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{Beauty Bloom} Loving on my nails. Differently.

(A Different Nail Enamel… Limited Summer Collection)

Summer is here! Well, it’s supposed to be anyway. DC is having crazy Fall weather, as low as the 50s and some wind. But in my earnest effort to embrace the hot weather, I’m having fun with all the season’s beauty products. Especially the bright colored ones. Aside from mascara and the perfect pink lip, nail color is 3rd most important in my look. I’m getting ready to hit a summer TV tour cooking on air with Madria Sangria, and my mani is always in the spotlight. I looove a beautiful color when I’m moving around my station. They just great on camera (see this segment).

And since my hands are always in food, raw, cooked, fresh, frozen, etc… my nails are exposed to every possible element. I keep them polished as often as I can which puts chemical stress on them. And you, too! And, did you know we touch our eyes up to 200 times a day?! With all those those things my hands come in contact with, my eyes are susceptible to infections, irritation, etc…. Even nail color can cause eye and skin problems. No one wants that, right.

Clinique‘s new line addresses potential sensitivities to the eyes and skin. Their R & D yielded a really beautiful permanent and limited collection of enamels that women can rock without worrying about their fresh mani’s turning into a bumpy cheek or eye blisters. And the ultra thin brush makes it easier to to do at-home mani’s… or in my case, in the car on my way to meetings. Classic applications in my life!

I’ve been playing with the sexy 9 bottle summer collection and am in total lust with these four colors. A confetti with these colors for my 1st appearance may be too much, but I’m all over it for my 2nd.

(strappy sandals; grape ice; juiced up; hula skirt — via my Instagram)

Check out both collections… and if you’re obsessed with all things pretty, you’ll want at least 3 colors from each. I’m working on finding Really Rio and Black Honey from the perm line.

Both are avail now on counters nationwide.

What’s your fave? 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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3 thoughts on “{Beauty Bloom} Loving on my nails. Differently.

  1. Love that green and silver. Great colors to mix up for spring. <br /><br />I love a company&#39;s conscious to make products that help us. <br /><br />

  2. I love these nail colors. It&#39;s great to see companies that big think about consumers and our real needs. I hope it&#39;s real stuff and not just placebo&#39;s and claims.

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