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{Beauty Bloom} Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream is my new IT “foundation”

My traveling must-haves for quick press trips

I’m having hormonal issues over here. Lots of factors to consider, but mostly the stress of moving back to DC, although it’s been a year, today! Little seems to be working in my favor to create balance… Something’s gotta give, tho. Seriously. It’s not fun when I’m forced to wear a hat because my hair is doing funky things or my skin is attracting attention for the wrong reasons. I’m wearing this “mask” of sorts more often than I want, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

For the days I simply don’t want to wear makeup and go as bare as possible, a cream or SPF with some color has to be the option. Something that evens my skin, offers some decent coverage, but still allows me to feel comfortable enough to take a few selfies… or bump into someone kind of important at the store! That happens to me all time and all it’s taught me is to never leave the house completely naked. I mean, my goodness.

After all the BB creams, most which I love and work well for me, I tried Clinique‘s newly launched Moisture Surge CC Creme Color Corrector last month.  Let’s sing “ahhhhhh” together! I was on a press trip to Richmond and still decided to overpack with my essentials and other goodies. I knew it was going to be hot down there and I was going to avoid wearing foundation, etc… I really just wanted something light that would carry me through 11 hours of foraging throughout the city; and still keep my skin fresh, glistening, and hydrated. Heat will suck you dry… no matter how oily you are.

This was it. The color was almost custom perfect… and cocktailed with my under-eye concealer, my Artistry time defiance day SPF (doubling cremes works for me in magical ways), and my light powder, it was just right. The color correction system actually works. If you’re a bit red and blotchy, it neutralizes it; and if you’re a bit dull and ashy, it revives it giving your piel a nice glow. No one wants to feel moisturized from sweat but this light creme hooks up any hydration deficit without feeling heavy. I most fell in love with its lightness. As much as I love my foundation and need to wear it for big event days, the CC creme is the fix to allowing my skin to breath and recover from so much makeup.

If you’re on the move constantly and foundation just isn’t the best option, I’m all for suggesting this kind -of-perfect tinted cream. I’ve been a fan of Clinique since I was about 8 or so when my mom used to buy it by the bulk in Miami. The old soap containers and now-vintage bottles were so colorful and apparently worked for my mom. It’s great to see a brand grow and develop new beauty technology I can benefit from. Good, good stuff.


* I received a few bottles of the CC creme in order to write this product review, but all opi’s, experiences, and thoughts are honest and my own. 😉 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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