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{B Fly} Skin & Hair Protectants For Summer Travel

BSC Summer Trav Collage

I just came back from 5 delicious days in northern Idaho where I was exploring their wine country — yes, you totally read that right; see some Instagrams here — and indulged in some that region’s best cuisine. I can’t tell you how splendid it was intermixing with a some of the friendliest people while enjoying some really memorable vines. Much more on that trip down the road but you should know that the weather in the northwest is widely different from that I live in on the east coast. DC is hot and humid as hell and can be entirely too stifling to make a recommendation for outdoor pleasure. I love it with all its mugginess but sometimes a break to much more hair and skin friendly climates is necessary.

When traveling, one of the first things I do to prep is check the forecast. That allows to me pack accordingly but also to know what products I need to hook up my hair and make sure my skin and makeup is approriate and fitting for both the weather and itinerary. Oh, how I quickly realized northern Idaho is super chill and full of laid back spirits, far less concerned with the thrills and frills we go through on this side. It was also my first official summer trip where I could break out and try out a few of the beauty and makeup (next post) trends I’ve been following. Some of my fave products made their way into my now overly torn toiletry bag for testing. I took everything you see here and more; you know, when you have status with an airline, you can check luggage and you must know that invites a crazy load of unnecessary packables for short trips.

Of all the summer goodies I’m still trying out, these are a few sure prods perfect for traveling. From eye puff pads, to luscious dry oils, to hair elixirs, and romantic scents, all of these did the job and covered me really well for the varying weather…. one day in the 50s, the next in the 80s. Crazy. Just because you’re not in the comfy confines of you home doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself the best you deserve.


Moisturizer with SPF is essential regardless of travel. You must apply some to maintain healthy skin. L’Oreal’s latest Age Perfect day lotion is just that — perfect. Nope. Not paid to share that. Just real talk. I used it for about one week before this last trip and loved it enough to pack it up. A bit bigger than I like to trek with but it does the job of giving my face a silky feel but also has a decent amount of SPF at 30. Do know that the pump is a bit harder than most others I’ve ever tried. Lancome‘s Bienfait SPF 50 is the biz. I take this everywhere and run out faster than I can afford. This goes with me just about everywhere…if it weren’t $40, it’d be my sporty facial SPF, too. I use another L’Oreal or Neutregena for that. I always feel ultra protected with this especially since it doesn’t run into your eyes and burn. Sol de Janeiro, a relativley new beauty brand, has some good, good, stuff out! Their bum bum cream is sexy but this Samba Foot Fetish Cream is fanstastic to replenish your feet after meandering your way through your vacation (or work). It comes with foot board but I don’t need that all the time and definitley don’t have the time to focus on that kin od fan treat when traveling. For wildly long days, which I have every single time I travel with work, these new hydrating and deputing eye pads give me life! I have such an issue managing my stress and lack of sleep, I’ve been begging for something that helps me look wide awake and not like I’ve been fighting. I’ve not finished the full pack by Enlite, but I’m liking what I’ve seen so far. I take one fore every day I’m on the road.

Get your life back with Cover|FX custom infusion drops! These babies are my new favorite thing in the beauty space. These ultra lux drops go a long way at night when loving on your skin after stress, sun exposure, some bubbly-sipping – more like too much — or just being out with makeup on. I wouldn’t necessarily tote around with a $50 product, but the lemongrass (radiance) and  (stress) one really do help me sleep better knowing my face is being restored and is fully relaxed.


Keep those fly-aways or unruly frizz in check with John Freida‘s Frizz Ease oil elixer. I love it for sprucing up my curls after being out in the heat for a few hours. Our hair will let you know when it wants your attention. The Nexxus rejuvinating elixir is my go -to for first thing in the morning when I’m getting dolled up. I only apply it when my hair is mostly dry and only on the frayed or suffering tips. This is my 3rd bottle in the last year. That’s how perfect it is. Leave this in your hotel, tho. The JF is ideal for carrying around in your all-day bag.


Summer travel usully comes with abundant moments of need to stop in an alley way bathroom to freshen up. It could a sprinkle on the face, a dab under the arms, a spritz here and there a a refreshing hair touchup. Water usually does that. But for a mix of fresh scents and a bit of glinting skin to not look like you’ve dried out, Laura Mercier‘s Verbena Infusion Dry Oil Mist will bring you makes to a nice mood. Its dry characteristic keeps it from inning more sweat and won’t leave oil marks on your clothes. And it smells as luscious as those swanky hotel we’ve all stayed at that have verbena products. I used this no mater the time of year I plane hop. Especially in the winter when our skin naturally dries out. For summer, it’s just sexy.

For a true scent of floral and citrus essence and romantic illusions, I roll around with the sleek tube eey Cuban designer Isabel Toledo — the brains behind Michelle Obama’s 1st inaugural day dress. Her husband, and equally talented artist, Ruben Toledo, designed the artwork and packaging for Pink Putti, a word in classical art that evokes the mythical idea of winged infants that were believed to influence the lives and loves of mortals, just what every woman needs looking over her!


The combination of these take care of all matters related to cracked hands, chapped lips, stressed out face, and scent lacking periods through your jaunts.

I’ve featured L’Occitane lavender roll on. Just make that part of your daily life. Truly. Roll a bit on when your colleagues on getting on your nerves and a you need to center yourself before you find your way into an uneasy conversation. It’s sexy. And sexy keeps you cool. The decadent French house also has a Neroli & Orchideé body milk that comes in the absolute perfect travel size tube. Like milk, it’s soft and silky. It’s perfect for midday moisture on your hands but I also like it only face if I don’t have any makeup on. And, if for whatever crazy reason, I’m working out while on vacation or traveling, I use this on my face for indoor workouts –ones without sun exposure. It leaves the pores open but keeps my soon-tobe-sweaty face quite moisturized and not feeling like a marathon runner. PurErb‘s Bulgarian rose toner is one of my latest finds, along with their hand butter. Love the feeling of deplaning after a 4 hour flight, having to sit through a 90 minute layover and hot back on another flight. The toner will remind you that life is quite good when you’re able to get around and see marvelous things. Whether for work or not. Its light but impactful aroma will even calm down the person seated next to you. Use the hand butter after you’ve washed your hands 20 times — because you’re a germaphope. Admit it. Your hands need some serious salvaging!

Finally, my friend Farah of  Butter & Nectar… well her man… has this new line of shea butters ( you know… that really good stuff we’ve been hiding from white people for forever! (ref: hilarious viral video were a white woman discovers shea and cocoa butter and is upset about our secret!) that just woo’d me a few weeks ago when she came to visit me in DC. She handed out the idea sampler size — in lavendar, no less — of a shea nilotica butter and I was sold. This little jar travels its away around my house; from my guest bathroom, to my kitchen, to the kitchen sink to the living room (for late night vegging out) to my car, all the way to my travelling toiletry back. It momentarily resolves all of skins, eyebrow, hair, cuticle, and lip concerns. Oh, and it’s 100% USA made in Brooklyn and 100% Organic. Try it.

So yeah. This is how I get around. In part. There’s so much more, but it’s all calculated and well thought out. I know what my hair, body and face need when I’m out and about chasing dreams and fanciful moments. Plus, if they all fit and are u her 3.5 ounces, you can carry them on!


Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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