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{Beauty Bloom} Traveling Requires Fancy Facials a la Shiseido

With the amount of traveling I do, coupled with the wildly imbalanced diet I subscribe to, mostly because so much of my cooking is for other people (see here, here, here, and here!), and the poor exercise routine I’ve adopted, my body is screaming for some serious TLC. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do, so I ignore it all and just keep chuggin’. But then my skin gets annoyed and reminds me to sit still for second and get it together. At least think about getting it together. 
But yeah, that does’t happen too much these days. The travels continue (as I sit at the Westin in Detroit and write this) and the sleep deprivation is in full affect (bi-coastal and international dating is not fun.at.all). If you’re equally busy in a different realm, how do you treat your body and skin right? With all the amazing beauty lines and products the major celebrities push on us (I’d love, love to see paid models pushing these messages in their nondescript lives), who do you pick what works for you? 
I’ve figured that for me, it’s not about settling on one magical brand as much as it’s identifying what I’ve got going on and what products are most effective in tackling those things. These days, I’m all about rejuving my skin so I don’t look like zombie or stressed out soul. I’m aiming for more glow-y, plump, more even toned skin (monthly stressors love making their home on my skin :/) 


I’ve been mostly attached to Estée Lauder‘s new night serum which makes my skin feel like a baby’s butt… and my go-t0 Artistry Beauty for their effectiveness in hydrating my skin. But, for the current state of affairs I’m in, Shiseido created a line just for Bren, I swear! The IBUKI collection is specially crafted for millennials (24-34) who are running the rat race and not approaching life the right way — you know — late nights at the office,  all-nighters on the phone with the new guy, dinner with friends, ordering at 11 all to get up and have breakfast with the guy at 8, etc…). That would have my name all over it!  It’s the perfect solution to the beautiful mess called my life. The 6 piece collection embodies “patent-pending Shape Memorizing Cell Technology, ensuring skin’s cell memorize their optimal shape, size, and alignment. “ Of the gorgeously clean designed collection, the Softening Concentrate ($24) and the Refining Moisturizer Enriched ($45) are the doing the best trick ever for me. The moisturizer enriched keeps my face super moist all day while the temps are dropping and I sit on dry airplanes… you know how that goes… sniff, sniff, sneeze, sneeze… The only thing I’m missing is a sexy eye pack to sleep on my flights the collection’s eye cream which I know will nip the dark circles from mediocre sleep. Working on that!
Since my travel schedule is about to get really intense for fall and holiday work around the country and hopefully a few more hops across the ocean, I’m packing up my beauty closet with obsessions that’ll treat me right… Plus, when I see my man again, I need him to kiss the softest face. It’ll make him make our visits more frequent 😉 
What’s your fall regimen to maintain moisturized and vibrant skin?! 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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