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A Monday To Talk About & A Video Tag

(greenery in the 20k acre pasture in Nebraska)

I am Latina. I am a strong woman. I am a smart woman.

And that’s a great thought to wake up to on a Monday morning when the past month has been challenging in odd ways. There were days I didn’t want to get out of bed. Other days my legs were sore for no apparent reason (I mean I haven’t dared worked out in over a month).

And, I lost two gigs and  gained three.

But, I had a good ol’ chat with Mami and Papi (and lifted up some prayers) and things started to change.

I unexpectedly got a new puppy after finally accepting that Geisha passed away exactly one year ago (which I never talked about here because it was just too painful). I named my new Cavachon Paris — not not after Paris Hilton, rather the pretty boy that killed Achilles in the movie Troy. Well, really, the true Greek mythological persona. Make no doubt I’m being tortured for donning him that name.

But who cares!?! It’s my perrito!

Bringing Paris into my life has been the highlight of my last two weeks notwithstanding he’s chewed not 1 or 2 but 4 pairs of shoes in a matter of a week! Gasp. He’s brought so much joy and happiness to my life, I’m thankful for his little needy self.  If he weren’t a little puppy and too cute for words where I want to nibble his blackest nubby nose, I would have sent him back to the Virginia owners that so appropriately named him Chewey.

But we’re good now.

Things couldn’t have gotten better but they did. It’s called putting positive  juju out there.

Last week I was invited to a last minute  and very intense visit to cattle ranch country in Kearny, Nebraska where I spent two days living like a farm girl. I saw and did all kinds of things you’d not think this city chick would ever do. I had to turn in my 5″ stilettos for rubber boots and parkas.

I was good with all that until I got SHARTED on.

I’m kinda okay with having sh*t [accidentally splattered] on my face and all up my arms, but some notice from said offender would have been appreciated. For a moment I thought I could get used to that life, you know.  I assimilated so well, I was invited by one of the ranchers to come back for an extended period of time to really immerse myself in the day-to-day operations.

But you’ll have to stay tuned for a full recap of that experience including an up close and personal video on how a cow is artificially inseminated and other wonderful things that keep America’s cattle clean and healthy enough for us to eat.

But more on that. Just know that the experience changed my perception of ranchers and life on a farm. It brought out the country girl in me — the girl I knew was always there. Shady Brady’s, Justin initial belts, metal tip boots and all.

And, as the week continued showering me with blessings, I got a flip-over-the-counter phenom email. Did you see the stuffed banana and maple peanut butter French Toast I whipped up in less than 30 minutes (yes, inclusive of all the elements of cooking, plating, photographing and writing a blog post con receta)? Well, sexy friends, I submitted that recipe as part of a contest I Can’t Believe It’s not Butter was hosting. And guess what!!??!! Your girl made it to the finals!!

Hells yea!!! That means I’m off to NYC this week to toast off for a chance to win some loot and a year’s worth supply of bread and butter.

Yes. One year supply of butter.

Things are about to go down in my kitchen!

Wish me luck this Friday as I go into Unilever’s kitchen and show my arse off, doing what I do best–and in heels–though I was already warned I’d have to rock some closed toe shoesies…as long as they’re not clogs, we’re all good.

And, last but certainly not least, the Nudie Foodies Cookbook is OUT! After months of unnerving and nekkid photoshoots and recipe developing, our sexy book replete with 18 tantalizing pictures of food bloggers showing some skin, is ready for the world to see! I have to say I’m proud of being the only latina in this round and am here to represent. I’m proud of the project, what it stands for and that the victims of Japan’s tsunami will be aided through our work.

I (we, the Nudie Foodies) would love and appreciate your support by purchasing your copy today. They’re only $27 with 100% of net proceeds going to AmeriCares! The benefit? You get to see me in, uhm, very little clothes on pages 33 and 34!

Don’t think about it, just do it! Buy it and share the love here.

With all that said, the last two weeks started have started to squash some of the stresses I’ve had. And to celebrate, I’m playing a bit of a tag game. You know what those are about, right? You answer some questions about yourself, in this case, questions about being Latina Smart, and then I tag someone else and the ball starts rolling.

I think you’ll love who I tag but even more I think you’ll appreciate the rawness of my low-budget vid clip as I sat in my ambient dining room. 3 takes and I finally got it right. Barring a grew grunt words when I’d mess up and I’m content with it!

This is how I’m starting my week. Being Latina Smart!


*this post is sponsored by Latina Smart as part of my involvement in their ambassador campaign but always reflects my personal and honest opinions and experiences.


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69 thoughts on “A Monday To Talk About & A Video Tag

  1. I’ll leave you with a saying my mami always tells me “No hay mal que por bien llega.” Just remember that you are blessed and everything will fall into place. And thanks sooooo much for tagging me. I know I will have fun doing the video but know it will definitely take this chica waaay more than 3 takes to complete.

  2. Great introduction to a very Inteligente Latina… I’l look for more posts from you.

  3. Bren, no hay mal que por bien no venga… and your “mal” just came in the form of a shart 😉 Onward and upward for you! You’re doing wonderful things; just keep doing them and the rest that isn’t supposed to be there will fall away so you can concentrate on the important stuff. XO

  4. Rosa: yup, ur right and I appreciate you taking lovely note. ur always sooo sweet!

    Eliana: thanks, chica. really. que especial que me digas eso. i think you’ll be just fine doing ur vid! I can’t wait for you to do it!

    Sujeiry: Thanks!!

    Leon: Si, so inteligente and I’m glad you’re picking up some Spanish!

    Maura: hahahahaha! can you believe that crap!! No pun intended!

    Presley’s Pantry: Thank you, dear. All in fun for personal and business growth.

    DuoDishes: Isn’t he??! And he’s so much fun. I can’t get enough. Thanks about NY

    Aurelia: Thanks! I’ll let everyone know how the NY competition goes! yay!

  5. Sounds like everything is going great right now! The puppy looks too cool for school. Video is awesome too!!

  6. todo maravilloso .y recuerda lo que esta pa ti nadie te lo quita el video esta muy bonito sigue para alante .felicidades

  7. Love the video and happy that so many cool and wonderful things are happening for you! And if that puppy comes any closer, I’ll bite that cute little button nose of his! LOL! Good luck in NYC! xox

  8. I’m very proud of your own pride in being a smart, strong Latina. Loved the post (you being sharted and all 🙂 ) Am also glad Paris came into your life to give you company and love. Yes, he reminds me of Geisha (beautiful pic, by the way). Lastly, don’t be discouraged becasue you didn’t win the ICBINB thing. I may be biased, but I thought your recipe was buy far the best… Well, maybe it was too high-end for the judges. At any rate, it is just another step in your climb to higher, better things. 🙂

  9. Love the recap….Paris, is too, too cute. Can’t wait to meet him! The video is great also. Just to reiterate what father said…don’t worry about the contest….you’re still off to bigger and better adventures….with $$$ attached. I’m trying to “tag” behind you to catch mine too!

  10. Paris is too cute for words. We enjoy playing with him– he’s such a good puppy. I’m glad he’s brought you some joy. And, I just may have to get that Nudie Foodie book! Sounds steamy for sure! Congrats on all those wonderful things, Bren

  11. maravilloso verte con tu padre y ese escrito muy merecido a tu papa felicidades

  12. Paris looks so cute like that.He should be on a show called Too Cute. I Wish he was my dog I love him.

  13. Paris is one of the cutest dog ever.I wish that dog was mine i am with him now he is laying down.He is still a cute dog he is on a roll.He is so skinny and easy to carry I carry him all the time.Also cuddle with him.

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