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Blueberry Obsession. So, A Smoothie of Sorts.

Monday’s almost over and I’m still in my pjs. It’s like that on most Mondays. And right now, my mind is on shoes. I’m anxiously obsessing and lusting over my next purchase. Those green Charlotte Olympia’s have me vexed. So damn sexy. Like ridicously, insanely what I need in my life right now. The color is intoxicating.

Instead, I should be thinking of the piled amount of overdue work not to mention the dire need to conjure up a trick to steal back my mojo.

A furry is happening over here. Traveling twice this week, in and out of the country, Mexico to be exact, which means I’m spazzed out. I’ve not even unpacked from my trip to LA last month. That’s how insane it’s been. And now I have to unpack just to pack again. But, I have to eat during all of this madness. I need energy to keep it movin’ but I don’t have time to cook.

And, really don’t feel like it because that means doing dishes. Which is the bain of my existence. So, as I sit and ponder my doings and obligatory cleanup and organization for the next two days, I realized I hadn’t eaten and needed some fuel.

The stomach was growling and the only thing I could think of was blueberries. Perhaps, it was because I just posted a picture on Facebook of a blueberry flan I made earlier this year. Since the harvest has been incredible this year, I’ve stocked up and made a crazy amount of high anti-oxidant goodies. I’ve been obsessed. Flan, ice cream and jam (which I didn’t blog about), a divine margarita and other delectables.

Just slightly obsessed.

The obsession probably caused thoughts of hunger. I was starving. What better time  and ingredient to make something super fast. In the last 30 minutes, I made a beeline for my kitchen and stared at my freezer, pantry, countertop and fridge. The freezer spoke to me the most, with 5 jewel cases of frozen blueberrries staring at me.

The easiest, fastest and sweetest thing I could think of was a smoothie of some sort. I had frozen strawberries left over from a client’s party I recently did. That made it in the processor. And so did some maple peanut butter– out-the-box knocker, as per usual.

For 6 o’clock, the smoothie satiated and offered what I needed it to. Full of healthy properties, packed with antioxidants, a good dose of protein and sweet enough to keep me from making a run for the store for chocolate. Not to mention the perfect distraction from those things that are painfully boring me right now.

Like editing.

The MOJO is slowly coming back, though. Thanks to shoe and blueberry obsessions. And my upcoming trip to Mexico! I’ll share my next shoe purchase  as soon as I scoop them up!

For now, sip this, lovelies!

Blueberry Peanut Butter Smoothie

Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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  • 2 cups 2% milk
  • 2 cups frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup blueberrries
  • 2 tbsp. maple peanut butter
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • pinch sea salt
Add all ingredients into blender. Turn to chop setting and blend for 2 minutes until all ingredients are well combined and you have the consistency you desire. Pour into chilled glass. Garnish with blueberries or slices of strawberries.
Serves 4.

79 thoughts on “Blueberry Obsession. So, A Smoothie of Sorts.

  1. I could easily become blueberry obsessed if I had this creation in front me. For me, this would make the perfect breakfast to get the day started the RIGHT way!

  2. You are a good girl…. you drink blueberry smoothies when your hungry…. I just scarfed down macaroni salad and cookies. Those shoes will look great on you! 🙂 Go conquer the world BREN! xoxoxo

  3. Maple peanut butter?! That’s new to me and sounds just right for fall. I’m all about the smoothies and love any kind of berries, so I’d sip this one in a second! ; )

  4. Eliana: Just had a 2nd batch for breakfast and brought some to my neighbor. A good morning so far.

    Nelly: yes, mija, the maple pb works really well with blueberries. I do it all the time with regular smooth pb, but I was so hungry I needed to fill my belly immediately. Try it and let me know.

    Presley’sPantry: I had to, mija. On my way to Mexico! Beach bod mode over here.

    Uchi: Gracias!

    Lisa: I say freeze berries for winter and use them in all kinds of different things– just like this!

  5. I’m not exactly a fan of peanut butter, but that combo with blueberry in a smoothie of sorts sounds really delicious! Will have to try it soon. As for the shoe, I can’t deny it looks great, but I have never understood women’s fascination with shoes, and least of all, how in the world you can walk (comfortably) in those spikes without messing up your spine. Anyway, more power to you! 🙂

  6. Vianny: the shoes! the shoes! the shoes! they’ll last longer!! 😉 but, the smoothie is good. And it feels good to be eating healthy.

    Maura: I’ll email you the name of the brand. It’s sooooo good. Dios mio. Dios mio it’s ridiculous. I should have talked more about it but I’ve used it in several winning recipes.

    Rosa: Thanks and I know you’ve done some amazing things with blueberries. Making my way over to you today! Been too long 🙁

    David: well you know how I do. I’d have it no other way. I’ll make the smoothie for you. It’s a great protein and antioxidant boost, especially in the a.m. And on the spine thing… I have a Dr. sister so she can take care of me!

    Kiran: Absolutely! It was a pleasure visiting and seeing your creations. Thanks on the photography. I owe it to a good cam. And the smoothie… well you’ve read my aforementioned comments. I should get used to having it more often.

  7. I love smoothies! Especially before a run or workout. Sometimes after to reboot. Thanks for sharing.

    PS. The shoes are gorgeous!! LOVE THE SHOES!! I wore some pink and silver heels to work today and I felt fabulous. 🙂

  8. This smoothie was so delicious and creamy. I had the pleasure of having one for breakfast. This is the way to jump start your morning!!!Kudos Tia Bren!

  9. I love blueberries and your smoothie looks amazing! Have to agree as well that those shoes are stunning 🙂 You have been a busy girl, hope your mojo is back in full swing soon…

  10. It’s funny that you have a smoothie here as I make a lot of them lately, either with strawberries or blueberries. I add peanut or almond butter to mine as well with a little almond milk.

    Never thought of adding sea salt to it so that’s a bit different. Hmmm.

  11. ME thinking: ” I could go for some smoothie right now”
    ” hmmm, blueberry”
    Then: “Bren must have something like that”

    And Voila! Here it is!

    Love how you add maple peanut butter to it. How unexpected, but genius!

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