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{Beauty Bloom} Best Foundations & Powder

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Coverage
Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Foundation Primer
Lancome Translucence Pressed Powder & Dual Finish Powder

You see these 6 products here? They give me life! Not every day, but for the days I have to wear makeup and look flawless, these are my go-to friends I love most. There’s nothing like being able to create a pretty look that’s soft, subtle, and natural. Surely, there have been times when we’ve all looked way too caked up.

Unless you’re my sister who has baby butt skin in her mid-30s, you’ve looked into foundations, powders, concealers and everything in between to cover up not-so-pretty blemishes, scars, redness, unevenness or anything the environment (and stress) brings us. Even if you have great skin, applying some pressed or loose powder, at minimum, can enhance anyone.

I’m not for wearing foundation every day at all, rather leaving it for TV, photo shoots or really special events, but when I do, I’ve found a combination of liquid goodness that do that trick.

To start, you’ll want something light that offers sunscreen. It’s crucial. I fell in love with Laura Mercier‘s broad spectrum Flawless Tinnted Moisturizer. The tone I went for was so perfectly matched, it literally didn’t look like I had anything on. Oh, but I did. It feels great on and doesn’t weight your face down. A super thin application of Smashbox‘s Photo Finish Primer is excellent for a bit of added shimmer and bronzy color without looking like you’ve been tanning. But it’s actually actually great alone if you just want a bit of luminosity, glow, and nothing else.

If I did wear foundation makeup every day, L’Oreal‘s Truematch is the bomb.com. It’s everything you need to perfectly match your skin. The entire Truematch collection really does what it purports, so if you’ve ever had bad luck lining up makeup with your skin, this is your inexpensive option for department store quality. Seriously.

And, I love Shiseido‘s Sheer and Perfect Foundation for a super clean, smooth, high-end look. It’s quality coverage with great matching ability, too. Next L’Oreal, this is my 2nd go to for more frequent use. It is a bit greasier than the rest but with a good matte powder, you’ll be good. Go light, though.

To top it all off, Lancôme‘s pressed powders are now my new thing. I swore by Clinique’s pressed powder (and still use on ocassion), but I truthfully like the lightness and duality of two of their powders. The Translucence is definitely every day use for me…. no foundation, just apply this silky powder with a brush. It mattifies your complexion and completes a lovely fresh, younger looking face. The Dual Finish powder is what you want for a bit more coverage than the translucence version. Still, without looking like a dolled up for a modeling booking, this one gives a super fly complete ultra-matte finish. I don’t use the sponges they come with. I’ve always found powder brushes to create a smoother, not too obvious looks. And more even.

If I didn’t have to do 5 different looks, I would have showed you what these look like. But, trust me girlie swirls on this one. I’m a master at finding good makeup that really works. If you’re close to my complexion… (example would be Clinique’s ‘Stay Matte Honey’), these are respective colors from these brands that work well:


L’Oreal Truematch: N5.5
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer: Almond
Shiseido Sheer and Perfect: B60


Lancôme Translucence: 400 Bisque (for winter when I’m a bit more pale)
Lancôme Dual Finish: Matte Honey III (for now and summer when I stay naturally tanned)

So! These are my true finds and recs! What do you use that works lovely for you? Do share!

Will share the best under eye and eye luminizers next! Because, well, our eyes need some love with all the lack of sleep we endure .

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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