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Sweet Plantain Cheese Balls

I’m not talking much today. Will be a feat for me. I swear it will. I can think of 20 reasons as to why I could sit here for the next hour and *talk* to you guys; LIKE:

  1. Amy Poehler’s rap on SNL ** I almost died of laughter **
  2. How I’m going to hustle a trip back to Italy
  3. The cute Obama shirt I just bought on ETSY for $30!
  4. How NOT cute Beyonce’s Obama shirt is; but how bad the chick is in her new video!
  5. How I’m learning the cute ass dance Beyonce does in the aforementioned video, “Single Ladies”
  6. How much I love Conan O’Brien
  7. How bad I want to write a movie, and a cello masterpiece, a children’s book
  8. How bad I want to do CreativeCause again in 2009
  9. How I’m going to get over my disdain for beets, radishes and any vegetable that smells so bad
  10. My fetish with owls and bees
  11. My love affair with the pressure cooker
  12. Yuca recipe cooking vid is up for you to see under FETV to your right! You’ll love it!

and the list goes on.

But I’m too tired. Way tired. I was up til 4 this morning, editing 3 recipes for Food Network! YUP! FOOD NETWORK CALLED ME!!!

Won’t get into details, but I’ll ask that you do your food dance, your food porn routine, or whatever else you do to make BIG things happen for you and your *loved* ones!

So this is a recipe I just love. I’ve been making it for a long time now, but seldom take the time for them. Don’t know why, just don’t. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like cooking for me and me alone. Some are of the school of thought that I should treat myself better than my clients and friends when it comes to food, but truthfully, I think I enjoy the walk to the bank after feeding a client much more than spending 10 minutes eating by myself–no matter how good the food.

But these balls here, yes, the balls are all that. I’ll take 20 minutes for myself to enjoy these little guys. Makes for a great appetizer, snack, etc…

Select a cheese that melts well. I like smoked mozzarella (or plain), gouda, cheddar is really good and American is okay. Do not use asiago… Ooh pepper jack is really, really good, too. Kind of like eating funnel cake on a really hot day. Or sipping on the perfect cup of hot chocolate on a crisp fall evening.

Make these, share them, enjoy them, tell your friends about them and then give them a hug. You may have just made their day!



Spanish Style Plantain Omelette

Platanos, Maduros & Tostones

Cooking With Emeril, It Really Happened!

2 Degrees From J. Lo: She Loves Plantains & Flan!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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• 2 medium to large ripe plantains
• 1 – 1 1/2 cups smoked mozzarella (pepper jack, brie, cheddar work too)
• 1 tbsp. fresh ground nutmeg


Cut 1/2” off end of each plantain. Cut into 2” pieces. Bring 1 quart water to boil. Cook plantain for 15 minutes or until tender. Pre-heat oven to 350F.  Remove plantain and place in bowl. Carefully remove peel. Using fork, mash plantain until smooth. Add nutmeg and combine. Take golf ball size amount of plantain and place in your palm to make an open face patty. Add 1 tsp. (or more depending on how cheesy you want them) cheese to center of patty and shape into 3” balls. Cover cookie sheet with aluminum foil and spray with non-stick pray. Place balls on cookie sheet and turn heat to 375F. Bake plantain balls for 15-20 minutes or until balls have browned a bit. Serve immediately. DO NOT MICROWAVE LEFTOVERS.

Yields 6-8 balls.

74 thoughts on “Sweet Plantain Cheese Balls

  1. Next time I check up on you, I swear you’ll be telling us you’re the next Food Network star…and you didn’t even need to try out or join a reality show to get there 🙂  Lovely recipe.  I’ll take the melted cheese on top, thanks.

    By the way, I made some salmon sliders and used your tamarind chutney to make it extra tasty.  It’s on my blog now!  Thanks again 🙂

  2. yes yes they called! will be able to update you all in a few weeks, hopefully! keeping fingers, legs, eyes and all else crossed. and praying of course! 🙂 thanks for the well wishes, Ladies. Sharon: I will be having some sort of party in DC, to which ur invited if you’re in the area!! 🙂

  3. Can’t wait to hear what the Food Network gig is about. Congrats in advance. As for the plantain balls, I’ve never seen anything like it, but I love it! I’ll have to try these very soon

  4. You know we are praying for you. I can already see the commericals now advertising your new show! You were made for this girl!

  5. I love this, and will add it to my ‘Foods2Try’ list on my blog! Great site BTW, I am still learning to navigate mine.

  6. Got my fingers crossed for you!  BTW – I’m of the opinion that FN should know that Chef Bren will bring ratings! 🙂 (Bob & Susie – trust a gal on that, ‘k?)

  7. delicio. que gran idea. eso lo hago hoy mismo,ya que tengo de todo lo que lleva,y los platanos uno de mis favoritos y eso se ven bellos. gracias!

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