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A Chic Holiday Travel Experience: The BSC Guide 2012

You’d think I would have figured out the most efficient, succinct way of packing as much as I travel. Somehow, I still end up with at least 5 pairs of shoes, even if it’s just a 3-day hop, like my most recent trip to México City. Since I can’t seem to stave off the need to have more than the necessary (and sometimes reasonable), I’ve vowed to wear every single pair, no matter what. I’ve been successful.

But, I’ve finally wired down everything else (almost) to a light feather, especially my toiletries. After having left an Armani bag full of $600 worth of makeup and perfume on a flight from Paris to Nice, I committed to saving myself the agony of knowing someone was not turning it in, and started looking at all things travel size.  I’d been used to carrying my everyday full-size bottles of lotions, crèmes, conditioners, facial washes, perfumes, etc… and vacu-packing them. They were nice to have, but it just took up more space and weight in my suitcase.
In my earnest hunt for the best travel-sized amenities that make traveling easier and lighter, but that still fit into my daily routine, I found these to be the best for the chic and beauty conscious jet-setter.
1. I love wellies. Perfect for all rain and snow. Why not be stylish and protect your leather or satin shoes. I pack these when I know it’s going to be raining wherever I’m going! DSW. $45.

2. Travel makeup bag. And in leopard print. At least I can’t miss it when deplaning. If do, I have issues. Too cute to store all the beauty prods I need readily avail. Kate Spade. $61.

3. Since being introduced to Artistry’s beauty and makeup lines, I’ve been an obsessed hoarder.  I use the Essentials line when I’m not doing an intense treatment and lucky me (and you) they have the same prods in pint size. They come in a plastic zipper bag for you to keep together. And, while we all hate the 3 oz. regulation, I can appreciate that these bottles are small enough to carry on. If traveling longer than 5 days, I’d consider two packs. $25.

4. A chic umbrella that won’t fall apart is key. I have been caught in serious down pours overseas. Not cure. Italian made and a great pattern. Maglia Francesco. $250.

5. After losing that $90 bottle of Angel by Thierry Muglier, I started using this atomizer to carry enough for a few days. I fill up this ½ oz. bottle with the most versatile perfume I have and call it a day. Of course, if one’s not enough, go for two or three. Either way, you’re original bottle is safe and sound (and full) at home. Most counters at department stores are friendly enough to allow you to re-fill it up. Could not be a more perfect travel object. Nordstrom. $10.

6. Red lipstick is a must because you just never know where you’re going to end up. My everyday go to, especially now in fall is Covergirl’s ‘Tawny Port which has a rich cranberry hue and goes with everything. $6.

7. I’ve actually been to hotels that don’t have blowdryers. Have you? This colorful one fits in all bags, even weekenders. Not bulky and does the trick. Bedhead. $20.

8.  Artistry’s duo lip gloss from the ‘Paradise’ collection is exquisite and quite fancy. The amber-esque palate is appropriate for skin tones like mine and does a pretty job of high-lighting our undertones. Lighter complexions can create a really spectacular contrast with the warm shades. And let’s not talk about the packaging. I mean, great weight compact with 24-karat gold and embellished with Swarovski crystals can be a girl’s best friend! $48.

9. These cute and super flexible shoesies as I call them from FootzyRolls are perfect for going through security. If you’re a germophobe like me, the idea of walking barefoot and stepping into an x-ray stall where thousands of people pose the same way, bearing their soles, makes you queasy. My little yellow and black ones with faux lace keep my feet clean and cute. They come in different colors and patterns but these are cute too. $35.

10. No hotel has a curling iron so most times I have to take my own. All the ones I have are pro and larger ones so on the hunt for a small travel one led me to this. And green. Score. Heats well. 1/2″.  Bedhead. $20.

WHAT ARE YOUR TRAVEL ESSENTIALS? Happy and chic shopping! 
*Beauty shopping guide up next*
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