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Ugly Christmas Sweater Action… and Other Fabulous Christmas Cheer! {TV Segment}

I’m wondering when the ugly Christmas sweater became so infamous. It’s ubiquitous and we just can’t seem to get enough of the cheesy garment everyone loves to rock during the holidays. Bubble gum pink sweaters with reindeer antler and bells? Or how about the outdated red colored ones with fake grass and snow flakes permeating the front of the sweater? Yeah, those exist. Even Jimmy Fallon is taking advantage of their popularity! He’s been giving them away on his Late Night show this past week. And I’ve been loving it!

I thought it’d be super fitting to rock one on my my latest TV spot, where I’d be featuring some of my favorite gifts to treat your loved ones to. I admittedly have no sense of humor but I’ve been in need of injecting some kind of funny in my bones. I knew my mom had a few of these ugly things so I went begging. And bless her heart… she spent a few hours sifting through boxes and boxes of her vintage stuff just to find one for me to wear. And, golden was the moment when the ugliest thing emerged from her closet. I got so excited!

But, it was a size large. The thing was already hideous, so a large would look even more ridiculous. I was so convinced I wanted to wear it, I had her take it in on the side and arms just to make it look a bit more presentable. At least for the camera.

I think the sweater was more of a hit than my fabulous Missoni pumps (paired with classic but edgy fishnets, no less!)… Though the small frames on each side were fun and festive, there’s no way that sweater could have been well-received by anyone on your list! My mom loves it and has sworn to wearing it next week.

But, you be judge! Here’s the holiday gift segment which aired yesterday on ABC Action News “Positively Tampa Bay!” And, I hope you love the items I featured, mostly my lovely new bags from L & Sons!

Check out more fabulous ideas from the brands I featured on their websites:


Happy HanukkahMerry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and a lovely holiday season to you!


Zara skirt, Missoni pumps, vintage Christmas sweater, bracelets by C.B. Herrera and Jam Jewels. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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