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A Crazy Delicious Father’s Day Menu

Bren Herrera and her parent at Today show

(My Parents and me in NY)

Food holidays are the ‘new black’, as the saying goes. Everything we can possibly imagine shoving our faces with,  is now the subject of a themed holiday. Tarts, cookies, ice cream, peanut butter, pies, apple, hotdogs, Nutella — and on and on on — has a dedicated day to be glorified. Hummus has a national (and international) day, too. As Americans, we’ve taken our love (and obsession) with eating to another level. It kind of feels like the excitement for major international holidays, where food is the centerpiece for entertainment, is diminished. The anxiety for abuela’s hand apple-picked pie or Mom’s chicken lasagna for tia’s birthday just isn’t the same. After all, the Internet broke on National Pie Day with a 1005 different recipes clogging up our screens. But we like to induge anyway.

Thank goodness some days are still held pretty sacred and the cotton candy effect of food doesn’t kill the mood. Especially for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Those two unofficial holidays are revered as we celebrate the most important people in our lives. Mother’s Day is replete with beautiful recipe ideas that’ll make Mom the happiest woman. We tickle her pink with cupcakes, cookies, cakes, Champagne, shrimp scampi and pretty food.

But our fathers require a different kind of spread. The attention to detail isn’t so important. Perfectly swirled fondant butterflies won’t bring a sized up smile. But perfectly charred lines on that juicy steak will!  It’s more about the hearty and manly substance that will make all the difference. Good steak, delicious beverages, and his mom’s poundcake recipe. With bourbon ice cream. Yes, that will all do him so well.

No better time than this Sunday to present our dads with incredible food to remind him of just how much we appreciate their love and dedication to our families. Food is always a good gift, especially when it’s homemade from scratch.

A few of my online friends were kind to share their ideas of what would be really great to offer dad for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These recipes are inspired by their family traditions, old and new; some are just creative recipes using great ingredients that excite tastebuds and fill the belly with love and long-lasting flavors.

From filling soul food like that reuben strip steak and barbecue chicken and corn tostadas to mayo free potato salad and a bright fruit salad, there’s an idea for the dad in your life.

No Father’s day  will be compete without proper desserts and drinks. The cinnamon rolls are a great excuse to invite him to workout with you on Monday morning. And the sangria will soften him up just the right amount to overlook the missing gift. Right. Because this spread was it!

From my collective friends to your kitchen, enjoy these delectable options as we celebrate our father’s all over. May they be richly blessed for us to enjoy with them.


These six dishes are stand outs on their own. Each one offers something uniquely different and will appeal to any kind of dining dad. I’m particularly loving that potato salad, sans mayo!

Reuben Strip Steak

Hash brown Crusted Ham Hummus and Feta Quiche

Creamy Potato Salad 

Southern Chicken and Dumplings

Filet Burgers with Tahini Garlic Mayo

Barbecue chicken and corn tostadas

Fathers Day Food Round Up Hearty Flanboyant Eats


For the more conscious dad, these three salads are bright but bold in flavor. The fruit one can be enjoyed even after the hummus or avocado one. He’ll fill up either way.

Curried Hummus Dressing Salad

Mixed Berry Salad

Avocado, Edamame and Sweet Corn with Dill Salad

Bren Herrera Fathers Day Salad Round up


You can always serve him dessert first.

Cinnamon Rolls

Simple Southern Pecan Pie

Fathers Day Desserts Round Up Flanboyant Eats2


I saved this for last because it always makes giddy. I make a great sangria, both red and white. But my Dad puts mine to shame. Not even sure how that’s possible, but he does. His ruby red sangria is so full of accolades no else bothers making any when we have family gatherings. I mean why try when his shuts down anything that come close. 4 pitchers are never enough. I’m certain the dad in your life will forever ask you to make this for any reason. Plus, ti’s the perfect season for a cold, vibrant and refreshing drink. This is so it.

Papi’s Ruby Red Sangria

Bren Herrera Sangria top shot

Happy and blessed Father’s Day to you and your family.

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Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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