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The {additional} essential kitchen gadgets you have to have

FE kitchen essentials

Cooking really is a true art. Beyond basic knowledge of how food works, having creativity and a passion for making memorable dishes, having the right tools is equally key in your successful experience in the cocina. There are some utensils an avid home cook simply cannot live without. My friends at the TODAY show invited me to come on and help Tamron with identifying what can go — you know, from that overcrowded, totally non-essential kitchen drawer — and what she must have. If you didn’t get to watch the segment with my suggestions of what everyone has to have, you can catch it here.

In addition to what I inspired her to stock up on, here are seven additional gadgets that’ll make your culinary musings so much more an explorative adventure and not a daily chore!

KithenAid Hand Blender. This pricey gadget is perfect for the baker, the person whom is bold enough to make macarons at home, or the person that understands that bicep strength should be built in the gym and not hand-whisking — for which I am known to do! $199

Colander. Save the delicious sphagetthi from going down the drain every single time. Strainers keep your dishes free from drowning in extra liquid. Look into colanders of all sizes for different needs. There’s one for everything. $8-$30

Potato Masher. I wasn’t to keen on sharing this initially. I typiclaly use a large salad severing fork. But after some thoughtful consideration, I realize how the design of a masher allows you to evening mash you red potatoes to make them as smooth and creamy as you like. My friends at New West Knife Works just came out with the mini but powerful one. $39

Whisk. Having a whisk it just a must. I used forks to break down eggs and the like for the longest time, but it really makes sense to allow the ballon effect of a good whisk to create fluff. Silicone whisks are great to working with eggs directly in a hot pan since they have higher heat resistance. $5-$20

Stovetop Espresso Maker. Okay, this if a biased suggestion. But! If you love coffee as much as I do and simply are not human without a good shot of espresso or bold cup of café con leech, you have to own one or two or two or three espresso makers. Make your own coffee every morning and control your happy emotions with every sip. These moka pots, originally from Italy, are super easy to use and clean. All you need is cold water and your favourite espresso bean. Place and high heat and let it perculate. Perfection. $10-$200


Silicone Spatula. Scrape everything off the sides of your pots or better yet, the cake batter from your mixing bowl with a smooth and high heat resistant spatula. You’ll use it more than you can think of. $3-$12

KitchenAid Stand Mixer. I promise this post is not only for bakers. However, if you have happen to be an avid baker of all things desserts, this is it. Actually, this is everything. From cookie batter to pasta, this iconic kitchen staple is an heirloom piece you will use your entire life and pass on to your grandchildren. Consider the abundance of attachments to make cooking so much simpler. This one piece you definitely do not want to sell, trade (unless you have multiple) or donate. Just don’t. Hold on to it. Forever.  $200-$700

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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