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The Red Lip: From Red Carpet to Every Day

L-R: Covergirl; Estée Lauder “MadMen” Collection; Artistry
Few things are sexier than transitioning from summer into fall. The joy of changing leaves, weather, the clothes and overall looks we like to apply and show off. 
I’m usually a stickler for habit and have a hard time breaking them, even when it comes to trends. Never been the trendy type. It’s too much to keep up with! But, there’s always that special look or vibe that attracts me and I go for it. While fall beauty editors and trendsetters are all about the burgundy and purples hues for both eyes and lips, I’m loving the variation of reds I’ve seen on the runways, print ads and even the every day confident girl. Wearing fiery red requires a level of sassiness that’s hard to come by for an every day situation. 
Because I’m loving the vibrancy of reds and the boldness it creates (not to mention the authority you express when closing a deal), I did some perusing to see the best reds for every day wear but that also have that pristine look you see in the ads. The lush look can be a few tubes away. 
I’ve featured the Estée LauderMad Men” limited collection lipstick before, but it’s so luxurious that it deserves another mention. It’s creamy and truly the perfect red for a mature yet cheeky look.  It applies lovely and is great for early evening functions. 
For my everyday, 1st thing in the morning, I’m running out the door, I flock to CoverGirl’s Into The Redfrom the Queen Collection. It’s not a bright red which is ideal for starting your day and setting the tone. It’s a bit more on the mauve adobe hue of red and soft enough til you pull out the Mad Men tube.

If you want a super sexy, bold and vavavoom lip, I love the Artistry creme colour “rouge” option. It’s on the matte side of opacity with a slither of gloss, making it perfect for all evening affairs. It also has great long-lasting qualities… I’ve only had to apply twice in a few hours… Love, love.

Finally, the CoverGirl “Hot”  from the LipPerfection collection. has remained to be a go-to for any ocassion: morning, noon, night, travel, casual, dressy and everything in between. It has the exact amount of tint and hue of a red that’s not overbearing or will give bombshell appeal at 8 am. It’s so perfect I’ve gone through 3 tubes since it came out earlier this year. 

After watching the Emmys last Sunday, I’m confirmed in my approach to trends; you have to do you and do what’s comfortable. If bright red in the middle of the day works for you, then go for it!

What’s your go-to red for this season? Do you reserve rocking it for a special occasion or do you just go with the flow?!
L-R: Covergirl “Into the Red” Queen Collection, Artistry, Covergirl “Hot”

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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