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{B Fly} Keeping You Beautiful While Traveling This Summer

BSC Summer Traveling Bronzers Highlighters

The makeup I travel with is just as important as the beauty stash I pack. It’s on the the essentials, especially when the trip is more concerned with appearance than relaxing in the most natural way. Regardless of the nature of my trip, wether with clients or solo, these makeup prods are my surefire way into creating an easy and natural but seductive summer look!


Bobbi Brown lip and eye palette is probably the most essentail winner of this stash. Get your eye look, hook up your eyebrows and pucker your lips with one small compact case. Pretty smart.

Cover|FX custom cover drops are art in a bottle. Truly. Don’t confuse with the infusion drops above. These tackle the problem of getting the right color for anything liquid you apply. Mix and blend with anything on your counter. I used it with my moisturizers and some of my darker or lighter, i.e., not perfectly-hued, foundations. But it’s also magical with any serum or day oils you use… you know, just to give you a bit of color without caking up your face. Naturally slaying at the beach is a perfect example. Get to know this bottle. You have to know how to use it before you go acting like a mixologist.

Shiseido eyebro duo palette is essential for shaping and filling in your eyebrows for night soirées.

Bobbi Brown neutral shimmer lip gloss is great for hydrating and glistening your lippies up all day long.

L’Oreal mascara is a must no matter what. I was addicted to Voluminous for about a decade… I’ve moved on this their newest version: Manga. Light, airy, separates, daddy longy length, and lasts all day. Love me some manga.

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is absolutely key to smoothen and even blemishes while also providing great moisture and SPF coverage. This is my as important as a basic layer moisturizer. I blend this with a bit of foundation when I need more coverage but most time is sufficient on its own, especially since it’s so light.

Estée Lauder shimmer gloss. Touch up your lippoies after lunch with this lovely tan color. It’s also great topping a bold color.

L’Oreal‘s new Sublime Bronze face cream is also new to my arsenal. It’s not a moisturizer so don’t look for it to do that job. But, it does give your skin a nice and warm day glow without having to wear all that makeup. This is also great for blending with your moisturizer.

Ecco Bella lip gloss and stain is legit. It stays on for about 4 hours, doesn’t stain to the point to not washing off, and comes in a variety of colors that can work with anything you have going. I wear this when I want  something longer-lasting and not just a touch up. Plus, it has a mirror. And we know how key that is.


Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess, summer 2016 seems to come out with an update to this sexy collection every two years. I’ve moved on from the last bronze powder I tried out (you can see it here) so I was glad when this one debuted. It’s a glorious upgrade with the smaller tube of gel bronzer which goes everywhere with me, adding a the perfect matted and warm color for night time. I like the glowier look for day time. For evening soirées, let the baubles most of the shimmering.  The collection’s 3 color, textured Summer Glow palette is pretty and lovely for creating layers of cheek colors when you can’t decide on just one; or because you’re a blending goddess and understand that one color never does the job anyway. And, if you’re into owning full collections, the illuminous liquid is simply a tube full of peachy and Chamapagne liquid that does very little in the way of shimmer — it’s barely visible but has a really subtle reflection you have to look for. But the Pure Color lip and cheek stick in ‘sunburst’ is a good twofer if you’re looking for shimmer all over. It’s a bit too “oily” for the cheeks but does pop in the right places. For the lips, make sure you apply it as a top layer; at least for us brown girls. As a stand alone lip shimmer, the darker you are, the crazier you look. I prefer my Circa illuminator to this, but it’s def. good on the lips.  I like this one because it blends with with my Laura Mercier bronze powder without looking too glow-y.

Bobbi Brown‘s highligting powder is brilliantly gorgeous for day time. The Sunset Glow color is right in the middle and offers a ridiculously beautiful warm and rosé highlight on top of a more matted powder, like the bronzing powder in Elvis Duran (seen here, too)

What are your must-haves for summer jaunting?

For a more neutral powder highlighter, I can’t go wrong with Urban Decay’s cult Illuminated Shimmering Powder. Now on my 2nd one, this doesn’t miss an opportunity to see the world with me. I just wish it’d come in a more compact compact. I first reviewed it here and still love it the same. And, finally, Laura Mercier‘s matte radiance baked powder in Bronze 2  is my new every day, all day powder this summer. It’s the perfect neutral base for building with your favorite liquid or powder bronzers and illuminators. I normally use Lancome’s pressed powder for every day, but during these warmer month’s, Mercier’s entire collection of bronzing powders and liquid moisturizers are my default fave. The coverage on this one is suffefnicent for passing on the foundation. Strobe a bit of Bobbi’s highlighting powder and you’re face is ready for the sun! If you want a bit more bronzy coverage in your powder, go for her bronzing pressed powder. I ran out so don’t have a picture to show; Just know it’s the most legit bronzing powder I’ve tried that fit ALL skin types and complexions. I use it all around while a darker skinned girlfriend uses it only on her cheeks. Both applications are lovely.


These ombré brushes are nestled in a pebbled faux leather foldover sleeve and that’s cute. But they flow on the eyelids and cheek so nicely, that’s what counts. It took me some time getting used to the flow on of the biggest one for the cheeks, since I’ve been using the same stubby one from CVS for three years now, but two days in and I was good. These are from CVS, too, which means they are far more affordable than my designer ones. No need to carry your more amazing ones to create beautiful night looks with these around.

And there you go! Some beautiful products to look out for and carry with you while finding your next awesome summer escape!

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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