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Camo in the Streets

S ometimes in life we find ourselves contemplating everything — what’s our purpose look like? who makes up our ride or die village? are we crystal clear on who we are and what we stand for? I’m at that place in my life. I have a lot of questions. I wonder where the last 10 years have gone. Have I really drawn a footprint in the sand that’s meaningful and impactful? Have I worked hard enough? Have I evolved as a person? These are all questions I ask myself almost daily and while still working on clear answers, I allow myself the opportunity to appreciate the moment and truly enjoy the journey. I’m debating penning a longer post addressing the root of my state, something my  girl Vicky of Vicky by Design (and my awesome web designer), calls the State of My Brand’s Union.

In this space of appreciating the moment and uncovering my journey’s route, I’ve welcomed some change and newness. Even the reawakening of things I’ve laid dormant.

When I first started blogging back in 2005, fashion and travel were the only two topics I covered. I was styling a few clients in D.C. and eventually in Atlanta when I moved there in early 2006. I loved every bit of it. Assessing a client’s wardrobe and specific needs came naturally to me. I suppose I got a lot of “free” practice dressing my sister her entire adult life. Still do, which keeps me on my upper curve of trends. B So Chic! was born as a result of my chic advice and fashion obsession (hat and shoes, really). I had a photog intern follow me around Atlanta, helping me curate my street style. Loved that, too, especially when Essence picked up my vibe and featured me alongside Jade from America’s Next Top Model in their Winter 2012 print issue with the O.G. Queen on the cover. It was pretty dope.

{STYLE WATCH: Essence Feature w: Queen Latifah }

But I got tired of dressing the part. Just for a blog post. Instagram wasn’t born and that level of sharing and inspiring we’re living now wasn’t accessible. If you’ve been in the blog space for more than 6 years, you already know what I’m talking about. So I stopped. Hard knock stop. I stopped the pics, the posts, and transitioned B So Chic! into lifestyle coverage of red carpet fashion, beauty and makeup trends, shoe obsessions and anything that didn’t require me to get dolled up. I was still getting dressed to the nine, but not for anyone’s camera. And certainly not for a blog post.

And then I met Will. A brother from another mother, instantly. He just gets it. He gets me.

Just when I had started contemplating getting back into the fashion game, mostly inspired by the eye candy — almost enviable (loosely used) — street style of some of these bigger than Lucky, Vouge, and In-Style, Instagrammers, this guy took a few unsolicited pics of me while carrying on my day-to-day in the city. He baited me. I bit. And I love it.

My style has evolved. It’s still a melange of boho-chic, glam, vintage, yet classic, but in a different way. I love textures. Juxtaposition is beautiful. I have a serious camo obsession. I still swear by hats. I build most of my looks based on my shoes. I wear far more sneakers these days than ever before. Skirts and dresses are still the sexist thing women wear. Arm candy rules. Curls rock. I don’t overthink any of it. I just let it happen organically.

It’s uninhibited and definitely telling of my philosophy on life: do you, unapologetically. That and who is meant to be around, will draw near.

As did Will. In a moment of happenstance, his wife and I hit if off and she sensed her hubs and I would naturally vibe.

We did and here we are. Documenting my life as it is, in all its fragile complication, but also its crowned glory.

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Zara Jeans

Camo Jacket via Banana Republic

Queen Crown cap via Nordstrom

Backpack by Rafé

Sneakers by Dansko (not pictured)

Assorted arm candy

{Photos by Will of LSP Photography}


Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself.

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