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Brasil Got A Beating, But They’re Still Beautiful

So they say your soul and character is what matters. Not your looks. I agree 100%. And while ultimately, our character defines how we treat each other, manage situations, love one another, the first thing see in a complete stranger is their look. Are they attractive? To your liking? Pretty eyes? Great legs? Soft (looking) lips? Nicely coiffed hair? Whatever it is you’re attracted to, aesthetics is the first thing we take note of.

Ensuing conversations will really tell you how those looks live up to the hype. But, until those convos do happen, we just go for the fine or pretty. And while Brazil got the beat downs of all beat downs earlier today (I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a sports event so mud like I did today; well, maybe last week watching Tim Howard do this thing), or as someone on Twitter wrote — THAT IS IT. THAT IS ALL OF IT. THE BRAZILIAN WAX OF ALL BRAZILIAN WAXES. TOTAL ANNIHILATION. #BRAvsGER — they remain to be one of most beautiful people on this Earth.

Goodness me. I’ve never ben to Brazil, but a dear, dear friend is from Sao Paolo and I all I hear about are the fine species her country produces. Her husband couldn’t agree more, always pointing to Carnival season when it appears the model calls of all model calls is hosted and the best come out. Or perhaps what we see in news roundup is in fact the Face of the Nation.

They’re all gorgeous. The bodies. The hair. The skin. The smiles. The spirit!

Between their African, Spanish, and European ancestry, there’s no doubt you will come across lusciously toned people, with all kinds of hair texture combinations, height differences and ethnic looks. And because the coastal folk live on such a huge body of water (not to mention mostly below the equator and just hot most of the time), staying tanned and glistened is just what they do, adding to their already natural beauty.

Super model Giselle is not the only face of Brazil, but she sure is a pretty brasileña.

I thought I’d pick my friend’s brain and get some insider beauty tips she’s used her whole life and knows are bona fide in her home country. She lives in Atlanta now, hailing from Miami, so bodies of water and painful heat are not new ideas. She loves and embraces it!

Carnival Samba Dancer with Glistening Skin

SPF Is Key 

Even tho most Brazilians are black and darker than the average number, SPF is still key in maintaing their skin healthy. I love my SPFs, namely the Artistry Beauty one I travel with (50!), but I came across L’Occitane’s Jenipapo Face Veil with and SPF 30… and what a name… a veil. Yes! To protect your dainty face. I’ve been wearing it for two weeks and love the silky smooth texture but slightly matted look. It’s not greasy or heavy and allows makeup to apply nicely. The sweet smell is great, but a bit too strong for sunscreen. It’s a botanical note, precisely from the jenipapo tree grown in the central region of the country. And of course, I’m talking about this particular one because it’s part of their Bresil collection in honor of the World Cup and the Olympics in 2016! The French house was super ready to celebrate international fetes with luscious products that incorporate indigenous elements.

Loving it, but going light.

Shimmering Oils (body, hair, and face)

Are also a must-have in every girl’s botiquin for keeping the arms, legs, face and hair glistening, especially during the winter months when the tanning lotions are stowed away (or not). I have an upcoming post on the best oils and lotions to keep stocked up this summer. For now, just know it’s what they have to have. I mean, yes, please, I’d love my legs and midriff and shoulders to look this bronzy and shimmery all the time.

It does a body good. And their (our) hair, too!

Avocado or Acai Smoothies

Avocado is a fruit. Really, it is. Brazilians eat it just like we eat an orange or mango. Sprinkle a bit of salt and bite into it. But in smoothies, it’s great since it’s super high in fat — the good kind — and helps with keeping skin and hair looking supple and lustrous, respectively.

Here’s this really good looking one made with avocado, blueberries (ultra rich in anti-oxidants) and oatmeal from my food blogging friend over at Sweet Life Bakes.

Acai smoothies for them area like drinking bottles of vinegar (a seperate post on that coming soon, too!). It’s their anti-aging secret and helps with weight loss. Un batido de acaci is as simple as blended acai juice, honey, granola, yogurt and another fruit like banana or even aguacate!

So sorry for my Latino brothers who lost today. No, it was more of a serious smack down, brutal beating… but I saw them walk off the field with their heads high… of integrity. Because they still are top 3 best fútbol teams in the world.


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Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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