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August & September {Break}

It’s about that time. I need a break. A break from work. From writing. From cooking. From taking pictures of food and self. Of getting dolled up for photo shoots, etc…
This summer heat in Atlanta and D.C. has taken a serious beating on me… Ugh. So, when I found this lovely symbol of a break– a glittery indication at that— on Lynn’s Hearted Girl’s site, I jumped right on it.
It’s quite simple. Take a break in August (do note the date). But not really. From what I gathered, the idea is not to write everyday or as often as we do, rather share with you through images and only images. At least that’s what I interpreted for the mission to be. And that works just fine. I’m verbose, if you’ve not noticed, hence a break from writing theses is so timely.
Plus I’m going on vacation for two weeks. Mexico is calling. The beach, really. So, lovelies, while the camp was meant for August only, I’m taking it a bit further and extending this picture-only idea until I get back… It’s not like I post on here as much as I’d love to, anyway.
I’ll be posting images as often as I’m inspired and perhaps I’ll throw in a sentence about it. Because somehow I just can’t see myself not writing. I am a writer, after all.
For now, let’s start with this random shot I took while at church a few weeks ago. I was staring down at my shoes and thought “how come I haven’t worn these in 7 (or more) years?” Well, I have them in cream and black and same thing— no wear in that long. Do I even need them?? But, the picture reminded me of how cute and timeless they are.
And the skirt! One of my faves. Another classic. From Nicole Miller Spring ’04, this perfect lace skirt (weighing about 4 lbs.) goes with everything. I have it black as well and if  you saw the top it “came” with, you’d understand why I picked both of them up.
Some things just need to stay in the closet for eternity!
Shoes: periwinkle satin & crystal buckle slingbacks by Enzo Angiolini’s from 2002!; Skirt: Nicole Miller

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3 thoughts on “August & September {Break}

  1. awe Bren, i&#39;m glad you found Susannah&#39;s idea through me and that it helped you to literally <i>break it down</i> like that. nice one! good gosh, what i wouldn&#39;t give to have had mine include a trip to Mexico! huzzah to you and a grand ol&#39; break. ♥

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