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{Beauty Bloom}: Clinique’s New Launches are Remarkable

At least for me….

At my age, I’m on this age-defying (though totally in denial) journey to rejuve my skin and correct all the wrong I’ve done in the last 17-20 years. I’ve so mistreated my skin, it’s not even funny! Lack of water, lack of sleep, not removing my makeup, stressing way too much, crying an equal amount and simply not loving the 1st thing you see upon meeting me enough.

And while the saying “it’s never too late” is oh-so-very true, my mission is aggressive and I’m going all in on prettifying my skin. I want that J.Lo “glow” for real. It’ll take much more work, products and attention to get that look since she uses thousand-dollar products, so while in my own budget and ability, I do go for the best I can.

While hanging out with Artistry during Fall Fashion Week back in October, I had a skin analysis done by their scientists and skin experts. My results: no wrinkles. No where. Sans the one on the left side where I tend to smile the hardest. I’m okay with that.

I’ve always embraced not having wrinkles at my age, and brag that my mother, at 61 has the skin of a 30 year old… glad it runs in the family. But, in that earnest effort to take preventative measures, I’ve found some worthwhile products that not only make me feel better but actually work.

Clinique, innovators in all things beauty (more than makeup, I’d say) has recently launched some cremes I’m loving on.

The Repair Laser Focus Wrinkling Correcting Eye Creme was formulated to bring out the elasticity and density we loose as we age. Also, lack of sleep and hydration causes loss of moisture loss. As a follow up to their Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector, they wanted to offer a creme specific to our tender eyes. This  one  has properties (vitamins A & C and purified whey protein) that fight the signs of aging and replenish those essential elements we need to maintain younger looking skin.  Imagine how awesome if only after 12 weeks you could see a noticeable difference in less crows feet, crepey eyelids and undereye cross hatching?? Fantastic! For now, I’m good and don’t need it so much, but I’ll see how works on me. If it can halt any on-coming wrinkles, I say slather it on!

But, their latest that really has me lusting for more is the Moisture Surge Overnight Masque. This right here my friends, does some serious work. Only after 3 nights of application, my skin felt hydrated, supple, plump and super smooth. I’ve been using it with my daily Artistry regiment and it works just fine. It doesn’t interfere or set back. The nice thing is that you don’t have to wash if off. It applies just any other night creme.

Proceed with your morning cleansing routine as usual.

The best effects though, are seen if you properly wash all the makeup off, cleanse and tone… you’ll definitely feel the difference the next day.

I need this particular masque in a smaller size to travel with. I see it being a faithful ritual.

If you’re looking for some feel good, see some difference cremes to keep you looking younger and replenished, by all means, girlfriends, check these out!

Both are available on counters or at Clinque.com now for $43.50 (15ml) and $63 (30ml).

 I was provided with a portion of the collection to offer this review. All opinions and expressions are my own, always. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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4 thoughts on “{Beauty Bloom}: Clinique’s New Launches are Remarkable

  1. he usado Clinique por mas de 20 años. nunca paran de sorprender con productos que funcionan. Me gusta el idea de crema para los ojos. Tan importante en cuidar!

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