesome pics too, btw.

  7. I would love, love, LOVE to try this! Black truffles in ice cream? Can any food in this world beat that?! Love the idea. We all love salted caramel and this just takes it to the next level. Love it!

  8. You literally made me get up and eat some ice-cream though it would be no comparison to what you created. Beauty!! (but its arright!!)

  9. ay ya yay that looks delicioso. I think I got tio’s curse for loving ice cream.. That loks great sis!!!

  10. Guapa, this looks and sounds incredible! Way to go creative for this one… Muy buena pinta!!

  11. Laura: I hope you do. And really, all you need to do is buy one truffle and it will take you a bit of a ways. Salted caramel is the bomb!!

    Jessica: Not so much. I think this pretty much sums up the amazingness of great food!

    Leslie: So how many pints did you eat, cuz I know you!

    Jonathan: I think I got it, too! Sinful, eh!

    Joan Nova: Si mija, it was all that and some. El caramelo took it there!

    Lorraine: Girl, are you kidding me!?! Who the hell wants to wait for goodness like this to freeze!

    Raina: I have to get one, too. That was my friends so it’s on my list of next purchases.

    George: Te gusto, verdad! Que delicia en una manera super estupenda! 🙂

  12. Sounds like you and Chris had fun — but how could you miss with ice cream? If this is viciously delicious, what would adding bacon to the mix create? 😉

  13. Oh, I wonder if a pinch of truffle salt in a chocolate ice cream would work. Might not be enough to taste, though. hm. Might try it in a hot chocolate soon, though.

  14. The ice cream was delicious. I never thought that Truffle ice cream would be so tasty and very creamy. Great stuff chica!!!

  15. 5 Star: it is girl! oh my gosh. i’m not even lying… it’s fantastic in every way!

    KellyPea: Bacon just might work, Kelly. You’re so imaginative. I’d never think of it since I don’t do bacon but the dessert was divine just the way it was! didn’t last a bit of 24 hours.

    Mighty Healthy: When ever you’re in Atlanta, hit me up and you can have some.

    Kay: I wish you’d be able to have some ice cream. But, hey at least you can try to make it! No teasers here! 🙂

    Jason: Truffle salt in coffee?? Yeah, that didn’t that’d work so well. But then again, I would have never thought to put salt in my café. You’re braver than I. But I do put salt in my oatmeal! Eventually we’ll meet and I’ll make you some!

    Helene: Thanks!

    Marysol: I love your comment!

    Simone: Yeah right! I’m so glad you loved it. You saw how A was all over it and didn’t want to put it down. Hahahaha.

    Heidi: love it—cuz it sure was!

  16. Well, no salt in *coffee*, just hot chocolate. 😉 Just a tight pinch brings out more flavor. And for oatmeal, well… This morning’s involved the whey from last night’s mozzarella. nomnomnom

  17. this is quite possibly the most exquisite and unique batch of ice cream i’ve ever seen. extraordinarily innovative use for black truffles!

  18. Jason: Duh! I sure enough read coffee! Ha. Hot cocoa makes much more sense. Mozzarella whey! Yeah, nomnomnom!

    Krista: Thanks, chica! It was 10x better than it looks! Can you even imagine that!

    Grace: I think I have to agree with you!

  19. QUE RICO, si sabe como se ve me lo como todo y adios a la dieta .con lo que me gusta el helado y ese se ve delicioso. felicidades el color y lo que se puede apreciar de textura se ve muy rico creo que algun dia lo voy a tratar felicidades eres muy ingeniosa admiro tu talento y creatividad. eres fenomenal. Ciao!

  20. This was so good!!! You did a wonderful job. Please invite me to the next tasting when you do this again. Thanks for sharing!

  21. You have most certainly left me drooling girl. There are few things better than homemade ice cream but you just elevated it like 1000 notches with this creation. Bravo chica!

  22. As you see…i’m behind on reading your posts 🙁 how did I miss this one?

    ok who r you really??

    Absolutely ***Ridiculous*** and ***Intoxicating***

  23. Carmen: adios a la dieta es la verdad! que pecado, verdad!! 🙂

    Dullah: Yes.it.was. Glad you got to eat some. You’re invited anytime!

    Eliana: well that’s what I’m here for! Glad to have done that for you! 🙂

    Joi: I love your passion in reading my posts. Thanks for stopping through. And, you should try to make it! 🙂

  24. What a storyteller! I don’t know what has me more worked up–the luscious photographs, the sexy, smart prose. With anticipation, I read, savoring every syllable, wanting to get to the end to taste heaven, at the same time wanting this satisfaction to end. Oh. My. Word.

  25. i know you told me recently that you got a new ice cream maker! so what’s the hold up!?!? We need to be making some ice cream! I can’t even imagine how delicious and expensive truffle ice cream would be if bought at a store…. glad i can come by when you call!

  26. Carrie: well, you’re very, very welcome! Let me know when you make it!

    Unknown Mami: Thanks! It’s pretty decadent!

    Mercedes: yes girl! Gots to make it all for the fam and clients! And the blog, too! 🙂

    Nicole: We need to make that happen. Seriously!

    Lisa: and you’re totally invited.

    Sujeiry: You have to! It’s a must, must in the kitchen!

    The Wise Latina Club: Look at you! Glad you spent the time to read it. I really do appreciate that! I know I write really long posts. I’m working on changing that, but I’m such a story teller.

    Bonnie: Thanks! Pls do let me know if you make it!

    Rachel: Yup!!! 🙂

    Michele: hahaha. Summer is around the corner! Soon. I have some fun flavors in mind!

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