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Blue in Miami {of Hotel Living for Work Travel}

View from my suite at the Eden Rock via my Instagram
Late night check in… late night working…via my Instagram.
Arm candy for Telemundo c/o my mom at C.B. Herrera. Via my Instagram.
Pool workflow… more like rest…
Nada… at the pool.
Floor and wall in each floor at the Eden Roc. Via my Instagram.

I just came back from an intense two days in Miami for TV work with my friends at Madria Sangria. I stayed at Eden Roc hotel, which I’ve never been to, and kind of fell in love with. The first blaring thing I noticed was the cobalt blue walls on each floor. It had a vintage flare but it fit the art deco style of the lobby. But then I noticed something… everything I brought on this trip was blue. Blue?? Well, not everything, but the most odd things in an unusual number.  Blue is far from my favorite color and yet it found itself in my stuff… like my bikini (because yes, I took a 3 hour break and hung out at the pool and did nada.), and my wrap which I grabbed in Mexico a few months ago, and my iPad cover, and new arm candy my mom made my for my appearances, and even my bath sponge. Seriously, tho, is there some significance to all of this?

Okay, so the only intentional blue application was the navy blue nail polish by Bobbi Brown which is now my favorite for fall… I think. It looks great on camera and it just so happened that the morning I flew out of DC, Mami surprised me with a few lovely Swarovksi bracelets and cluster ring, to match.

As much as I travel, I’ve still not figured out the flow of editing down my wardrobe, letting alone my makeup and beauty prods. Even if for two days, I tend to go overboard and bring enough for 8 days. You just never know what may end up presenting itself.

I always bring at least two blushes (loving the pearlized Sequined Rose by Artistry), two eyeliners, two shadow palettes and individual ones, not to mention about six lip colors. It’s totally insane, but I’m accepting I’m indecisive like that. Plus, since I’m never getting proper sleep when I travel, I like taking some of my favorite skin care goodies, and the more, the better. I’ve just started using Artistry‘s new Youth Xtend collection so I’ll have to tell you how my skin reacts to it. If it’s anything like their Time Defiance, I already know it’s a facial hit.

Traveling. It’s what my life’s about. Nothing wrong with it all. In fact, I get to play with all the pretty things that are otherwise stowed in their cubby hole at home. I just wish I could connect the blue effect. It’s never happened. Quite fun.

I’ll show you pics from my on-air stuff on Telemendo and NBC as soon I have links! Next… Chicago!

* Bobbi Brown nail polish currently avail on all BB counters in major department stores. Artistry Beauty blush (and the whole Spring/Summer collection) avail on their site through Sept. Totally worth buying. 

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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36 thoughts on “Blue in Miami {of Hotel Living for Work Travel}

  1. First creepy. Second i love the color blue! The blue from the i pad case is a great shade of blue

  2. Independent Mami: Thanks! It&#39;s a lot of fun. <br /><br />Dancing Hotdogs: It&#39;s so much, I know. I just throw my hands up and accept I do the most, no matter how short my trip. <br /><br />Anonymous: I thought so too at first, but it was kind of fun.

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