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13 Things To Do (I’m going to) This Summer

I live under pressure. Constantly. Between traveling, cooking for private clients and consulting as a chef, which is my professional career, and blogging about living a the best life possible through traveling, fashion, art, entertaining and food, of course, I have realized I seldom have time for myself. More like make time for myself and the things I absolutely love to do.

These are the top 13 things I’m committed to doing this glorious summer at any expense necessary. I’m sure I’ll document any or all of these as they happen…

Go back to Europe for an extended stay. Because traveling is what I was born to do and a few cities are calling my name. Plans are in full throttle.

Restart trapeze. I was going 2x/wk last year and fell off after my vacation to Australia. I miss it.  And really need to engage my body on that level again. Best therapy ever. Not to mention it’s sexy and physically strengthening.

Buy a road bike.  My absolute favorite sport ever. I feel incredibly strong and mentally empowered when I hit the road. Been riding my SIL’s and been shopping for my own. 15 miles a day is my goal.

Go tent camping. We used to go every.single.weekend. growing up. And I’ve missed all the trips my family’s taken in the last 7 years because I was in Atlanta. I love the outdoors like you wouldn’t believe and camping is way underrated.

Start planning the fall vegetable garden. Our summer garden has been incredibly fun to grow and  enjoying the yield has been deliciously on time. Fall harvest should be even more interesting. I’m thinking lots of butternut squash and lavender.

An IG capture from our yard this week!


Read 5 books on 5 different topics.  I’m leaning toward some Spanish and Latin-American poetry, Langston Hughes, American art deco history, spiritual growth and empowerment, and As Always, Julia, a food lifestyle book about Julia Child.

Horseback Riding. I’m fascinated by horses and took my first private lesson a few months ago. I want to learn how to ride and eventually buy one. I have a horse owner friend with an 18 acre farm who’s offered to teach me everything I need to know!

Kayak at least once a week. I used to kayak and canoe a lot in my early 20s and I loved it. Such peace being in the water in a tightly designed boat. I finally bought my own a few weeks ago but have yet to take it out. But I have gone out in my friend’s kayak, and that counts.

Spend one hour daily on the hammock. I used to lay out for an hour last summer and replenished my energy after intense work mornings. I need to get back to that. I always feel better after swinging with nothing on my mind. Plus I’ll get tanned.

Host a cooking class for my girlfriends’ kids. I initiated one in winter but conflicting schedules kept me from executing. I really want to teach these little souls some cooking basics.

Learn how to make origami. Because it’s just too cool.

Write 15 blog posts on the all the travel I’ve done in the last 2 years. Because I’m so behind schedule and just need to focus on editing images. The writing part is easy.

Appear on The Today Show. Cooking, of course.

*The picture above was in Cancun this past May during their Food & Wine festival, which I attended. 


Don’t miss my segment on ABC’s  ‘Positively Tampa Bay’ talking about summer fashion and beauty trends! 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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10 thoughts on “13 Things To Do (I’m going to) This Summer

  1. You can now scratch one off your list. Appearance on the Today Show. Look forward to seeing the cooking presentation on 7/30 at 8:50 am EST.

  2. I see you, my beautiful friend. This is utterly insane and, somehow, not surprising at all. I'm so proud of you. And if you ever need a cute little Cubanita to be your cooking student, Alina would love to see you again. Mucho amor, my beautiful soul sister.

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