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Caribbean Beach-Style Massages: See Corey

Every girl deserves all-inclusive spa treatments, with the works — massages, steam room, soothing teas, hot tub, and essential oil fragrance to perfume the ambiance. There’s nothing like it. It’s such a simple pleasure.

If you can’t spend an entire day at the spa, an hour message is the next best thing. It’s amazing what an hour can do for your mind and body. But imagine if you can have that massage on a beach, under swaying palm trees creating a relaxing breeze, with the bluest ocean as your back drop. What if that beach were in the Caribbean, any one of them, but St. Croix specifically? Can you even imagine?


Beach area right outside my suite at the Buccaneer Resort

Last year during the St. Croix Food & Wine Experience, my 2nd time attending, I took some much-needed down time a few hours before my departing flight and got a special full-body message by a local therapist. Corey Mills of Beyond Body Care is who you want to see. This guy came to my suite, walked me with on the back end of the Buccaneer Resort where I was staying, scanned the area, and set me up. I say special because beach-side massages isn’t what he normally does and the resort offers their own services. We probably broke a few rules.

But I heard such amazing things about Corey, I had to have a private situation occur. And it was worth the potential risk of having us both kicked off the beach. So very worth it. I was in a really serene place already but took a few minutes to explain to him how badly my back was hurting. That’s all I said. And then he went to work.

Serious, dig-in, pull-the-knots out, make-my-foot-jerk kind of work.

It only took a few minutes for the breeze and ocean waves to literally knock me into a fabulous sleep which I had no idea I had fallen into, until he nudged me. 75 minutes later and I was a noodle. I was good for about three weeks after seeing him.

There simply could not have been a better way to finish an intense 4 days of eating everything in sight on that island, which I’ll share later on my food blog.

Gluttony aside, I try to live very quietly and embrace moments of luxury just for me. Having Corey come to my suite and take great care of my body for a quiet hour was as luxe as it could get. All natural. All by myself. Total bliss.

He would’ve given me two hours but not for my flight.

In St. Croix? Hit him up. He’ll come to you where ever you are. Bona fide amazing hands!

*Thanks to my friend Jane for taking some pictures. 


Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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103 thoughts on “Caribbean Beach-Style Massages: See Corey

  1. Wow! That sounds so cool! It&#39;s really a different thing when you just get a massage at a spa, than when you get a full relaxing massage while you hear the waves kissing the shore. It really relaxes your tensed muscles and allow you to be really comfortable and relaxed. Oh how I love to try that one out.<br /><br /><a href="http://mainstmassagemi.livejournal.com/1180.html&quot; rel="nofollow">Ervin

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