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Writing, Old School Style & A Women’s Soccer Win!

(All pictures courtesy of  Shane Durrance)

One of fun elements of my job as a journalist, is being just that and nothing else. No cooking. No critiquing (sometimes). No high-maintance clients.

I do my research, sit, inquire and listen. I had started getting used to and really liked the idea of using a microphone adapter on my iPod to record conversations. For a short time it had proven to be cool. Ultimately for me, it wasn’t practical. Scrolling back and forth in desperate search of unmarked statements took up much more time than I want.
Plus, I liked the old school and conventional method of taking notes and short-handing it.
It’s painful, however! I’ve feel like I’ve lost my scholastic penship in the age of automated multi-media and replaceable keyboard keys. Long gone are the days when reporters pull out a mini spiral notepad and pencil (because an eraser does come in handy). But, I relished the notion of busting out a no. 2 led pencil and pretty paper.
A few weeks ago, I spent a super fun evening hob-knobbing with some R & B and HipHop artist’s mom’s among other entertainment types.

(My pen and paper)
The occasion? We were there to attend of the the 1st home games of The Atlanta Beat, a newly commissioned Women’s Professional Soccer team. A pro soccer team in the A? Yup! They are one of two expansion teams in the 2010 season. Owned by Fitz Johnson (a former military Colonel), the team became official last summer after then-Atlanta-Mayor Shirley Franklin unveiled the team name, logo and colors. Although I’m not a huge fan of soccer as a sport (Cubans like baseball and boxing–and we’re never at the World Cup anyway!), I was excited to support Women’s sports. 
(Fitz Jonhson, owner of Atlanta Beat)

Those girls are hard core! It was pouring rain that particular night and they were totally unbothered by such conditions. Then again, they are paid to do what they do. To much audience cheer, the chicks kicked ass that night, beating out Texas’s team. 

Some of the team members hail from Atlanta while others were brought on during the International Draft in mid-September of 2009. They finished their full roster in January of this year. 
After the game was done and the women jumped up and down like school girl district champions, I got to sit down with the a co-owner of  the catering company that provides all the food for the beautiful and state of the art stadium. 
It was a great evening, chit chatting about food and sports. The most special part was having a photographer there to document me in one of my most relaxed environments.

(Me and Hip-Hop Supestar T-Payne’s mom)

(Me and Judge Glenda Hatchet)

How wonderful are they! Enjoy the pics here, but do check out a partial interview over at Flanboyant Eats

And, come out and watch the women kicks some goals at Kennesaw State University. 3 home games remain!
August 28th
September 1st
September 5th
You can visit their website here

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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