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A Post Father’s Day TV Segment Recap {And a Video!}

Bren on ABC Positively Tampa Bay Cooking Set

How was your Father’s Day?! I had a blessed, fantastic, and wonderfully delicious weekend with my family, honoring our dad. In true Herrera household fashion, we ate all day, sipped on espresso, played dominoes, listened to Flamenco music (different choice for our shindigs), and shot the breeze with some friends who just randomly stopped by. We took our party outside, which is our default area during the warm months. It’s so fun, especially since my parents have a great and whimsical backyard: Ivy-laced fence, bamboo-covered upper platforms, and a pond. It’s great. Our fiesta was as result of my appearance on ABC‘s ‘Positively Tampa Bay‘ last Friday, where I demo’d that decadent salted butterscotch and bourbon cake with minty buttercream icing as part of a Father’s Day cooking segment offering viewers options for treating dad to an al fresco brunch. Taking a break from going out to eat is always nice and much more personal and I and some delicious ideas!

The segment was incredibly delicious, moreso because my fabulous host, Lissette is as enthusiastic about food as I am! She knows exactly what to ask and is super engaging. I’ve done quite a bit of spots, but she’s hands down the best host ever! Our energy is so natural which makes the behind-the-scenes chaos quickly evaporate as soon as she introduces me.

And then we just have great fun entertaining her audience and each other.

Our idea for this segment was inspired by the men/fathers in our lives and wanting to do something different for them. Something more intimate and more touching, incorporating elements they’d appreciate. I spoke on the cake in my last post where I shared the recipe, but I’m still so on it, I have to chat about it again. The one on air looks different from what I posted last week because I was so excited to try out this ombré effect I’ve never done before but am wildly attracted to.

But before I got to making that design decision, the cake was the masterpiece of my new mixer in that sexy, luscious, and ridiculously beautiful satin copper from the Artisan Designer collection. I had so much fun making the cake before flying to Tampa, but didn’t get to actually whip up the batter on air because of potential noise interferences. But you get the gist. It works like a charm and when used properly, yields some serious artwork.

So, the set was mostly based on that lovely new lover of mine. It worked out that everything else just fit in.

I plated the cake on my favorite new platter by Beatriz Ball, a house décor designer out of Louisiana, and completely coincidentally, also a Cuban woman! What a perfect trifecta. I fell in love with her line and had to have  some special pieces to showcase the cake and other dishes. Not only is the cake platter screaming, but so is the ice bucket and pitcher. But, I won’t tell you much more about her and her designs because I have a little surprise coming for you.

In the meantime, look at these pieces below! Aren’t they gorgeous? They really pulled the entire set together, contrasting ever so loverly with the satin copper mixer.

Prepping for Cake Demo Segment

One of the reasons I love doing Tampa Bay segments on ABC is because of their down right awesome and selfless approach to hosting guests. They will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and ensure you have everything you need. This wasn’t my first time doing Tampa. But flying out of town to do 5 minute spots, especially cooking demos, is not necessarily easy or seamless.  There’s so much involved in planning, coordinating, making sure the food gets there, is cooked properly, that my props arrive in one pretty piece, and that everything is tempered.

They know this which is why they made sure their friends at the Epicurean Hotel (Oh my gosh, wait til I tell you about this spot!) and their dine-in restaurant, Elevage came to my assistance. It was of no coincidence the hotel is a culinary-based hotel, where food and wine create the ambiance.

So lucky me, the chefs, especially sous chef Max, was extremely helpful the the morning of my segment. I realized I didn’t have French dressing for the beet salad. Or, guess what?? Beets! So yeah, they quickly whipped up some roasted beets for me and made a dressing from scratch just in time for me to dress it. Talk about living and cooking under pressure. Both were delivered to the station 10 minutes we rolled.

They were little angels sent to help me out and I’m so thankful!

ABC Cooking Demo Set

But what what I’m most thankful for, apart from the opportunity to show up and do what I love most, are these pictures! Rex Colby, their pro photographer came in last minute and took plenty of time and captured me us prepping, setting up, close ups of the food — all the actin shots I never ever have a chance to  get. I’d never be able to share what it all looked but not for Lissette making sure he captured me at work.

They all look so good! I mean, look at this tight shot of the mixer!


Cooking can just be so sexy!

Enjoy this pictures, courtesy of Rex and Lissette. I’m so tickled to have them.

I’ll be back in Tampa in September for a few more fun food, fashion, and travel segments, to stay tuned! And if you missed the fashion and beauty segment Friday before last, check it out here.

Cake Set up with KitchenAid Mixer

Bren Setting Up Cooking Demo

Top Round and Yuca Fries

Ginger Beer Food Segment on ABC

Salted Butterscotch & Bourbon Cake

ABC Cooking Segment Butterscotch Cake Demo

Bren Talking Salad on Father's Day Cooking Segment

Lisette & Me in ABC studio


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* Thanks to KitchenAid, Starbucks, Beatriz Ball, and the Epicurean Hotel for their support in making this segment look awesome!  And of course ABC Action News, Tampa Bay for being amazing hosts. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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  1. Way to go Bren! So glad you had such willing participants in line to help you launch such a rich tv seg! The pictures in this post are amazing! Not to mention your new hairstyle is working ALL the camera angles! BRAVO!

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