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Sexy Shoe Sunday: NIKE Animal Print Kicks


I dated a guy once who told me he didn’t like women who like animal print.

Oh my! Who says that? And how emo is he?

Surely, he couldn’t appreciate deeper things about me if he was focused on frivolous details like my attraction to most things animal print.

I say, sucks to be so close-minded.

So, the irony of this post is that he loved to insist I wear more sneakers. Didn’t mind my stilettos, especially these, but he loved the idea of seeing me in more sneakers. I alluded to owning these and that in due time, regardless of his insistence, I’d buy some more. I just needed the right opportunity.

And so it has come and he’s gone!

What a joke, right?!

I spent some time with NIKE back in October and got to hang out with two of their top trainers and coaches. I’ve always been a huge fan of the company’s motto — JUST DO IT! — but I was more inspired to keep my fitness level up to an unseen degree. Between all the working out I do, I’ve been spending more time in my running and cross-training shoes.

But, I wanted a pair that would not only double as running-around-the-town-sporty-chick, but would also have some fun and wild flair.

These ‘Low Dunk Skinny‘s’ did it!

I’ve loving everything about the dark brown “henna”spots with the bright orange NIKE name against the black leather.  They’re fashionable without losing their athletic appeal and practical use. They’re sturdy, have great stability, but you have to wear them at least 5 times to really break them in.

I’m wearing these today with some leggings, a sleeveless couture hoodie and a funky knit hat and fringed scarf (working on getting back to my own street style, something I love and really the basis for this blog). Balance.

Roar on girlfriends. Even if in your sneakers. Because any real girl knows she can’t be in heels 24/7.

Do you have casual yet sexy sneakers? Which ones?!


Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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