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Who’s Full?

Have you had my black beans? A flan? Was my mojito all that? Did the chicken recipe I gave you make you look like a pro with your friends and family!? Or better yet, did you love the pressure cooker technique? If I’ve cooked for you or you’ve attended one of my cooking classes, I’d love know your thoughts! This is a new place for you to share your experience and to encourage others to dig in and be fed my me!

Feedback is good and inspires me wear a meaner pump for next time!

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52 thoughts on “Who’s Full?

  1. So you ask, “Have I had….” and I can say YES I have to it all! I have had the absolutely pleasure of attending a few of your classes and hosting a dinner party with you as the chef and all I can say is YUMMY! Ok, I can say more but when I think about it all; that’s the first word that comes to mind! As a matter of fact, it’s not easy typing a response when all you can think about is those wonderful black beans with saffron rice! Or even that mint chocolate G. Flan..Man!!! Okay, but I have a personal favorite and geez I wonder what that is.. I call it The Mucho BONITO MOJITO!! I have been dying to find that perfect mojito in ATL and I have found one place but now  I don’t go anywhere but here at home and make it myself thanks to you of course!! Your definitely the @$%^ in the Kitch!! 
    So, once again…you ask Who’s Full? I AM!

  2. Bren! 

    You never cease to amaze me! From the Fu Fu to the Flan, my tastebuds have been excited with a new love for Cuban flavor! And you’re a girl after my own heart because you do it all in heels ;o) My all time fave is still the green bean salad that you just came up with off the top of your head. It was super easy and we have made it at home several times since we attended your class. Stay fabulous and I can’t wait for your next amazing meal!

    Kim P

  3. Hey Bren…I’m not full. I know you have a lot of  ‘pots on the fire’ (pun intended) but I’d like to see more frequent posts on this blog! Abrazos.

  4. No! Where is your black bean recipe! I love black beans! And if I love YOUR black beans what does that say about us??? 🙂

  5. Joan, you are sooo right! I’m trying desperately to manage my time better so I can blog and post atleast 2-3 times a week! It’s hard sometimes with all my other engagements, but I deeply appreciate your interest and actually expressing it! Posting today, actually, so look out! 🙂

    Mike, you’re welcome to come down to ATL anytime and break bread, my friend! That’s for real!

    Reggie, I think I can feed you forever and you’d be happy! You tickle me with your enthusiasm. I LOOOOVE it when a man tells me he looooves my food! Rock on!

    Kim, you know I’m all about the sexy in the kitchen! Have you tried it yet?! 🙂

  6. While I have tasted many of your dishes, I can’t have enough! Keep them coming, Bren; you certainly are making a lot of food lovers happy. You know what? last night I was re-watching your special with Emeril, and it occurred to me that I haven’t had that mojito with ugli fruit: I’ve got to try that, as it is an interesting departure from the original.
    (So you LOOOOOVE when a man tell you he loves your food? OK, then: I LOOOOOVE your food 🙂 )

  7. Bren- When I grow up I want to be like you!  You throw down in the kitchen and you’re so fun to be around! If I could only make fu fu like you, my life would be complete!  Your mint chocolate ganache espresso was delicious too!  Not to mention everything else you make.  My only mission left…to sample one of your infamous mojitos!!!

  8. Well, I had the pleasure of attending a ’07 New Years Eve dinner party that you catered…I experienced it all…appetizers and entrees…and, they all followed up with me asking  “let me get that recipe!”  Your slogan should be SIMPLY DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!  Now I’m just eagerly awaiting your cookbook;-)

  9. Well I would be remised if I did not let you know how great your skills are!  You are an outstanding creator of food!  You take white rice to another level and the chicken WOW!  I’m in anytime that you need to demo something new.  And yet you still look fabulous in the kitchen!

  10. I have too endured the pleasure of your great food OUTSTANDING!  You really have a special talent.  Keep it up!

  11. Yes i had your black beans, flan, chicken and mojito’s. I really enjoyed everything. From watching it being prepared to my favorite part eating. The best dinner party i have ever been to. I will definitely recommend you to anyone interested in having a dinner party. 

  12. I had the pleasure of attending a dinner party and the food was fabulous!  You made shrimp for all us non-meat-eaters, and it was perfect w/ the black beans and rice.  And even with ALL those people, there was plenty go to around!!  I think my fav was actually the plantains!  I had never had them w/ the salt before and they were SOOOOOO good!  I look forward to the next dinner party!!!

  13. Chef Bren! My beau and I had the exquisite opportunity to watch you do what you love best in The Prepetit’s kitchen and we were most definitely inspired by your passion and love for cooking which oooooozzzzzies into your food.  I haven’t tried your recipe for the black beans and saffron rice, but I have every intention of doing so early in ’09!  Thanks for sharing with us!

  14. I’d love to live in the same area as you, we can cook up a Cuban storm and you can teach me to dance Cuban music and be good friends lol. (though I suck a dancing)  🙂

    Even though your style of cooking Cuban food is different than mine (different is not a bad thing it’s a good thing to, wouldn’t life be boring if we all did the same things?) I always enjoy reading your dialogue and posts, you don’t have to post always but once a week at least would be nice.

    I would love to learn how you make all your flavored flans (mango and stuff sounds awesome I recall you said you are the “Queen of Flan” or soemthing a long those lines)

    Keep it Bren.

  15. I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of your cooking classes as well a dinner party and I must say that I left both events completely full and satisfied!!  Although, I loved everything you made at both events, my favorite so far is your black beans and rice :-)!   Each and every dish represents just how much you truly love to cook.  The only thing I have left to sample is your infamous mojitos! Reggie’s been talking about these mojitos since the day he had one. I’ll be waiting!!! 

  16. Bren, just as I helped u in your class, I enjoyed helping at Reggies!  The food was amazing..and even though it’s been a while, I think I’m still full! 🙂  Keep up the good work, the good flavor, and the sabor!

  17. I’ve only made your honey cumin carrots… but I really would like to make a main dish of yours.  And I just printed out your 30-minute black beans, which I may use tonight with my quesadillas.

    I love all your stuff, but there’s always so many recipes out there, too few nights to cook them all!

  18. Okay 1st i tried the “garlic con yucca mojo” is that right? anyway…YUM! my fam loved it!

    THEN it was such a pleasure Bren to have you as a personal chef at the girls night i hosted this past weekend. My girls raved about it for days. you fed 11 happy women and well. creamy spinach and artichoke dip, delicious meatballs, that wonderful almond flan, and girl those cream rum espresso shots had me up ALL night. All in all totally DELICIOUS! My friends had fun & now they think i’m some party planning genie!  You were so animated & alive in the kitchen, it was perfect.  Great job, look forward to seeing you again and having fun doll!!  🙂

  19. Bren, thank you so much for doing the cooking demonstration class for me and my girls! I must say the meatballs, spinach artichoke dip and flan was delicious! I can now eat meatballs without the nasty bbq sauce i dispise.  Thanks Bren you’re the best!

  20. B-

    I just want to thank you for catering my girlfriend’s mom 50th surprise birthday party the meatballs, rice & sweet plaintains were a HIT!!!!

    Thank you,



  21. So I went out to the tag sales last weekend and bought myself a brand new Pressure Cooker thanks to YOU!!!

    I went on Epicurious and found an amazing PC (not politically correct) recipe for Tuscan Lamb Shanks with Navy Beans.  Prep was about 15 minutes.  My hubby and I cracked a bottle of red and sipped in the backyard while the PC did its thing.  In 30 minutes we had the MOST amazing dinner ever.  I made Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans Nona-style to go with it and what a meal.

    I need more recipes!!! When is that book of yours done?

  22. Bren, let me just ask, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY MARRIED LIFE? Last night, with no questions asked you took my emergency call. The call went something like this. “Hello Bren I saw advertisement on Face Book about your Jerk Albacore Patties and think this sounds really good. I was wondering if maybe, you can prepare some Jerk Albacore Patties for me and my family”. Your response, “sure I would love to when would you like them? My reply,,, tonight!!!…

    To make a long story short. I am the best mom in the world and I earned goody points from my hubby. Why? Glad you asked.

    The Jerk Albacore Patties that you prepared for me and my family were so good that we had to draw numbers to see who would get the last one. I actually won, but because I knew my hubby really wanted the last Jerk Albacore Patties. I said, honey let me just take a bite and you can have the rest. Our kids were like mom!!! I wanted it!!

    Needless to say today my hubby found a babysitter for the kids and took me out on the town to use my goody points.

    From the appearance of the Jerk Albacore Patties all the way to the very last bite my family and I were totally impressed and our tummies and taste buds were totally fulfilled and well pleased! Thank you, Thank you and Thank you. We can not wait to try the Flan.


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