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Best Dressed & Ready to Impress!

Fashion is an easy thing for most. Style on the other hand, is not quite so simple.

Anyone that knows me, either guy or fab gal, will tell you about my dressing room. Full of hats, boas, my mom’s jewelry (C.B. Herrera), coveted pieces I purchase when I travel, vintage dresses and pill box hats, bangles that could fill up 10 girlfriends’ arms, and bags for every occasion. I house my shoes in another room.
That dressing room, named “B’s Boutique” by my sis, is full of fashion (and deserves it’s own post). Putting individual pieces to create that perfect ensemble is when style comes into play.
And, that’s what I love most! I’ll admit not needing to own 1/2 of what I do to create a stylish look that transcends fashion and trends. But, I do like my findings and have mastered piecing my goodies together.
It didn’t come so easy or so fast. I remember disaster outfits in middle and high school, even well into college. I thought the longer I spent thinking about my “look” for the occasion, the better it would be.
Wrong. Way wrong. Now, it’s all about the comfort, chic and timelessness. That is accomplished by complete confident effortlessness. I have committed to not spending more than 15 minutes putting an outfit together and it works every time!
Case in point. Just two weeks ago I was invited by my fab relationship columnist friend, Pamela, to a “Most Eligible” party hosted by a lifestyle magazine. You always, always have to consider your event and venue when deciding what you’re throwing on.
And I did just that. I threw my outfit on without giving it much thought because I really didn’t want to go.
As soon as we enter the Gold Room, a former strip club, church and now night club, I see that’s it’s not just a party about who’s most eligible, but who’s best dressed as well. Within in minutes I was approached by the owner of Finder’s Keeper’s Boutique. She was hosting a “Best Dressed” contest by interviewing various suitable contestants who fit the bill and made an impression. She and her assistant approached me and did a typical “who are you wearing” red carpet interview. 
Loved it.
I indulged her.
I was comfortably clad in a silk Teri Jon bolero with harem pants I bought in Monaco. A huge corset belt I found in DC, one of my fave L.A.M.B 5″ stilettos, pearls from my mom’s jewelry line, a fabulous custom cuff made by Jeanique, a lovely pair of vintage crystal cluster earrings, a vintage Whiting & Davis mesh bag (which I love and have been trying to sell on the the B So Chic!™ site for ever–just might keep it!) and the vintage church hat.
She loved my outfit and nominated me for the best dressed award. Oh, it was so sweet and haute, especially since I was not expecting anything of the sort to come about that evening.
It’s the hat. The hat did it. It always does it. It’s the perfect accoutrement to any outfit. You just have to know how to wear it (another post).
Although I take into consideration the event and venue when I put together an outfit, I never walk out into the public eye without feeling like me. My ensembles are true representation of who I am and how I feel. Coco Chanel would agree that’s what style is all about.

Not the best picture taken, I swear. Sheesh! Can a gal have a min to prep?! 🙂
So, being up against 7 other fabulous ladies, (including my friend Pamela) I won the best dressed competition with a $50 gift card from the host boutique! Yay me! I must definitely share what I snatch up from the their store once I peruse her shelves!  What’s your style sense? What works best for you when getting dressed to a last minute fete?

Shoes: Darrel by L.A.M.B // Bag: Vintage Whiting & Davis mesh// Pants: Harem found in Monaco // Belt by Alex (DC)// White tank: H &M// Silk bolero: Teri Jon// Vintage church hat// Vintage cluster crystal earrings// Yellow rubber: Vernier// Necklace and ring:  C.B. Herrera (pearls, Swarovski chunky cocktail ring) // Cuff: custom designed by Jeanique

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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1 thoughts on “Best Dressed & Ready to Impress!

  1. My personal style is sooo confused right now, this is troubling sense I design custom clothes. But in my mind I hover in the realm of Basic-Bohemian-Glam-Chic?

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